Picture perfect with Ryan from The X Cut

Not sure about you but I tend to take more pictures whenever I am on a holiday. Hence having a fuss free hairdo that looks good is very important for me. As someone who is very fussy about my hair, my hairstylist, Ryan, is someone who I can trust with my hair.
The X Cut-2
I have been going to Ryan to get my hair done for more 2 years now. From his days in Kenjo Hair to his current working place, The X Cut, at Shaw Centre level 4, he has never disappoint me.
The X Cut-4
What I really like about him is no matter whether I have short pixie cut or shoulder hair length, he has always make sure that my hair colour would fade off very nicely without my hair looking dry, unkempt or dirty.
The X Cut-6
Having to cut my hair really short for several times in my life, to be honest, I hate the process of trying to keep my hair long. That is because it is usually very messy and the hair tends to twist and turn in all directions once it is over my ears to my shoulder!
The X Cut-9
However, my recent experience of keeping my hair long has been nothing but a pleasant experience. All I need to do is to blow dry them after washing as per advised by Ryan and I can have good hair days almost on a daily basis. This is so important when I travel. Yes, to being picture perfect!
The X Cut-16
Good news for all my readers, simply quote “Hannah” when you make your hair appointment with my hair stylist, Ryan Hsieh, at The X Cut and enjoy 10% off all hair services.

The X Cut
1 Scotts Road #04-02, Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208
Tel: +65 62354566
Email: xteam@thexcut.com.sg
Operating Hours: Mon ~ Fri 11.00am – 8.00pm
Sat and Sun 10.30am – 7.30pm

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