Raved by 女人我最大, Japanese beauty brand, Utena is now available in Singapore

Fans of Japanese beauty skincare, please rejoice! Another well known Japanese beauty brand, Utena, has arrived on our shores! I am super excited as Utena has been highly raved about on 女人我最大, top Taiwanese Beauty show, and has won numberous awards from @Cosme, an online Japanese cosmetics shopping site and VOCE (Japanese female monthly magazine).

As a mask fanatic, the first thing that I zoomed in was the award-winning Premium Puresa Golden Jelly mask series ($16.90 per box of 3) which contains 33g of the highly-concentrated golden jelly collagen serum. Not only does this series of mask combined 2 types of hyaluronic acids to moisturise the skin, the masks are free of artificial fragrance, artificia, colorant, mineral oil, alcohol, silicon and UV adsorber. Seriously can’t wait to try them!

There are 4 different masks to suit different needs. Golden Jelly Mask Hyaluronic Acid (red packaging) is known for its hydration properties while Golden Jelly Mask Collagen (blue packaging) is great for ladies who are looking at softening the dry skin and to restore skin’s elasticity. Containing royal jelly extracts and hydrolyzed royal jelly proteins, Golden Jelly Mask Royal Jelly (golden yellow packaging) nourishes the skin, protects it from signs of aging and just like the Golden Jelly Mask Hyaluronic Acid and Golden Jelly Mask Collagen, it has a lovely fragrance from the blends of essential oil used.

Golden Jelly Mask Rose (pink packaging) was packed with rose extracts as well as hyaluronic acid, collagen, royal jelly extract to enhance skin moisture and firmness. Although Golden Jelly Mask Rose contains a gentle rose fragrance, just like the rest of the mask under Premium Puresa Golden Jelly mask series, one of the key ingredients was the Golden Jelly Lotion ($35). This lightweight jelly-type lotion was made with 5 types of moisturizing ingredients and gold foil to moisturise and add firmness and radiance to the skin. Personally I like how fast it is absorbed into the skin.

Other star products from Utena includes the Matomage Hair Styling series which consisted of Hair styling stick ($9.90 each; Regular and Strong Hold) and Hair Styling water ($9.90) and these will be available in Singapore from August 2018 onwards! While the Hair Styling water is a liquid wax to tame those frizzy hair, the hair styling stick keeps the hair in place without getting your hands dirty with the easy-to-use applicator. The new formula also contains moisture absorbing ingredients to maintain hairstyles under any hot and humid weather. Time to say goodbye to flyaway hair while nourishing your hair at the same time as these products contained camellia oil, argan oil, and baobab oil.

You can now get your hands on Utena’s products at selected Watsons stores, Yue Hwa, Welcia-BHG, Tokyu Hands, Don Don Donki, Metro Singapore; and e-commerce platforms Shopee, Lazada, Redmart and its official e-commerce platform, Qoo10. Of course, Utena has more than just these few products that I have featured. I will share more when opportunities arise. =)

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