Valentine Day Collection – Etude House Chocolate Kiss

February 12, 2014

For this year’s lovely Valentine’s Day collection, Étude House will be presenting to you “Chocolate Kiss”!


“Chocolate Kiss” is a limited edition collection of beauty treats created  to celebrate the season of love. Specially scented, this coveted series contains 4 star items to prepare every lady for a romantic date on St. Valentine’s day!

Étude house is so thoughtful to all the princesses, we can pamper our body, hands, nails & lips to seal a sweet chocolate love kiss with our prince! *cough* Caution: Perfumed lip set’s fragrance  is irresistible! Kiss at your own risk!


Big thanks to my favorite Korean cosmetics brand Étude House for sending me these Chocolate Kiss collection:

  1. Chocolate Kiss Hand Cream Set
  2. Chocolate Kiss Perfumed Lip Set
  3. Chocolate Kiss Nail Kit
  4. Chocolate Kiss Perfumed Spray

I absolutely love Étude House hand creams and have already bought a few even though I have a set as  I really love how quickly it gets absorbed into my skin, it is non-sticky, non-greasy  and yet highly moisturizing! The hand creams come in 3 lovely floral scents – Rose, Lily and Cherry Blossom. The scent is mild, not too overpowering!

Me likey! I generally do not like my body lotion or hand cream to be too strongly scented. So I really love it! Sorry if I sound very bias but oh well, there’s a reason why I love Étude House, their quality & packaging is always top notch!


I am also loving the Chocolate Kiss Perfumed Lip Set which consists of a lip tint and a lip gloss, that is able to sensualise the pout &  and provide it with  volume and moisture.

Available in two pretty shades and scents: Pink Kiss and Peach Kiss


This whimsical nail kit includes 2 mini bottles of delectable nail polish combo with an option of Mint Chocolate (Mint and Dark brown) or First Kiss (Pink and Yellow), Alternatively, you can add a little sweet excitement using the nail stickers that comes with the confection-inspired duo for a picture-perfect manicure.

Chocolate Kiss Perfumed Spray, this perfumed spray  with a light fresh rose fragrance, gently scents your skin with its soft and sweet kiss which is perfect for  sweet Valentine’s. If you don’t like overpowering scent that makes you feel like a walking perfume, you should definitely give it a try!

Whether you’re attached or single, I hope you’ll have a great Valentine’s Day ahead! Love you girls! Étude House’s  lovely Chocolate Kiss collection is now available in all Étude House stores!

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