Usual bimbotic shopping day!

December 21, 2012

Veronica and me realised that everytime we meet up, one of us will do something bimbotic for sure. Take last week as an example, she threw her car key inside the boots and voolah… We got no choice but to take a cab home instead.

And as for today, obviously I’m the joke-of-the-day!

This is what happened, I was buying bubble tea and I kept asking a girl “What you wanna drink?” because I thought that she’s Veron!!! LOL!!! WTF? And I was still wondering why she didn’t reply me. Because I asked for so many freaking times. LOLOLOL!!! Confused Veron was wondering, why on earth I kept asking the girl what she wanna drink. Is she my friend or what? Damn paiseh, i swear!

Today we went shopping at Far East Plaza #01-31 HollyHoque, which is pronounced as “Holly Hock”. I’m very sure that I saw this shop name appeared in my twitter timeline and instagram for a numbers of time. But I don’t know that they actually opened a shop at FEP.

I bet most girls actually love it when blogshop have a store because it convenient for girls that don’t like to wait for parcel and they want all the stuffs like NOW!

Took some pictures of the stuffs which is sold at HollyHoque:

Lace flats, wanted to get the one in black but size 36 is out of stock. #sadlife

The white one is so nice but i didn’t get it because another pair caught my eyes!

Which is this one!!! Velvet material in black, it’s quite high but comfortable to walked in!

Trying out my new kick with super serious face. lol Mad love it!

Having fun with their accessories, lol! They got lots of interesting and unique necklaces!

#Armswag nice lei, especially the one with the heart lock. Agree not?

Find this necklace watch very unique, quite likey it!

They are selling bags as well, there’s various style for you to choose from!

Black fringe bag, you love not?

Tons of different style clothing for you to choose, from sweet, sexy, cool and casual. I saw some maxi dress perfect for beaches!

This is what i got from HollyHoque:

Duo Colour Mod Top in Black $22.50

Peep-Toe Slip On Heels in Black $32.00 and Essential Elegance Skirt in Black $27.50!

By the way, there’ll be a 10% off for my readers, all you need to do is say the magic word which is my blog and name.

Discount is only valid for one month from the date of post which is today!




Far East Plaza, #01-31
Tel: 97111196

Have fun shopping girls!

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  • Manhua December 23, 2012 at 7:06 pm

    Hi Miyake~~ mind sharing the products you use to draw your aegyo sal? the highlight and shadow!

    Miyake Reply:

    Etude house blingbling eyestick and erabelle eyebrow pencil.
    Don’t need to purposely buy the same products, just use your usual white eyeshadow (best is with shimmer). Then use a brown eyeshadow/ eyebrow powder or pencil to create the shadow. I tried all the ways before and they look the same.

    Manhua Reply:

    I see…Thank you!<3

    Miyake Reply:

    Welcome! 😀

  • Kexin December 26, 2012 at 11:38 pm

    Hi babe, how can we contact you for an advertorial? Do email us thanks! (:

    Miyake Reply:

    Email me at

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