T.O.T Project: An Eyewear Concept Store

December 20, 2013

The Optique of tomorrow – T.O.T is an eyewear concept
store which carries wide range of edgy designer eyewear
brands from all over the world.

Personally I think that eyewear is more than something
we use on daily basis, it’s a fashion! Matching it with
our coordination to make the whole outfit stand out or
choosing an eyewear that represent our sense of style
and moreover, our personality. Whether you are a fan of:

Retro, classic styles or if you prefer loud and flamboyant
colors to make a statement, T.O.T have the eyewear for you!

At T.O.T they allow their customer to customize eyewear
from colors of the frame front to the temples. And, it
can be made of plastic, wood or metal. You name it and
they will do it for you!

Today, I will be featuring Glossi, which comes in bold
colors and is worn by Aerosmith singer, Joe Perry to
complement their stage persona. But I prefer eyewear
that is more simple and plain looking & surprisingly
they have what I exactly wanted! LOVE IT!

Each of them come in a limited quantity and is only
available for a short period of time. Customer can now
expect to be one of the lucky and special few who own
these carefully curated ONE-OF-A-KIND eye pieces!!!!!

Who else love Glossi? K-pop group S The one, korean
actor/singer Lee Ji Hoon and J-pop AKB48!!!

Alright time for the good news! T.O.T will be having
a event at JEM this coming Saturday, 21st December!!!!
Come join us and you will stand a chance to win fabulous
prizes. We will be there around lunch and dinner time, COME!

Yutaki & I will be competing each other during the event.
This is something new, we are always in a group but out of
sudden – we have to compete with each other. But, I’m sure
it going to be so fun much. New experience!!!


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  • raden December 20, 2013 at 2:32 pm

    OMG you look so cute >.<
    I wish I live in Singapore so I can meet you and Yutaki…

  • stacy December 20, 2013 at 8:48 pm

    hi miyake!
    just watched ur etude house video and noticed you have a dimple! may i know if you were born with it or did you get it done?

    also, why do you still put double eyelid stickers after your eyelid surgery? thanks! :)

    Miyake Reply:

    I’m born with dimple. I don’t put eyelid stickers after my eyelid surgery anymore.

  • gabriella ablang December 21, 2013 at 10:15 am

    miyake you are so cute <3 you inspire me everyday!!!