February 24, 2016

Visited Svenson for a cleaner and healthier scalp today! Before the treatment, Svenson in-house trichologist Joni diagnosed my scalp so that I can witness how the treatment is working. If you’re facing scalp problems, you may want to continue reading and see how Radio Frequency Folligro treatment is going to help with your scalp concerns.

Unlike the other treatments that I’ve experienced in Svenson in the past that requires a hair wash first, Radio Frequency Folligro will start with a cleansing mask that is minty which I felt was refreshing and soothing for my scalp. The cleansing mask was left on for 10-15 minutes before my therapist came back into the room to massage the excess mask into my scalp!

What is the effects of Radio Frequency Folligro?

  • Cellular rejuvenation
  • Collagen production
  • Increased circulation
  • Supplies of oxygen and nutrients to the skin
  • Stimulation of hair roots
  • Enhance permeability of nutrients
  • Sterilisation, i.e. destroying some bacteria e.g demodex that feed on the bulb

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Rinsing the cleansing mask off with a colour care shampoo

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My hair is blow dried for this important step which is transmitting the RF energy 

I will be explaining how the delivery of RF energy works and it might sound complicated for some people but at least you’ll have a brief idea of how this treatment works! So RF energy is transmitted via 22 uniquely designed gold conductive pins that fractionally deliver the RF energy that has growth peptides, amino acids and vitamins biotin (Vit H), Bs, C, A – in micron spots.

Each pins will create a “tear – dropped shaped” diathermy effect in our skin. During the treatment you may feel a little prick on some sensitive parts but the pain is definitely bearable! If you do experience a warming sensation, it’s also perfectly normal!


Just in case you’re wondering how the pin looks like – isn’t it tiny?

The pin cartridge will be discarded after each use, so for each treatment you’ll be getting a new cartridge!

P1213725 copy copy

Svenson in-house trichologist Joni scanning my scalp after treatment

I have asked a question that most people will be curious about as well – which is how long does it takes for result to be shown for scalp treatments such as Radio Frequency Folligro? Joni answered me that usually it should take about 6 months and provided you’ll have to come for the treatments weekly. Basically it’s all about discipline, patience and effort! Also, money. lol But the price will be lower if you sign up for a package. Perhaps you can try out one time and see if you like the result before you commit to a package!


A before and after picture is the best prove to show that this treatment really worked! As you can see before Radio Frequency Folligro treatment, my hair follicles was congested and the oil plus dirt was so bad that you can’t even see my skin tone. After treatment my scalp looks cleaner and my hair follicles is unclogged, which means my hair are free to grow now!

P1213728 copy copy

For more information, kindly hop over to Svenson website here.

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