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Filming for a upcoming project!

Woke up at 9am for filming yesterday but before that I went to Cleo Hair Make to shampoo and style my hair. So lucky to have Ryo-san as my hairstylist, love how he handled my damaged hair gently with care.

Anyway, I don’t think that I am supposed to reveal the brand yet but you can try guessing!


 The 2nd hairstyle is dolly curl, and I absolutely love the curls that Ryo did for me! 


¬†Slept for 2 hours and I swear trying to remember the script was a disaster. After filming I¬†told the team that they are really testing my goldfish memory, and I am quite¬†sure that when I reach home something like this might happen¬†‚Üď

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 4.16.24 AM

Mom: Miyake what do you want to eat?


¬†Evadne is the first makeup artist I met that can draw the perfect korean eyebrows I like for me, instead of the traditional Singapore archy type of brows. Oh!!! AND ALSO! Before we start filming, I told her that¬†my lips have consistently been either really dry, chapped, or peeling. Cause the lazy me, have not been very hardworking enough to apply lip balm. (By the way, the current lip balm I am using is Burt’s Bees)

Guess what? She gave¬†me this awesome lip balm that instantly moisturize my lips. No dry lips on the spot! That’s how amazing the lip balm is! According to her this lip balm called “Carmex” can only be purchase in HongKong, it has a very soothing Jasmine Green Tea scent. Google it for more information if you’re interested?


Call Cleo Hair Make to book an appointment with my awesome hairstylist Ryo!

6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central Mall #04-89a/92Singapore 059817
Phone: 6338 5250 | Email: cleo.tokyo@gmail.com

Website http://www.cleohairsg.com/en

Miyake’s Etude House Make Up Guide

9 copy

Today I will be featuring yet another popular products from Etude House which is Magic Any Cushion and Precious Mineral Any Cushion. As we all know that flawless and dewy skin is very popular here in Asia, these 2 fantastic combination of magic and cushion is specially created to magically to tones up the skin that will make us prettier than ever!

1 copy

N A T U R A L  P E R F E C T  M A K E  U P

Choose the Magic Cushion that matches your skin to tone up! For these I will be using my favourite Magic Pink, gently pat pat to even out.

3 copy


Here I will be using¬†Precious Mineral Any Cushion (Light Beige N02)¬†for a quick touch up to make¬†my skin look flawless and smooth like baby butt! Love how it¬†doesn’t get my fingers dirty, very clean, quick and also easy to use, main point?

You’ll love the coverage!


Best puff I ever used in my whole life, how is it even possible that this awesome puff is actually provided in all their Any Cushion?!?!¬†It¬†feels so velvety smooth, bouncy and I really don’t know how to explain the feeling. Gosh! Those who have tried it should know that this is a good stuff! It also has a cooling sensation when you use it!!! Shiok!


Followed up by eyeliner, I’ll be reviewing this real soon. Meanwhile, you know what’s my current favourite eyeliner now. Hee! All their brown colors is so natural and gorgeous. Okay I need to stop sharing‚Ķ Else I’ll have nothing to type on the next post.


Puppy eye is the new cat eye!!!! I like how it makes girls look very sad and innocent. Makes me want to sayang or protect them! Tips: Drawing the ends longer will also help to make our eyes look bigger and wider.


For lips, I will always go for pink or coral shade to create gradient lips effect for natural make up! It tend to make your lips look healthy and it will also brighten up your face and give a warm touch to your smile.


♡ Thank you for reading, and please support Etude House cause I love them! ♡

https://www.facebook.com/etude.sing | http://instagram.com/etudehousesingapore

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