Review: Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water

I was invited to Bio-essence event last week and I’ve learnt so many things about facial mist! It was an amazing experience for us to test out the excellent efficiencies of the Miracle Bio Water! Thank you Bio-essence!


Kiyoko-chan and me holding our awesome Bio-essence Miracle BioWater!


Firstly let me explain on:


The event was held at Bliss House at The Central, the cafe is dead drop gorgeous!



Before Bio-essence event I’ve always thought that all these facial mist in the market are just water, so no matter which brand I get. It wouldn’t make any difference right! But I was so wrong about this! *Shocked of my life*

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 4.20.53 AM

Bio-essence explained that facial mists usually contain minerals, which includes salt, and salt is known for absorbing moisture and is used as a drying agent. Thus picking the one which has the lowest salt content would be a better choice as it absorbs least skin moisture, ensures the best moisturizing effects. So before you buy a facial mist next time, keep a lookout on the salt content.



Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water full ranges products is placed on the table!

Foamy Cleanser, Cooling Sunscreen SPF50+, Miracle Bio Water, Jelly Makeup Remover and Cleansing Gel. I’m using 3 of their products ever since the event, their Jelly Makeup Remover smells super nice! Jelly texture is getting popular in Asia country because of their abilities to dissolves make up and dirt effortlessly without tugging your delicate skin. For Bio-essence Jelly Makeup Remover, I think what attracts me the most other than the scent is it’s ultra-mild and their paraben-free formula is suitable for even sensitive skin.

Side note: This whole range is ideal for sensitive skin people like me!

Products name in blue are the ones that I’m using.


Everything is so pretty in blue and white! VivianHsu look so pretty too!


During the event, Miracle Bio Water is put up to test!

All bloggers are given a moisture stick and this moisture stick will determines the hydration level of our skin with a score. My skin moisture level increased after using Miracle Bio Water, result is instant and I feel super refreshed too!


Kept spraying Miracle Bio Water on my face till my fringe is wet. lol


Next we have to measure our temperature before and after using Miracle Bio Water with this infrared thermometer also! Not to mention, skin temperature cools down after that too! This would be perfect for sunny Singapore, I’ll whip out a travel size Miracle Bio Water when the weather gets a little crazy next time. This would definitely save my life!



♦ M I R A C L E  B I O  W A T E R  ♦  B E N E F I T S ♦

FACE: Soothing and calming effect, controls oil effectively, refines pores, brighten skin,
firm skin, cool eye to help reduce eye strain, moisturizes and norishes skin, relieve tiredness and more.

BODY: Refreshes and soothes skin after exercise, calm skin, moisture skin.

HAIR: Moisturize hair and relieves hair dryness that leash to split ends.

FOR BABIES: Ideal skincare for babies and pre-nappy application.


Click the link below & answer a few questions to receive a 30ml travel size Miracle Bio Water!

I designed a Miracle Bio Water and it would be really nice if you can like the photo for me here!

Lucieo Tokyo: 今日のポイントは何???

Today topic would be what is my point for the day??? My eyes have always been the key pointo for my makeup and I am sure you’ve noticed the change in my lash extension done by Lucieo Tokyo.


It’s purple lashes!!!! This is my second set of purple lash and this time round Lucieo Tokyo recommended me to add in a little of pastel purple to create a kawaii dreamy look, I told her that I trust her and she can do anything she likes.

Don’t get me wrong, normal black or brown lashes is pretty and I love them too!!!

I’ve seen alot of Japanese girls having burgundy, blue, pink, green, rainbows colour lashes, when it comes to fashion they really dare to explore new thing. Which is why Japan always have the best fashion, they really inspire me alot. Alright and so I thought that I could give it a try at our very own Japanese lash salon in Singapore.



Where else but Lucieo Tokyo? If you want to try out Japanese quality, services and lashes!


You can customize your own lashes etc. length, curl, how many strands and colour or even what type of feel do you want your eyes to gives off. Yes there are such things, it’s the same as eyeliner. Lashes can also create the sexy or kawaii look. You prefer natural one that makes people wonder if your fluttery lashes are real lashes or extension? They have natural ones too. How cool is that??? If you want the same as mine, just inform them!




Quote my name for 20% discount and I hope that you girls will try out their color lashes and love it as much as I do. They really look very pretty in pictures but in real life people will have to see it up-close to notice the color. So don’t worry about it being too loud, too much or what… Maybe a little for some people. Lol!



Today coordinate all from my blogshop The Mini Attic, the website is not up yet so Eunice and me is selling them on Instagram @theminiattic currently. Do support yeah! All the clothes is picked by the both of us!

Lucieo Tokyo is located at 11Unity Street, #01-32,Robertson Walk, Singapore 237995

Call/msg/whatsapp 9780 8294 to book an appointment with Lucieo Tokyo

They are currently having a promotion package, contact them for more enquiries!

Watch my makeup video to see the fluttery lashes done by them → HERE

PSLOVE: MenstruHeat is My Monthly Life Saver


This is not a paid advertorial, I’m sharing this cause I know how much it su*ks when it’s period month, the cramps is just way too horrible for me to bear. I usually spend my first day of period by curling into a ball, my back and left arms/leg hurts everything. It’s just so annoying and I don’t get it why do I have to go through this every single month.

Worst thing? I can’t take painkiller cause I’m allergy to it. How awesome! *Sighed*

I was so thrilled when PSLOVE emailed me about MenstruHeat, apparently what this pack does is, it will help to soothes and eases your period cramps by heating up gradually after you opened it as the air will activate the heat pack.


What I love about MentruHeat?

Love how it’s designed to be a self adhesive pack that doesn’t fall off when I’m moving around or sleeping, furthermore the heat can last up to 12+ hours. Indeed an awesome product from PSLOVE. If this is not the best invention for girls…

I don’t know what else is…. :/

This definitely worked for me and it almost seems like magic, tear open the packaging, peel and paste, BAM the pain will be gone after that! Nevertheless, it takes around 5-10 minutes for it to be super hot to relief my cramps.

It’s advised to paste onto your clothes instead of your skin if it’s too hot for you!



MenstruHeat uses 100% natural ingredients, it has no medicinal ingredients and is safe to use when needed. Relief menstrual cramps and backache by using the natural heat to induces blood circulation so that cramps can be reduced. MenstruHeat heats up within minutes, no microwave or shaking is needed, it’s made so that your cramps can be instantly soothed wherever you are. How convenient right?

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 6.35.51 pm

I prefer to stick it directly on my skin as my cramps is very severe!



3 simple steps to win 4 packs of comfort!

  • #1 Follow @ngmiyake and @pslove_co
  • #2 Comment on IG post “We need this!!!”
  • #3 Tag 2 female friends who needs MenstruHeat or experiences PMS

There will be 3 winners and PSLOVE will be contacting you through email if you win it.

Giveaway ends on 4 May, 10:00PM

Thank you PSLOVE for accepting my request on this giveaway for my readers!

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 7.45.45 pm

Beside selling MentruHeat, PSLOVE is website that customise your monthly needs package and send them to you, so that you will never forget or worry about stocking up again. Subscribe fee is from as low as S$6/month!!!


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