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Etude House – Wonder Pore Freshner


Featured product today will be Etude House’s newly improved Wonder Pore Freshner,
a toner that contains a patented blend of Mint Vinegar and Anti Pore-Dex Complex.

Mint and vinegar are staples when it comes to skincare and Etude House has married the two in this toner. The mint functions as a strong astringent agent which helps shrink pores and tighten the skin while reducing the rate of inflammation and pimple growth, resulting in a smoother touch. More importantly, it contains Anti Pore-Dex complex that is made from Pasqueflower, Western Dandelion, Chrysanthemum and Cypress Leaf extracts which deeply cleanse & purify to effectively combat nasty Demodex living in our pores!


In addition, they have included Wonder Pore Daily Cotton Pad that will helps to clean off dead skin cells and sebum to complete perfectly clear pores. The thickness of cotton pad also helps to contents absorb effectively into skin and helps balance moisture and oil level. All you have to do is simply use Wonder Pore Freshner every morning and afternoon!

Easy peasy in minimizing your pores to attain baby-like smooth skin and to prevent acne problems!


Take a look at their huge bottle! It comes with a convenient  pump. Don’t you just love how versatile it is?

CIMG0731 copy

The new Wonder Pore Freshner now boasts 10 skincare solutions:

• Removes leftover makeup
• Lightly acidifies skin to optimal pH 5.5 level
• Controls sebum
• Minimises pores
• Treats uneven skin tone
• Maintains skin elasticity
• Hydrates skin
• Smoothens skin texture
• Gets rid of impurities and dead skin cells
• Refreshes and cools the skin

The Wonder Pore Freshner can also be used with others Wonder Pore products to tackle skin woes. When used in conjunction with the Wonder Pore Facial Soap and Wonder Pore Modeling Ultra Clear, the Wonder Pore Line helps with sebum control, dead skin cell removal and the eradication of red pores, resulting in smoother and tighter skin. With a plethora of benefits packed into one pretty package, the Wonder Pore Freshner is indispensable to your skincare regime.

Information in courtesy of Etude House ↑


Honest Review:

Depending on individual’s skin condition, effect after using the Wonder Pore Freshner may differ. For me, as I do not have big pores to begin with, hence the effect may be minimal. However, in order to maintain my current pore size (preventing enlargement!), I’ve been using the  using Wonder Pore Freshner for about 2 weeks now, and I kinda love how the cooling effect make my skin feel so refreshed and it does makes my skin a little less greasy. It’s a good investment! For such a big bottle 500ml of toner that cost $32, you should be able to use it for at least 4 months.


MyFatPocket sure does put me in a spot asking me to reveal how I photoshop my pictures, but I would gladly share it with everyone so that we can have beautiful pictures together. First of all, I’m using Adobe Photoshop CS6. It’s really hard to do a tutorial on how I edit my pictures due to different lighting in each picture.

Camera that I’m using for these picture is Casio TR150, the famous overpriced camera that have makeup mode which allows everyone to have fair porcelain skin. But I don’t use that mode, as I prefer to manually edit my pictures.


What I usually edit? I guess eyes and mole is like my top list. I ALWAYS edit them!

I wanted to make all this pictures into rollover image, so that you can see which part I edit and what’s the difference but the html code is not working. Damn. For people who are super curious or free you can slowly figure out what I edit.

Tools that I used is: Levels (to adjust the lighting), spot healing brush (make away flaws), liquify (don’t have to explain about this mother of all tools right) lol, colour balance (adjust photo colour, I prefer it to be blue/purplish colour!)


Lighting and camera angle does matters alot when you’re taking pictures. Sometimes it doesn’t require me to edit a lot, like the picture above. But sometimes, I do highly photoshop my pictures. I guess it really have to depends on how nice the shot is? I’m sure there’s people out there who get what I mean! Right?????

When I’m free, I’ll edit the colour balance and everything with Adobe Photoshop else I’ll do it the shortcut way, send pictures to my phone and use phone apps to edit them etc. MTXX, VSCOcam, Afterlight or Rookie. It’s a photo hack!


 Guess that’s about it? I actually enjoyed blogging this post. lol Share with me what do you use to edit your pictures? Adobe or filter app? Or if you know awesome app, share with me at the comment section below! Thank you in advanced!

BBQ Beef Tongue, Are You Kidding Me???

Hope that you wouldn’t mind cause this post is going to filled with mostly food pictures, equal to less picture of me. Well partly because my face is still swelling from fat-grafting that time, so I couldn’t care less to take more pictures of myself. Photoshopping every single one of them is a chore. So let’s embrace the food pictures? Shall we?

All pictures is taken by Canon 650D with Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens!


Eda, Nikki and I was walking along Hapjeong and we decided to give this yakiniku shop a try!


 Tokyo Yaki offers beef, seafood, Japanese style noodles and more. I remembered that their menu is written in Korea, that’s why we asked Eda to order instead. I’m not a picky person and I mean it, so anything is really fine for me. lol


 The meat and seafood is cooked on a grill at the diner table and we have to grill the dishes ourself. We are served with dipping sauces, Kimchi, salad, sweet potato and etc.



The girls having some conversation about their dogs while I’m just busy doing my own thing as usual. Sometimes I really wish that I have my own personal photographer that will follow me everywhere I go and a videographer will be great too.





↓ Eda suggested us to order beef tongue as she tried it in Japan before and claimed that it’s nice. I was initially quite skeptical about beef tongue, but I went with it anyway. And I’m glad that I did because…


To my surprised, it’s nice. The beef is thin sliced and the slightly chewy texture is quite enjoyable. I really hope one of you that was skeptical gives it a try! My favourite yakiniku shop “Yakinikutei Ao Chan” is serving beef tongue! Woohoo!



Phone: 02-338-0497
Address: 396-31, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 마포구 서교동 396-31
Area: Mapo-gu – Hapjeong
Subway Station: Hapjeong 합정 Station #622
Sangsu 상수 Station #623
Hours: Mon~Thu: 16:00~02:00 / Fri, Sat: 16:00~03:00 / Sun: 15:00~24:00

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