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HD Makeup goes wrong!

HD Makeup is no longer the secret weapon of TV stars alone. High-definition isn’t just for TVs anymore. For a flawless finish, many are now turning to HD makeup, including foundations, powders, and eye and lip cosmetics.

HD makeup is almost as popular as mineral makeup as they contain light reflectors and other ingredients that make your skin look flawless. Which is perfect for taking pictures! But if you got it the wrong way?


Make-up artist fail: The powder used on Angelina’s face is for HD film not flash photography

Somebody please fire their makeup artist, how can they make such a mistake? lol

How to Apply it Right?

You should always brush or sponge on your foundation in a downward motion to avoid highlighting the fine hairs on your face. It’s also essential to blend down to the neck so you don’t end up with a telltale stripe along your jaw.

You might want to search them up on youtube! :D

Etude House: Dr Lash Ampule/ Proof 10 Gelquid Liner

Will be reviewing 2 eye product from Etude House today, you probably realized that I always have eyelashes extension and I hardly remove them and let my real lashes rest anymore. Well, I have no worries as that’s thanks to Dr. Lash Ampule & Serum from Etude House!


Dr. Lash Ampule is a highly concentrated gel formula with Dr. Lash Complex, a vitamin and natural herb extracts  to strengthen and nourish eyelashes for a fuller & healthier  look. (Clinically proven & Ophthalmologist tested!)


Having eyelash extension¬†can sometimes¬†damage¬†the hair roots, and I wouldn’t want that to happen! So, to prevent it, I applied Dr. Lash Ampule to both my upper (extended) and loose (natural) lashes¬† 2 times a day (day and night)¬†for care and protection. Dr. Lash Ampule¬†have tons of positive reviews¬†and it’s well known for helping lashes to grow longer, thicker and healthier in 4 weeks time. This is highly recommended if you are facing the following concerns:

  • Use of lash curler & heating curler frequently
  • Loosing eyelashes or with fragile eyelashes
  • Short & sparse eyelashes

Also, the Dr.Lash Ampule now comes with a FREE Dr.Lash Serum for strengthening of hair roots & improve firmness of eye contour area as eye care with active wrinkle care formula. The packaging even provide a ruler for you to measure the before and after result!

Want pretty eyelashes? Give it a try!


Also in the month of June, Etude House has launched their new¬† “Proof 10 Gelquid Liner” which is a combination of gel and liquid liner obviously!¬†This is a waterproof gel liner that completes powerful edge eye look with its¬†innovative texture and vivid color.


I tend to be skeptical about liquid liner as at the end of the day they always smudged! Prolly because I tear a lot when I am wearing contact lenses. But there is no smudging issue with Proof 10 Gelquid Liner, as it is formulated with an ultra-thin coating film that stays on skin to keep it waterproof, I like! It really does live up to their waterproof claims.

Oil base remover can easily remove it, but I‚Äôve got eyelashes extension on hence it’s¬†a no-no.


My favourite shade would be BR402, super natural even when there is a little shimmer.

I did a swatches to share with you girls. Which shade would you like to try?


♡ Thank you for reading, and please support Etude House cause I love them! ♡

https://www.facebook.com/etude.sing | http://instagram.com/etudehousesingapore



U.Vision Eyewear – Zio Eyewear

Featuring a designer eyewear brand called Zio¬†www.zioeyewear.com. Launches 2 collections a year, in MIDO and SILMO respectively. (MIDO & SILMO is the world’s largest optical fair!)


Zio product is all made in Korea, main features of products are bright colours with intricate designs, which is perfect even for office lady! A little design on your spec will make your office outfit look less boring. Price ranges from $220 to $320 for adult frames and $150 to $220 for kids frames.

This brand is very popular and it sold well in Europe and Asia, especially in Japan!


Bling 6 COL. 75 - Laced with intricate details and a hint of refined elegance, displaying effortless beauty and simplicity.


Leaf 2 COL. 23 - The defined leaf patterns on the frames allows the smart use of colours to create contrasting effects.



T O P  T O  B O T T O M: 

Z216 Col. 15 – Everyone need to have a basic eyewear! This design is focused on comfort for the wearer by combining the most efficient materials to create simple,¬†functional and long-lasting eyewear.¬†This is not the only pair that I felt it’s really comfortable, all their glasses is really light-weight and comfy, it felt like I’m not wearing anything!

Dance 3 Col.55 - Line patterns on the temples not only enhances the prettiness of the frame, it thins the temple to the correct thickness, resulting in less pressure for the wearer. I chose red as it always compliments my skin!

They have various designs and color for you to choose from, you can try out and see which one compliments your skin and suit your face shape. Please email uvisioneyewear@gmail.com, to find the nearest retail outlet near you! I would say they have almost all the brands that I LOVE! As U.Vision Eyewear Pte Ltd, is a distributor in SG.

Giving out 50X S$50 Zio Eyewear Voucher Valid at all Zio Eyewear authorized retailers.
Simply “Like” U.Vision Eyewear on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/UVision-Eyewear-Pte-Ltd/166888023348282
Drop a private message with subject “Miyake & Zio Eyewear”, your name and mailing address.


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