New Moon: Inner Radiance Collagen Powder

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Today I’ll be introducing another product from New Moon which is their Collagen Powder – a premium collagen drink with one of the highest collagen content at 5,460mg for powdered formula in Singapore! It helps to nourishes and brightens skin for a supple and radiant complexion. 0% fat and low in calories with anti-aging properties and more, hold on and wait for it! I’ll get you the list of the wonderful benefits. Continue reading… I’ll be skipping the boring ingredients name which most people wouldn’t be interested of but I’m sure you would love to know what’s the benefits right???

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It boosts collagen supply for supple skin, (Hyaluronic Acid) hydrates skin by holding in moisture, nourishes and improves skin conditions from within, wow that’s alot and there’s more! Stimulates skin to produce collagen naturally, (Glutathione)brightens skin tone for a radiant complexion and last but not least, (Lactobacillus aka probiotics) rejuvenates skin by enhancing growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine!

p/s: I also saw a few reviews saying that pimple actually heal faster after consuming!!!


1 sachet daily. Add into favourite beverage, warm or cold beverage. **Note that Collagen powder contains high amounts of Vitamin C that will be destroyed at high temperatures >75 You can purchase New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Powder from leading supermarket, pharmacies, and selected departmental store at S$49.90

Not too long ago, I did a review on New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Drink which
I love it to core because of the taste and HIGHEST collagen content at 13,000mg with
active whitening properties. It’s literally the queen of drink that you can ever find
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Nikki Kobe’s Breast Augmentation at Banobagi



Picture credit:
Picture taken by Banobagi before and after the bandage is removed on the third day.

Hope that this entry will help people who are thinking of having a breast augmentation in Korea. DR. Jae-Sang Ban recommended Nikki to go for water drop silicone as the result is more natural than conventional round shaped type.

Is the surgery painful?
Nikki have very low tolerance for pain as she thinks that removing stitches for her rhinoplasty is painful, therefore breast surgery is no otherwise for her. I remembered her grumble and snort about the discomfort and pain when she tried to move around, especially anything which involved her upper body will left her in agony. Thus, I have to slide my hands behind her back and slowly support her to get up from the bed when she want to get up to take her medication. Also simple things such as putting on clothes will be a challenge too during the period, as you can’t raise your hand up.

Nikki Kobe's Breast Surgery

Picture taken 7 months after the surgery

Nikki Kobe's Breast Surgery

Picture taken 7 months after the surgery. You can see from side view that the breast is starting to sag and look more natural, the water drop shape does helps to create the “natural” looking breast illusion. ↑

Any advice for people who are considering to go for breast augmentation?
Trust me that it will be better to go with someone who will take care of you OR I will highly recommend you girls to go through DocFinderKorea and stay at Banobagi’s guesthouse instead of hotel. As DocFinderKorea will accompany you for check up and if you have any discomfort or needs, you can just let Shin know as he will be your “nanny” during the trip. Lol! A few of my readers who go thru DocFinderKorea gave me positive feedbacks on their services, which I’m very happy to hear it. You happy, I also happy for you girls! If you need someone to talk to during your stay in Korea, feel free to Facebook message me or email me at and show me some pictures if you want. And, once again… Thank you Shin Park for taking good care of my readers! ♥

Lastly, at least choose a reputable clinic such as Banobagi. Do your research by asking someone who went to the clinic before or ask Shin from DocFinderKorea to recommend you a few clinic that is specialist in the surgery that you’ll be doing. Those clinic that we know which is good online, might not be as good as what we think. Pictures can be photoshop and some of the clinic did lots of advertising online which make it looks like they are a reputable clinic. We as a foreigner will not get to know all this details!


For those who want to go for breast surgery, please remember that this is not a small surgery so DO NOT settle for the less and put yourself in danger.

According to DocFinderKorea, cases such as doctor was swap before the surgery is very common in Korea. Do you know a Korean patient died after face surgery in Wonjin because they change the doctor secretly to a dentist, just like that and the girl who is in university lost her life. In Korea, they called it as “Ghost Surgery” which is the practice of substituting one surgeon for another without the patient’s knowledge and Wonjin have been doing that since long ago. Another clinic that is being raved and reviewed by a quite a few bloggers, which is Grand Plastic Surgery. A 19 years old girl lost brain function during rhinoplasty and double eyelid surgery. Wonjin and Grand is very famous to local and foreigners, but after hearing all these. I don’t think that it’s a wise choice to go there anymore.

**Nope, I am not going censor the clinic name.

Nikki Kobe Breast Surgery

Was it worth it?
Despite the painful experience and long recovery process, she thinks that it’s worth it because she finally got the body that she have dreamed of for the longest time. Moreover it’s something that she have always wanted to do.

Is there any scar?
At first the scar look like a fine line however as time passes, it became a red visible line. The doctor did mentioned that it will take a while for the scar to be less obvious, you can ask Banobagi’s doctor to prescribe a scar removal cream for you. As for Nikki, she did not apply scar removal hence the scar will take longer time to be less obvious.


Picture taken 3 months after the surgery

How long does it takes to heal?
The recovery period depends on individual, however stitches will be removed after 7 days and the pain will reduced after two weeks. The breast will look fake and feels hard during the first few weeks, it sorta feels like a dried up steam bun that is exposed to air, but this is completely normal as it takes time for her breast to drop and fluff. I’ve read some other people breast surgery review and most of them was told to massage it even if it hurts but in Nikki’s case DR. Jae-Sang Ban asked her not to massage them as it’s not necessary to do so as the breast will get soften by itself.

Process (4)

Picture taken 3 months after the surgery

Nikki is pressing her own breast showing that the it’s getting softer and natural day by day, after her breast augmentation at Banobagi. Now she no longer envy her friends who are able to flaunt their body anymore. Neither she will feel self-conscious in a bikini or having to reconsider getting a low cutting clothes.

p/s: The scar isn’t visible when people look at her breast because the scar is under the breast, which will only be visible when people look up from lower place. It may seem very distracting at first but as time goes by the scar will fade away, for people who are worry about scarring problem ask Banobagi to prescribe you a good scar removal gel.

For more enquiries on breast augmentation and price please contact Shin Park at

This will be the last part of first visit to Banobagi, read the previous post:

More breast surgery real review at Banobagi’s website, click HERE!

Mini Random Post

I know that it’s July now but I’m going to talk about how awesome June is, come to think of it. I haven been blogging about random things since very long ago! Like what Yutaki’s said in his blog entry, we used to blog about everything when we just started out blogging because blogging used to be a trend. lol! But after we started to be very anal, it’s the death of our blog. Okay lah, maybe not very anal for me cause my picture quality is not very awesome to begin with but I do have a bad habit of stop updating when I posted a not-so-pretty-entry. I really salute Yutaki for being able to create so many pretty blog entry, I really enjoy every entry he did including advert post. Nobody is as hardworking as him please!


Me snapchatting away on viking while everyone is screaming their lungs out! lol

Recently I’ve been on an app called SnapChat but now I’m not updating very often due to my eyelid correction done by Dr.Lee from Banobagi. Which I am extremely happy to be sponsor by them again! Ever since the first surgery I’ve been in contact with Claire and Shin. I also have a new found love added to my favourite food list, which is Jjim dakk! If you haven tried it, you have to! YOU MUST TRY! The one that Claire bought me to is very near Banobagi, so delish to the extent that I actually made it for Eugene and myself when I’m back in Singapore. Er…. But for some reason it wasn’t spicy enough even when I threw in alot of dried chillies, I wondered what went wrong… #foodgonewrong



I am also very thankful for Shin from DocFinderKorea as he’s the one who arranged and planned for both of my trip to Korea, my flight, hotel and guesthouse everything is sponsored all thanks to him. Of course all these happened because you guys are still here reading my dead blog and following me on each of my social media platform. I couldn’t thank you guys enough! I do interact with my readers more on SnapChat, and I enjoyed watching all the snaps you guys send me! But just don’t send me lol… you know la… dirty pictures, cause I get those alot. Sometimes when I opened the snap outside and there are people behind me, you know how embarrassing is that not. LOL *facepalm*

Oh ya! By the way, Shin drove me to this nice place for budget shopping, if you want to shop at cheap place right… go to Express Bus Terminal!!! It’s an underground shopping place where you can get clothes starting from 3,000 won (S$3.60) or shoes at 10,000 won (S$11.99)! They are also selling road brands cosmetics there! Got shops that sells food there also, so you can ask your partner to go chillax there while you shop, lol!

Ahhh~ Recovering period really is a bitch! I honestly hope that my right eyes bruises will go off asap, so that I can be back on track for my work. Ok, I need to be patience and wait for it to deswell, but this time round even Yutaki was surprised that I’m healing rather slow bcos I was healing at a godlike speed for my first eyelid + epi surgery done at OZ. Which is the worst decision I’ve made in my life. I’ll explain this in another blogpost! Else I’ll have nothing to say for my plastic surgery entry! Lol. Meanwhile if you have any questions, drop me a comment or email. I’ll add those in the entry!



“&” is the mascot for my Airbnb apartment, she’s always meowing for treats!

I would also like to share with you regarding my partnership with Airbnb during my stay in Korea, super honoured to be working with them as I’ve been a user way before we worked together. Yutaki was the one who introduced their to me and I absolutely love to view their listing when I have nothing better to do at home.


By the way, just in cased you missed it. Sunny and I filmed 2 YouTube videos at my gorgeous Airbnb’s apartment! And I got to say that I’m very proud of myself la, cause I really hate videos and I absolutely don’t like to speak in video, if you noticed my tutorial is always voiceless. Even when I have received comments about how it will be easier to watch my tutorial if I’m doing a voiceover. But sorry, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. To be honest, I’ve tried… In the past I’ve gotten a few advertorials that require me to speak, I actually feel like stabbing myself after filming. LOL! I get nervous and my brain will freeze and shut down. Damn pathetic! And I hate the fact that I’m not as noisy as I am in real life with my friends, so if I can really wouldn’t want to speak in videos, this time round it’s all for fun purpose. We did Fire Noodle cause Dahye haven got to try it and she really love spicy food, I’m pretty sure that she will love it! Cause the noodle itself without any other ingredients is yummy enough, but if you want to make it even yummier try to throw in some spam/luncheon meat, fried fish cake, toppoki! It will taste heavenly!!!!!

Ok, that’s all about it! I’ll try to update as much as I can! Since I can’t take any pics for the time being :/

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