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Banobagi: Non Incision Ptosis Correction and Fat Grafting

October 18, 2015


Finally!!! This entry I will be talking about my 2nd plastic surgery trip to Banobagi. For those who are interested on my rhinoplasty and fat-grafting, you can read the entry here. Speaking from my past experience, I find it more convenient and beneficial if I were to book through DocFinderKorea. Furthermore going to clinic yourself and through DocFinderKorea is the same price! But DFK provide airport pick up and drop off with no charges, while if you take a cab yourself to Gangnam it will cost you about 75,000KRW (SGD$92) – 110,000KRW (SGD$134).

DFK will also send you to hotel, clinic and even to pharmacy for medication purchase purposes. Therefore save yourself the trouble from taking cab to the clinic as majority of the drivers there are so rude and they will drop you off anywhere if you don’t know the exact venue. This actually happened to me a few times when I was with my friends!

Last but not least, the most frequently asked question is “Do I need to speak Korean?”

You don’t have to worry about language barrier as Shin speaks English and in fact most of the popular clinic have English and Chinese translator now. So as long as you’re booking via DFK language barrier is not a problem.

So basically, you can say that using DFK service is a way to make you feel secure at an unfamiliar environment. Whenever you need help, at least you know that Shin is just a call or whatsapp away. I still recalled the first time I met him, I even asked him stuffs like where is the best shopping places or where has the best Korean BBQ or any type of food that I’m craving for and he will drive me there, it’s not a special privilege for me. He treats all his patient this way!


As you know that I am sponsored by both DocFinderKorea and Banobagi. But I was skeptical to try out their service initially and the whole consideration and finding the right clinic and doctor for me took about 11 months. I even asked Yutaki to accompany me to meet up with DFK so that I can have a better understanding on their service.

DFK have a list of reputable clinics that is collaborating with them which they will recommend to you depending on what surgery you’ll be doing. As different clinic and doctor specialise in different surgery, but I chose Banobagi as I am very satisfied with the result that Dr.Lee from Banobagi have shown me before therefore I’ll be choosing them again.

If you find it difficult to choose a clinic among the few choices that Shin gave you, start looking at their before/after or search it up and see if there any blog review OR you can request Shin to book a consultation with the few clinic for you and see which clinic makes you feel more comfortable before deciding the right one for you.



Heading for my first consultation for fat-graft and non-incision ptosis correction
(Ptosis eyes: A droopy of the upper eyelid, which may affect one or both eyes).


Close up shot of my eyes before non incision ptosis correction

For my non incision ptosis correction, Dr Lee said that he’ll be lifting my eyelid up to create a clearer and brighter eyes. As for the eyelid, initially I requested for a thin parallel eyelid but it was impossible to do a revision and get parallel lids because I had a clear inner line. Unless I go for epicanthoplasty (cut the inner corner of my eyes) which I don’t want, as that would make my eyes even bigger and wider which I think that it will look very unnatural on me.

Before my consultation with Dr. Lee, I am very clear with what I want and don’t want.

This is very important!!!


For people who are intending to get something done the first time, think carefully.

  • What do you wish to enhance?
  • What are you unhappy with?
  • What is necessary?
  • What is not necessary?

I can tell you that it’s very normal for clinic to suggest you to do other surgeries that you may not even think that you need it, but don’t be stress out as like I said. All doctor have their own perspective on beauty, you can take it as an advice but don’t go with the flow just because the clinic thinks that you should do more as you’ll look prettier after surgery.

Always remember that you’re the person who will be waking up to this face everyday.

To be honest, initially I was told to go for facial contouring surgeries such as zygoma reduction, jawline surgery, chin, eyes and more. But I rejected it even when I do not have to pay a single cent for it cause I think that it’s not necessary for me. So please don’t let the opinion of others consume you. Think again, do you really need it? Is it really necessary?

Have you ever thought of it before the doctor suggested it?

I may be sponsored. However this doesn’t change my honest opinion, I wouldn’t tell you to get everything done in a shot just because they are my sponsor and I’m obligated to do it. If it’s good, it’s good. If it’s not, I’ll say it or you’ll probably not going to see it anywhere on my social media platform. As simple as that!

To those who are planning to get something done in the future, I hope that you wouldn’t go for any surgery without putting any thoughts into what you actually want. Don’t rush into it and if you’re not sure about it then just do whatever you want to do first, just take your time to think about the rest. If you really need it, you can travel back to Korea again.



The reason why I specifically requested my surgeon to be Dr.Lee again was because he is extremely kind and attentive towards my needs, which is why I felt confident having him as my doctor again. A doctor that listens to your needs is very important, hence take note of that when you’re going for several consultation!


  ↑ Seating awkwardly while waiting for my turn to consult Dr.Lee


During the consultation, Dr. Lee use an eyelid stick to push my eyelid to show me how my eyes is going to look like after the surgery, it will be 1mm higher and my eyes will look brighter, pupil will be more obvious. He then explained that this surgery involves tightening the levator muscle to elevate the eyelid and I’ll be on local anesthesia for both of my surgery.

A little information for you: Tapered eyelid is known to be very natural looking, which is why most clinic loves to recommends tapered eyelid to their patient! But if you want to get parallel done, make sure to check with the doctor that he will be doing parallel for you. As I went to other clinic last time and requested for parallel during consultation, yet after the surgery I got tapered lids… This also happens to people whom I know!


That’s all about it for this entry! If you have any questions for me, feel free to leave a comment down below or you can email with Shin long experience in the industry, he will be able to answer you guys better than me!





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  • vania October 18, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    hi miyake!
    so i read in some forums that we only can consult through the assistant (like Claire only) and unable to consult directly to the doctor, becase it is said that the doctors are always busy. is that true?

    Miyake Reply:

    Hello there! I did an consultation with the doctor for both of the clinic that I went to. It would be better if you can check with shin and ask him to book an consultation with the doctor for you.

    And also it’s true that Korean doctor are usually very busy which is why most of the time after your surgery, you wouldn’t be seeing the doctor anymore unless you have a problem with your surgery.

  • Novia October 19, 2015 at 2:26 pm

    removing the jaw bone/zygoma causes the cheeks to sag cos there’s nothing more holding the fat. i’m so glad you didn’t do it just because it’s free!! somemore you don’t even have zygoma!! you don’t need it!!
    may i also ask did you get your boobs done? thanks :)))

    Miyake Reply:

    Didn’t know about that till one of my friend who went for jawbone and zygoma reduction told me about it. I think it should be fine if their face doesn’t have much fats to begin with and also I kinda love the “baby fat” look :/ lol!!! Also, I do have zygoma but it’s not those protruding type and I always edit my pictures – which is why you didn’t get to see it. lol!!! Anyway, you’re interested to get your boobs done isit? Drop me an email at