Nail Art Express – A homebased nail salon!

November 8, 2012

Located at Bukit Batok. Booked an appointment with Ying and she will let you know the full address.

I’ve visited Nailartpress for 3 times in total and each she will never fail to impressed me, how is it even possible that when i google for “home based nail salon” and her website doesn’t pop up! What on earth are you doing uh Google? Sleeping isit? She’s super professional and talented!

Trust me! Go check out her website (http://nailartexpress.com) now, no lie. lol

I lost count of how many people told me that “Your nail design is so pwetty!”

Got to know about Nailartexpress from 1 of my reader, i was searching high and low for homebased salon that does amazing job on galaxy and tribal nail. And i when saw Ying work, *jaw dropped, eyes opened* 1 word, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I quickly booked an appointment with her and her partner was there that day.

So Silver came along with me as she wanted to try out tribal nail design too!


Left side is Silver’s her nail was done by Jenrine and mine is done by Ying!

Ying is very serious and detailed with her work, that’s why i love visiting her! Nothing will go wrong if she was the one whom is doing my nails! Anyway, there is currently a promo for Kirsch, a Junior Nailist at Nail Art Express. Gelish at $28, with free glitter tips or nail art on 2 fingers!

Both Ying and Jerine’s Gelish is at $38 only!


2nd design, Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece!!!

During my second visit i told Ying what nails design i wanted and she did it for me! She told me that she’s not very familiar with anime and Chopper, but i still go ahead with it. I mean you go check out all the work that she’s did before. Of course i wouldn’t have any doubt! And as expected, tadah! She did it this cho kawaii set of nails that everyone went gaga over it. IT’S CHOPPER YO!

The special thing about Nail Art Express is that for a home salon, it’s not just one manicurist but up to 3 at one time! I prefer doing manicure and pedicure with friends, so that we can talk and the time will pass faster. Get what i mean right? And of course with 3 manicurists…

You can do your manicure and pedicure at the same time to save time!!!

Also, Nailartexpress have over 100 gel polish colours, and have a lot of Japanese products (Sha Nail and other brands of stickers, charms, and other embellishments).


3rd design, Sweet Angels!!! (Picture credit to Ying, Nailartexpress.com) Pwetty not you tell me!

They only use the best quality products and stay updated on the latest trends and products. They have the latest issue of Japanese nail art magazines stocked for customers to browse from and we can replicate designs from magazines or from pictures.

They specialise in art and her partner Jenrine is also able to do complicated art.

Book an appointment with Nailartexpress at http://nailartexpress.com/contact-me now!

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