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December 1, 2015


I hope you enjoyed seeing all past entry as much as I do, all pictures are taken by Yutaki. This post, this and also this one! Well, it’s been a great time in Taiwan except that something unpleasant happened to me the day before I leave Taiwan. Thinking about the incapability of the police in Taiwan just makes my blood boil!

But overall Taiwan is awesome, some of you even agreed with me that Taiwan is somehow like Japan but cheaper version – in terms of foods and also how polite the sales people there are. I didn’t shop a lot at night markets as most of the shop are either selling overated Korean fashion that I’ve seen in Singapore and all over blogshop or outdated old fashioned clothing. But I’ve spent quite a bit at Nike, surprisingly the price is lower. Regretted for not getting the sweatpants now. OH YA WAIT! MIXXO IS IN TAIWAN! THE ONE THAT TAETISEO ENDORSED FOR! *Heavy Breathing* You should totally check the store out, no… I demand you to check out the shop!

Behold the address for MIXXO:

No.219, Sec.4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Taipei 106, Taiwan (R.O.C)
(MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Station, exit No.2)


Let me start with a brief introduction of what is Roomorama:

“Roomorama is a platform with over 300,000 short-term rentals and accommodation worldwide. We search the globe for professionally-managed holiday homes, homestays and vacation rentals to bring you reliable and quality accommodations. Our properties can be found in major cities around the world from London, New York, Miami, San Francisco to Singapore. Book your next accommodation easily, securely and instantly!”

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 10.47.04 AM

Basically Roomorama is your short term holiday home, their website navigations is very simply all you need to do is hit in your destination, check in/out dates and a whole list of apartment will be shown, now the fun part is choose your apartment and you’re almost ready to go!

Apart from apartments, there are other options such as etc. Room rental, B&B, Hostel and even Hotel. In my opinion, this platform will be perfect for people who loves to travel and experience how it feels to stay in the country. Moreover, staying in hotels all the time can become quite expensive. Which is why some people would avoid whenever it’s possible, because when you save up more on accommodation = more allowance for shopping and foods.

Thanks to Roomorama Team for giving me a special link which allow you guys to sign up and get $50 credit to travel, really appreciate it! I love discount and tbh who doesn’t? Click https://www.roomorama.com/users/miyake/invite to get your $50 credit!


Decided on Roomorama accommodation as it’s much convenient for us since we will be working on the first few days hence I booked it in advanced, there are a few choices left on the website but I chose a large 4 bedrooms apartment that has 2 bathrooms – so that we can both prepare at the same time without having to wait for each other.

The host of the apartment Roger is a Taiwanese that speak perfect English, so if you’re someone like me who needs to take a moment to think about how to translate your questions in Chinese, you can make full use of the host and drop him a message or line him! Pretty sure he will be happy to help you guys out. He also made an effort to print out a map of places that we should check out around the apartment and stick it to the fridge, very thoughtful.


This is taken at one of the cafe that is near our apartment called “Escape Artist”, pretty interesting concept cafe that allows you to purchase a canvas and paint there. I kinda like how to natural light hit shine in the cafe, very nice and relaxing ambiance. Not to mention that their mascot dog is so adorable, if you’re going there. Stop him from digging the pebbles on the floor to eat it! Such a playful doggy!

Website: http://www.escapeartist.com.tw

Address: No. 68號, Wenchang St, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106


Love the location of our Roomorama apartment as it’s very convenient, 5 minutes or less walking distance to 1 Family Mart (convenience store) and around 3-4 cafes! Not forgetting the food stalls at the back alley. It’s basically the type of ‘home’ that I lookout for! My Singapore house is almost as convenient as this one. Just that Taiwan convenience store are WAY BETTER, they have onigiri (try out those mentaiko one please!), bento, pasta, ramen, salad, porridge, fruits, omurice, gyoza, tea leaf eggs, sweet potato (my all time favourite and I recommend you guys to toss it in the fridge and eat it when it’s cold! It’s taste so good!) They have way too many eat-till-you die awesome food and snack.

This is so hard on me, writing this entry without reminiscing all the food I had there :(


Milk and sandwiches for you?


All these pictures is taken at our Roomorama apartment!

6     Had a wonderful stay at this Roomorama apartment, if you’re intending to travel soon. You might want to check out their website or download their app on your phone for easy access, I always browse through and look for pretty apartments around the world. You can claim the $50 credit first even when you are not travelling anytime soon, keep it in your account and who knows when you might use it. Visit https://www.roomorama.com/users/miyake/invite to get your $50 credit! Here’s the link to our Roomorama apartment, did I mention that they have washing machine, iron and dryer in their apartment. Clean and fresh clothes in my luggage, no crumpled clothes for outfit of the day shot. Woohoo! p/s: Apartment look exactly the same in real life! Till next time, bye!

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  • Venuri December 5, 2015 at 6:02 pm

    Great shots ,was it yutakis this time too?👍🏻✨✨

    Miyake Reply:

    YES! 😀