Magic Shop first outlet in Singapore

February 10, 2014


Magic Shop is available in Singapore now! *pop confetti* They are the leading company of Taiwanese skincare and cosmetics industry, currently holding 8 outlets in Taiwan, mainly Taipei. Many Singaporeans who visit Taiwan often would be very familiar with Magic Shop, especially for its high popularity products like the PROTECTIVE MAKEUP BASE, WATERPROOF EYELINER, LIPSTAINER etc. Which I was lucky enough to be able to get my hand on it!

First product I spotted, I love exfoliator! I got the pink one, it works like Cure.

It stands firm in Taiwan’s skincare industry since year 2006, despite facing so many competitors throughout these years in Taiwan. Magic Shop does not rely on exaggerated commercial advertisements and celebrity endorsements in Taiwan to be popular in Taiwan. Their name is made famous by word of mouth from customers who use our products and viewers who often watch the famous Taiwanese beauty programme “NU REN WO ZUI DA“ (女人我最大) as MAGIC SHOP products are often featured in it.

People who came back from Taiwan, often raves of how “magical” Magic Shop’s products are and would fly to Taiwan just to get their hands on them when the brand was not in SG yet. So now, Magic Shop has now opened its doors to Singapore!

Head down to Magic Shop’s 1st outlet for a free skin analysis (limited time only)!

They have 60 colors for their nail polishes and what’s more there is a promotion going on at buy 4 get 1 free at $3.90 each! And just right they also have gift box for Valentine day!

Mini-review on the products I got for myself:

Mousse Foundation is easier to apply in thin layers than liquid, as you have more control over it. It’s extremely lighter and smoother, I absolutely love the finishing look as it feels very powdery and smooth on skin. Good for all skin types!


Oil control and hydrating properties. Derived from natural extracts such as rose, that explained the nice scent!

2 In 1 Makeup Remover that is extremely gentle with NO alcohol added. Can be use on eyes, lips and face! Does not burn or sting your eyes, I couldn’t try it as I got eyelash extension on but I’ve tried it on my face and it able to removes stubborn waterproof makeup in a instant without leaving any residue easily! Have to shake well before use! Love the cherry blossom smell, all their product have a very nice scent to it! OMG.


Waterproof Eyeliner that is smudge-proof! Safe for sensitive eyes. Stay put all day, glide on smoothly and softly.


Available in 3 colors and its compatible sharpener is available in the store as well. By the way, I got Toffee color!

This product is amazing! Tried it on my hand in the shop and I was really amazed by it!

Apparently this is their star product! Can be act as a makeup base or a primer, you can also use it to locks in your skincare products by applying it after your skincare regimen. Magic shop customer love this products so much because of it matte feel and oil control properties. It also helps to reduce oil secretion, forming a protective layer to protect your skin.

Moisture Body Spray, I used this when I’m going to nearby places, it helps to keep my skin and hair moisture! Love the scent, you need to visit their shop to smell it because I doubt that you can smell it even if I describe it. LOL


My favourite product of all, sorry I bias as I love lip products too much. This lip stainer is the reason why my lips in no makeup pictures shot always look healthy and pink! I applied it almost everyday as it can even out discolored lip tone and prolonged usage will reduce your discoloration eventually. No removal needed, that’s why I always wear it to sleep!

It’s enriched with vitamin E, sodium hyaluronate and jojoba oil. Stay on for a very long time event after I eat or drink. This is featured in quite a few magazines! Really popular in the market, I really really love this a lot! Must have product!


Another product that I’m using everyday beside lip stainer is this!

SNAIL DEEP REPAIR CREAM, you know how much I love snail cream it’s like a all in one cream. 1 tub will settle all your troubles and this one smells so good, I wasn’t that fond of it on the first day because the texture is quite creamy and thick compared to the other snail cream I have. But when I woke up the next day, I’m convinced because of the result.

My skin did get very moisture and it look healthy and dewy too. According to them this snail cream is very similar to botox, as it will relax your facial muscle. Just that it’s safe than botox of course! Another must have product!

Check out their product and let me know what you think about it!


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  • Shi Pei February 12, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    Looks promising! Shall go get some to try and the lipstainer really looks tempting 😀

    How are the prices range like?

    Miyake Reply:

    I really sorry that I didn’t take note of their prices.
    The lipstainer is good, not oily and the colour does really stay on well even after eating or drinking.

  • Magic Shop February 13, 2014 at 12:42 am

    I found some really interesting stuff here: