Lucieo Tokyo: 今日のポイントは何???

May 4, 2015

Today topic would be what is my point for the day??? My eyes have always been the key pointo for my makeup and I am sure you’ve noticed the change in my lash extension done by Lucieo Tokyo.


It’s purple lashes!!!! This is my second set of purple lash and this time round Lucieo Tokyo recommended me to add in a little of pastel purple to create a kawaii dreamy look, I told her that I trust her and she can do anything she likes.

Don’t get me wrong, normal black or brown lashes is pretty and I love them too!!!

I’ve seen alot of Japanese girls having burgundy, blue, pink, green, rainbows colour lashes, when it comes to fashion they really dare to explore new thing. Which is why Japan always have the best fashion, they really inspire me alot. Alright and so I thought that I could give it a try at our very own Japanese lash salon in Singapore.



Where else but Lucieo Tokyo? If you want to try out Japanese quality, services and lashes!


You can customize your own lashes etc. length, curl, how many strands and colour or even what type of feel do you want your eyes to gives off. Yes there are such things, it’s the same as eyeliner. Lashes can also create the sexy or kawaii look. You prefer natural one that makes people wonder if your fluttery lashes are real lashes or extension? They have natural ones too. How cool is that??? If you want the same as mine, just inform them!




Quote my name for 20% discount and I hope that you girls will try out their color lashes and love it as much as I do. They really look very pretty in pictures but in real life people will have to see it up-close to notice the color. So don’t worry about it being too loud, too much or what… Maybe a little for some people. Lol!



Today coordinate all from my blogshop The Mini Attic, the website is not up yet so Eunice and me is selling them on Instagram @theminiattic currently. Do support yeah! All the clothes is picked by the both of us!

Lucieo Tokyo is located at 11Unity Street, #01-32,Robertson Walk, Singapore 237995

Call/msg/whatsapp 9780 8294 to book an appointment with Lucieo Tokyo

They are currently having a promotion package, contact them for more enquiries!

Watch my makeup video to see the fluttery lashes done by them → HERE

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  • Alicia May 7, 2015 at 7:17 pm

    Hi, may I know where u bought this red skirt?

    Miyake Reply:

    I wrote it in the post ah~ 😀
    It’s from my blogshop: Instagram @theminiattic