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July 5, 2016

I’ve heard a lot about nu.reflections from my friend Rachel and another fellow blogger Yina Goh on how superb Dr. Ivan botox and filler skills is, moreover he’s very well-known for not using numbing cream and yet you wouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort. Tested and proven by me! I just did my lip fillers there and most people said that it’s the most painful and sensitive part of our face. But oh well, guess their doctor isn’t as awesome as mine. Sorry but this is cold hard truth, if you go to a doctor that doesn’t have skill, it’s either you’ll have excessively bleeding, unusual swelling or not balance lips. I’ve been researching on lips fillers for very long and I’ve watch tons of youtube video on it, some doctor even provide dental block (injections of local anesthetic that a dentist uses to anesthetize areas of the mouth) or local anaesthesia for some patient.

Last photo of me with my uneven and thin lips, bye lips you wouldn’t be missed!

To be honest, I kinda freaked out when Dr.Ivan said he wouldn’t be applying any numbing cream for me. As I experienced how it felt without numbing cream few years back at another clinic, where the nurse forgot to apply numbing on my columella’s area, man that wasn’t just a small prick I swear.

When he started cleaning my lip areas with alcohol swab, I kept asking “you sure not pain not?!” and he assured me that it wouldn’t hurt cause that’s what his patient told him, lol. In my mind, I’m like it’s now or never, balls up miyake!

Photo taken right after lip fillers procedure! In cased you’re wondering, swelling depends on individual – in my case it took about 5 days for it to completely deskill but my swelling started to get worse on the 3 day. They actually look like sausage, lol!


Address: Regency House, 123 Penang Rd, #05-12, Singapore 238465
Phone: 6235 5333

Thanks for the invitation to your 10 years anniversary, nu.reflections!

All these pictures is taken at their medical aesthetic unit, nu.reflections also have a face and body clinic which I patronise often for their maximus body contouring treatment which I lost 5 cm on my thigh in just 4 treatments, I share more about it on my next post!


Met up with Sydney at the event, she’s one of the nicest blogger I’ve met in real life! Very down to earth and real, glad that we managed to become friends since our work trip to Hong Kong for FANCL. Pay her blog a visit here!

During the demo, Dr.Ivan explaining fillers procedures to achieve youthful V-Shape face in details!

Model of the day is my childhood friend, I’ve seen the drastic change of her before and after. Indeed face is shaper and the fillers that was injected to her cheek does have the lifting effect which create the V-Shape face. Result is very soft and natural, you couldn’t tell that she got aesthetic done. Doing fillers is like an art and if your doctor don’t have impeccable eye for beauty, chances is your fillers will look unbalance and not in harmony.

For fillers you really have to try it for yourself or have some faith and trust in my review. If whatever I said here isn’t true, you can stop visiting my blog in the future :)

To book an appointment, kindly call 6235 5333!

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