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February 27, 2016


Last year both Yutaki and me was invited to Hello Kitty 40th anniversary event and it was an eye opening experience for me as they are the first Hello Kitty theme park outside of Japan, and like I mentioned before. I didn’t expect Hello Kitty Town to be so near to Singapore. In the newest attraction, Hello Kitty is staring as the great witch from OZ and she will call upon her heroic friends to bring the land back to normal! I would say that the theme feels mysterious and whimsical at the same time.


JEWELPET SPOTTED! So surprised to see Sapphire and Garnet in a room full of mirrors when we are finding our way out to Lost Chapter. Thank you Japan, thank you Sanrio for creating so many kawaii characters. p/s: Don’t judge me for watching Jewelpet, they are too cute to resist. Just to let you know that there’s 7 series in total, if you enjoy mahou shoujo (magical girl) type of anime.

Go check them out! Tinkle Tinkle, Magical Charm! www


First stop is Kuromi Tent! In this station, you’ll have 15 secs to remember the order of 6 cards shown on the screen.


Next up is Wood Factory, you’ll have to the numbers of time the wood needs to be chop. For someone who plays game, this is easy peasy for me. Anyway, did you notice that the chopper is a Hello Kitty bow? This is insanely cute!


I was too engrossed at the Corn House to the extent that I forgot to snap any photo of it, the game is so cute! You’ll have to wave your hand in the stove to fan the grilling corn. WHO IS THE GENIUS THAT CREATE THIS GAME! I’m so amazed by it.


By the way, there are severals way to get to Hello Kitty Town such as shuttle bus at Singapore Flyer, but we took a cross border taxi that takes roughly 1hr++ to reach. Let me direct you guys to this link that have all the transport information you need here.



Look who’s here? It’s My Melody!


Of course they couldn’t left out Kiki…


and his older sister Lala.


Yutaki spotted this and made me take a pictures with it just so he can said “MEDUSA MIYAKE” wuliao!


If you’re someone who love sweet and cute stuffs or a huge fan of Sanrio. You’ll find this place interesting, this place is a ideal place for children too. However in my honest opinion, boys will enjoy Thomas Town more – which is also located at the same place at the next level.


This whole place really evoked memories of my childhood!


If you’re hungry, there’s 2 places where you can grab a bite of Hello Kitty decorated food. One is located at level 1 while another one which we dine at is inside of Hello Kitty Town. They have the cutest looking Nasi Lemak EVER! Even drinks is also in Hello Kitty packaging! #shutupandtakemymoney


For your boys, I think that they would enjoy Thomas Town which is at the third level. Check out the activities here.


Stay tuned for Hello Kitty Giveaway!

Persiaran Puteri Selatan,
Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya,
79000 Johor Darul Ta’zim, Malaysia

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun: 10:00AM – 6:00PM

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