Datsumo Labo – Popular full body hair removal salon!

January 17, 2013

I’ve always wanted to go for a full body hair removal but due to the expensive cost. I changed my mind and did underarms removal only. But after i found out Datsumo Labo from my friend.

The price caught me by surprised! For monthly full body hair removal plan is S$249 only?

*Underarms removal was done at another salon but it was hard to book an appointment so i gave up!*

① Datsumo Labo is using the best machine yet they are able to set the price at such a reasonable rate!

This is their first outlet in Singapore, it wasn’t a very big outlet but the atmosphere was not bad. The day before i started my full body removal treatment, I went for consultation to know more about the plan i wanted. I’m glad that they take their time to explain everything and enlighten me on stuffs that i do not know.

And because of that, i get to know how the hair removal actually works!

(You can book the consultation easily with them online, it’s a fast 10 sec. booking!)


② Booked an appointment with them on the consultation day itself. Because i want to start the full body removal treatment as fast as possible, the therapist told me that judging from my hair it will probably takes at least 2 years for the hair to completely stop growing. I tend to shave my arms and legs very often and do you know that the more you shave it the thicker it get? Not only this, razor is also very harmful to our delicate skin.

It will be best to go down for consultation as I’m sure that the lady will explain better than me.

③ Datsumo Labo’s customer card in Pink, mother of god!!! How to don’t love this salon?

④ They are located in a convenient and accessible Orchard Road! This place is very easy to find!

For clearer instruction on how to get to Datsumo Labo, please click the link below:



① When i reached Datsumo Labo, the therapist guide me to the treatment room asked me to tie up my hair into a bun, remove my top only and change into a tube dress. First impression of the room was great, very comfortable and best of all its neat and clean. They are even playing some soothing songs that makes me feel more relaxing. I admitted that i was kinda scared and worried if it will hurt!

Although they did told me that it’s completely painless during the consultation.

I’m worried it’s all because of my previous experience:

“I went to a particular salon around my house area for underarms and crotch hair removal before and the experience was terrible. They use ice-cube to numbed the area first… yes ice-cube. But i couldn’t back out as i paid beforehand! After that the girl told me that it’s going to be painless don’t worry but guess what i felt? It feels exactly the same like rubber snapped on your skin.

I shall leave the imagination in your hand, i bet your thinking of OUCH now! That’s how i felt.”

② Placed my clothes and belonging in the white basket, lay down flat on the bed and wait for my therapist.

③ After a short while, 2 therapists came in and explained the procedure to me. First, they will shave all the hair removal area, apply gel on the area and it will be very cold at first. Indeed, it’s really COLD… Like ice!

And it’s also very ticklish while they are applying the gel on me. Tried my best not to laugh or move around too much. They start from the nape of my neck, upper back, *skipped hips as I’m having period*

*Datsumo Labo do not encourage customer to do treatment during their period, because we will tend to have very sensitive skin. Therefore it’s recommended to either skip the removal area first or come back 1 week after your period end! It’s all for their precious customer safety.*

Procedure finished faster than what I’ve expected, it takes around 20 minutes?


(This is my 1st month, 1st visit, part a completed!)

Read here to see the simple 5 steps to complete your full body removal treatment:



Nearly forgot to include this in my blog post, this caught my attention when i enter Datsumo Labo. They decorated their wall with Japanese Celebrities that visited their outlet in Japan! Search it up on Google and you’ll know that Datsumo Labo is being loved in Japan by people who is in their 20~30 and also over 200 celebrities including famous idols, actresses and fashion models.

And now, last but not least even our very own Singapore blogger, model, dj love Datsumo Labo too! So you can rest assured of their safe and reliable hair removal technique and enjoy their services.

Beautiful, smooth and hairless back all thanks to Datsumo Labo!

I’m looking forward to my next second visit and by the way, they are having a 50% off for 12 sessions of lower leg hair removal at $500. So if you want to flaunt those hairless, smooth and sexy leg.

You can get the offer at Datsumo Labo Facebook Page:



Hope that my review is good enough, till then please wait for my next visit Datsumo Labo!

Updated: All you girls need to do is quote my name and you’ll be entitled for the 10% off! We can has smooth and beautiful body together and not to forget that it’s cheaper by 10%!

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  • Anna May January 17, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    I’m not familiar with what’s “…rubbing snapped”? 😮 I tried googling, but it gives me the past tense of “snapped”.

    Miyake Reply:

    Omg, sorry. I mean rubber snapped. Typo :'(

  • Vanessa L. January 18, 2013 at 1:45 am

    Great blog post! Too bad I’m in the US T___T Did it hurt at all? You mentioned the previous salon hurt, but did this one?

    Miyake Reply:

    This one doesn’t hurt at all, but it does feel a little warm :)
    Maybe you can try to look for hair removal salon in US that is using the same machine as DatsumoLabo Labo! 😀

  • Elaine January 18, 2013 at 3:11 am

    I also heard that laser treatments feel like rubber snapping or a hot pinch. I’m kind of scared of the pain because I feel like once you start, you can’t back out!

    Miyake Reply:

    Luckily this salon doesn’t hurt. If it hurt I’ll back out for sure!

  • Jael January 18, 2013 at 11:23 am

    Hey Miyake! Would you mind showing us how you’re doing your new makeup and also your newest makeup products? Thanks! :)

  • wendy January 19, 2013 at 10:29 pm

    When will the hair grow again?