April 20, 2013

Sorry that it took so long for collection two to be launched. But I’m glad that I managed to get everything up so fast! Did photoshoot at White Cottage on Wednesday with G help to packed the clothes and carry the luggage.

My babe Veron help to drove us down to studio from our place, most importantly yutaki came over and help me out with the photoshoot. Like I said, with him as my photographer always makes thing super easy for me.

But still I feel super paiseh to trouble him, got to find a photographer asap!

Outfit for the picture above: Rose Collar Shirt with Denim Dress Romper!

Thanks to Mr. Google I got to know this studio called “White Cottage” their rates is unbelievable cheap! $15 for an hour!!! Super good for new start up blogshop! Anyway, they are my lovely sponsor now! Lucky me!

♡♡♡ Call, message or whatsapp 91111015/ 91806921 to book an appointment! ♡♡♡

Check out their website at http://whitecottagesg.com, their website doesn’t have any pictures of the studio. As they just shifted to Keong Saik Road, it’s located at chinatown there! I’ll take pictures of the studio and blog about it next time.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 5.00.20 AM

Make-up and hair is all done by me, as for the clothes I handpicked all the clothes and coordinate it as a set. Whenever I’m doing online shopping I always tend to troubled over what top or bottom should I mix-match it with? Or do I have anything that goes with it? So if you’re like me, I hope that you’ll love my simple coordinate~

Featured outfit which is my favourite outfit! Top is Sheer See Through Shirt and bottom is Black Chic Skirt. Do check out the description for measurement info as the skirt is slightly bigger, hope that you girls will love this set as much as I DO!

Do take note that the inner black spaghetti straps top is not included!

Different look… Mature and Cool! Top is Leather Long Sleeve Top as for the bottom it’s Side Bow Denim Jeans, I can never get sick of the jeans!!! Recommend girls to get 1 size bigger for the jeans, as the cutting are smaller than usual jeans. I’m a S size but for this jeans I’m wearing a M. Measurement is in the description box! :)

This White Tube Dress is perfect for a date, white one is very innocent and feminine. Comes in Black colour too, which is suitable for party and clubbing!!! I absolutely love the material it’s so comfortable, awesome for tropical country!

Beautiful and sweet Pastel Purple Dolly TOP, I wore it as a dress instead of top!

Please check out our website at http://crazemode.com for more clothings, I hope that you’ll see something you LOVE!

Great news my lovely girls!!! Just in cased you don’t know that:

Enjoy shopping and have a great day ahead!

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 5.00.34 AM

p/s: The first 2 person that purchase over $100 will get the cherry earring that I’m wearing above. The ribbon will be in pink instead of purple! It’s super duper cute, I got one for myself too! After all, cherry is my shop trademark! lol

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  • kiki April 20, 2013 at 4:15 pm

    for the side bow denim jeans is there a real pocket? or is it fake pocket? does it have butt pockets?

    Miyake Reply:

    There’s is 4 real pocket in total, 2 front and 2 behind!

  • raden April 22, 2013 at 5:42 pm

    I like the cherry earrings and the sparkle hat. Look so cute!