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July 22, 2015

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Brought Choco for his monthly grooming today at Pooch’s Image – a vintage theme salon at Upper East Coast.

I wasn’t paid to blog about this and neither Pooch Image asked me to write an entry about this but I think that this post might be able to help some of the furkid parents out there, who are trying to find ways to cure their dogs skin problems.


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  This might get a little wordy, or those who doesn’t have a dog. You might want to skip this wordy entry and just view the pictures instead. Anyhow, It’s only Choco forth visit to Pooch’s today, however Eugene and I can see the huge improvement on Choco fur condition after changing to their pet salon…

As compared to last time, Choco fur is extremely fluffy, soft and thick now! Which I still can’t get use to it, as it’s so fluffy to the extend that all our neighbours thinks that he’s very chubby and the most commonly asked question we get is “How do you keep your poodle so chubby?” HAHAHA! You see… his fur is actually that thick to this extend. But when they actually touch Choco, the secret will be out that his fur is just too fluffy and thick.


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  You probably do not know that we have changed many groomers for him in the past but none of them managed to improve his skin condition. What they told us is always the same thing, use medicated shampoo for him or bath him every week. Which my boyfriend said that it’s not making any sense as after a nice grooming he starts to bite himself until the extend where he starts accidentally bite off his own fur as it is too itchy.

We have bought spray, ointment, supplements, countless of medicated shampoo and even brought him to the vet for god knows how many times but obviously none work.

BUT, POOCH IMAGE solved this problem. Now his skin problem is under control and I no longer need to bathe him so often because his scalp is cleanse thoroughly with this spa treatment!

All problems solved, no bald spot, flaky, itchy, red skin.

Furthermore Choco still smell fresh and clean even after more than a week, which mean Eugene and I no longer need to soak him with medicated shampoo and sit in the toilet to wait for the time to be up. *facepalm* Anyway, Pooch’s Image have all kinds of spa treatment to counter different type of skin problem. But, Micro Bubble Spa is one of the popular spa treatment in their menu. So if you not sure what spa to choose for your furkid, you might want to give it a try.


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I have been singing praise for this treatment for very long and some of you might think that I’m saying this because I’m sponsored but I got to tell you that, I was quite skeptical at first but after Choco did micro spa bubble for the first time, I can actually tell the difference as his fur don’t get smelly that fast. So I really hope that you will try this spa for a few times before judging it. I remembered that Choco fur starts to get a little fluffier after the second session! Which is insanely fast!!! This spa treatment have absolutely NO CHEMICAL in it and yet the result can be so phenomenal! I have to say that Choco fur condition have NEVER EVER been extraordinary good since he was a pup till now! In fact his fur condition is getting from bad to worst as he’s growing older. Which I got no freaking idea what went wrong!!!


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Choco is sooooo fluffy! I’m gonna die~

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Choco Accessories from Pooch’s Image


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Loving Pooch’s Image VIP transportation services. No more fretting over the wait of taxis, as you know how anal most taxis driver is when it comes to dogs. Opt for VIP transportation for hassle free grooming session! You and your dog will be picked up from your own home and sent back immediately right after grooming. Super convenient!


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