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February 16, 2016

Good morning everyone! Have you watch my new video on youtube? I’ve created a very simple, natural and sweet look for you guys using Etude House new Berry Delicious collection eyeshadow palette – this look is also suitable for everyday makeup.
Hope that you’ll will like it and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and stay updated!

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Mini Random Post

July 6, 2015

I know that it’s July now but I’m going to talk about how awesome June is, come to think of it. I haven been blogging about random things since very long ago! Like what Yutaki’s said in his blog entry, we used to blog about everything when we just started out blogging because blogging used to be a trend. lol! But after we started to be very anal, it’s the death of our blog. Okay lah, maybe not very anal for me cause my picture quality is not very awesome to begin with but I do have a bad habit of stop updating when I posted a not-so-pretty-entry. I really salute Yutaki for being able to create so many pretty blog entry, I really enjoy every entry he did including advert post. Nobody is as hardworking as him please!


Me snapchatting away on viking while everyone is screaming their lungs out! lol

Recently I’ve been on an app called SnapChat but now I’m not updating very often due to my eyelid correction done by Dr.Lee from Banobagi. Which I am extremely happy to be sponsor by them again! Ever since the first surgery I’ve been in contact with Claire and Shin. I also have a new found love added to my favourite food list, which is Jjim dakk! If you haven tried it, you have to! YOU MUST TRY! The one that Claire bought me to is very near Banobagi, so delish to the extent that I actually made it for Eugene and myself when I’m back in Singapore. Er…. But for some reason it wasn’t spicy enough even when I threw in alot of dried chillies, I wondered what went wrong… #foodgonewrong



I am also very thankful for Shin from DocFinderKorea as he’s the one who arranged and planned for both of my trip to Korea, my flight, hotel and guesthouse everything is sponsored all thanks to him. Of course all these happened because you guys are still here reading my dead blog and following me on each of my social media platform. I couldn’t thank you guys enough! I do interact with my readers more on SnapChat, and I enjoyed watching all the snaps you guys send me! But just don’t send me lol… you know la… dirty pictures, cause I get those alot. Sometimes when I opened the snap outside and there are people behind me, you know how embarrassing is that not. LOL *facepalm*

Oh ya! By the way, Shin drove me to this nice place for budget shopping, if you want to shop at cheap place right… go to Express Bus Terminal!!! It’s an underground shopping place where you can get clothes starting from 3,000 won (S$3.60) or shoes at 10,000 won (S$11.99)! They are also selling road brands cosmetics there! Got shops that sells food there also, so you can ask your partner to go chillax there while you shop, lol!

Ahhh~ Recovering period really is a bitch! I honestly hope that my right eyes bruises will go off asap, so that I can be back on track for my work. Ok, I need to be patience and wait for it to deswell, but this time round even Yutaki was surprised that I’m healing rather slow bcos I was healing at a godlike speed for my first eyelid + epi surgery done at OZ. Which is the worst decision I’ve made in my life. I’ll explain this in another blogpost! Else I’ll have nothing to say for my plastic surgery entry! Lol. Meanwhile if you have any questions, drop me a comment or email. I’ll add those in the entry!



“&” is the mascot for my Airbnb apartment, she’s always meowing for treats!

I would also like to share with you regarding my partnership with Airbnb during my stay in Korea, super honoured to be working with them as I’ve been a user way before we worked together. Yutaki was the one who introduced their to me and I absolutely love to view their listing when I have nothing better to do at home.


By the way, just in cased you missed it. Sunny and I filmed 2 YouTube videos at my gorgeous Airbnb’s apartment! And I got to say that I’m very proud of myself la, cause I really hate videos and I absolutely don’t like to speak in video, if you noticed my tutorial is always voiceless. Even when I have received comments about how it will be easier to watch my tutorial if I’m doing a voiceover. But sorry, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. To be honest, I’ve tried… In the past I’ve gotten a few advertorials that require me to speak, I actually feel like stabbing myself after filming. LOL! I get nervous and my brain will freeze and shut down. Damn pathetic! And I hate the fact that I’m not as noisy as I am in real life with my friends, so if I can really wouldn’t want to speak in videos, this time round it’s all for fun purpose. We did Fire Noodle cause Dahye haven got to try it and she really love spicy food, I’m pretty sure that she will love it! Cause the noodle itself without any other ingredients is yummy enough, but if you want to make it even yummier try to throw in some spam/luncheon meat, fried fish cake, toppoki! It will taste heavenly!!!!!

Ok, that’s all about it! I’ll try to update as much as I can! Since I can’t take any pics for the time being :/

Beauty Videos

April Everyday Make Up

April 19, 2015


This request probably took the longest time ever, I hope that you’ll enjoy the video! The only thing that I change often is my lip color depending on my mood, but it’s usually the same thing which is using 2 colors to create my gradient lips.


Pastel hair extension done at ♥♥ Cleo, my hair stylist is Ryo +65 6338 5250

I was really disappointed with the overexposed lighting because of the sunlight, going to take Dahye recommendation on rely more on studio lighting into deep consideration instead of natural light. But I really love how beautiful the natural lighting is in my living room, sighed if only I know how to adjust the complicated setting on my DSLR… Sighed…


Anyway, I really love my lash extendsion that Lucieo Tokyo did for me, I requested for purple lashes at the end but this time round she added pastel purple for me and the combination look really pretty! You can see it from the video! ♥♥

If you love it and want to get the same lashes as me, just quote my name cause they have a record of my lashes information. Did I mentioned that there’s a 20% discount when you quote my name?

Call/msg/whatsapp 97808294 to book an appointment now!


Not sure if you can tell but when I was editing the video I realized that one side of my ptosis eyes is quite bad now, thinking of going back to Korea and fix it. Should have find a better clinic to cut it in the first place…

My nails is really pretty in the video too right? All thanks to Peony Tokyo!

Feel free to challenge Hirasawa-san and you’ll be impressed by how skillful she is, you can always count on the Japanese when it comes to hair, nails or lashes. I really got to say that I’ve never been so in love with my sponsor before. ♥♥ This is her number 8223 8706, check out their Facebook cause they are having a promotion now!

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 4.16.24 AM

Till next time, byebye!


JDIARY – Episode 6 Part 2

July 25, 2013

Yukie-chan updated me on the episode that we filmed together was live on YouTube!
I watched it and I really think that they did a superb job on the editing just like usual.

Shall not say blog much about this, no spoiler for you. Go watch it now!

I look so serious here! If only I can be this serious while cooking at home,
I wouldn’t accidentally nearly burn down my house serveral time while attempting to cook. lol

Mitososupasuta ミートソースパスタ wwwww

Have you read my blog on part 1? You can read and watch it here.

JDIARY is doing a giveaway on this extremely cute looking parfait.
Watch the episode on to find out how you can find it!

♡ Enjoy watching this episode, once again thank you JDiary for featuring me! ♡



July 10, 2013

Remember I blogged about I will be featured in JDiary during June?

Yukie-chan informed me that they finally LIVE it yesterday on YouTube!

The work we featured is by a Japanese illustrator, named Mizutama Hanco.

Find her work familiar right? That’s because I have been using her stamps
in most of my recent Instagram pictures, you can download this app
called “Snapeee” there are quite a few of her stamps there
but you have to pay around sgd $2.00+ for those ultra cute one!

I had lots of fun filming this episode with her, hope that you like it.
By the way, they separated the video into 2 parts but
I am not sure when will they be releasing the part 2.


AND!!! I would like to thank my manicurist Ying, she did this set of
super cool american style nail inspired by Alisa Ueno for me.
If you want to have beautiful nails so that you can
flaunt it shamlessy visit

We took some silly pictures during filming and MORE silly pictures after that. lol






I am not in Singapore when you’re reading this, will be back in 5 days time.
For business enquiry please email me at thank you!

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