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December 11, 2016

Thanks for reading my blog for so many years, I’ve decided to switch to my own personal blog. This post or blog may be deleted, therefore you might want to hop over to instead :)


Cleo Hair Make – Shiny, smooth and soft hair!

July 24, 2014

Book an appointment with Cleo Hair Make for hair treatment and haircut. Been so long since I patronize a hair salon, as I wanted to let my hair rest longer. Feel so guilty for putting so much chemical on my hair and literally damaged it!


I can tell that my hair is crying, the spilt ends make my hair so frizzy and it’s also very hard to blow dry them. It’s beyond hope to save them, so the only way is to slowly trim off the damaged part. My hair is so badly damaged till it feels like rubber when washed, Ryo-san keep telling me “かわいそう” (Poor thing in Japanese).


Finally gave up my idea of letting it rest and let it grow longer by itself, without going to salon. Asked Ryo-san how long will it takes for my hair to be healthy again, and he said 6 months. Every month I have to cut 1 inch away…

6 inch… And that’s how much damaged hair I got. Heartache, really 心痛!


 You can’t see from all these picture but some part of my hair is extremely short, it’s very uneven and Ryo-san suggested me to keep it and wait till it’s longer then he’ll trim it for me. Meanwhile, I’ll do more treatment!!!


One thing about Ryo-san is, I love how gentle he is towards my hair. He’s the only hairstylist that handle my hair extremely gentle because he knows that it’s damaged. If you use too much strength or you’re too rough with my hair, they will break. So I really appreciate it that he’s putting so much effort while handling my hair. Really thank you!


 After blow dry, my hair look so perfect. It felt so smooth, shiny and soft!!! Been 3 weeks since I did the treatment and my hair still feel so healthy, my friends realized that my hair texture become better lately. I am very sure that it’s all because of the magic treatment and haircut!!!! Less tangled issue and I don’t look like lion every time I wake up now!


キラキラ Some treatment that Ryo-san applied on my hair, it smells heavenly! キラキラ


Not sure how many times I need to thank him but he’s one hell of a awesome dude!


The middle part of my hair is so much more shorter than the rest, lol. *facepalm* ↑


 Nah! It’s okay, I look perfect like this. lol I mean my hair look good… :/


That’s Qiuqiu and me, it’s a love and hate relationship with blonde hair. LOL


キラキラ I N F O R M A T I O N キラキラ

6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central Mall
#04-89a/92Singapore 059817

Phone: 6338 5250 | Email:



Datsumo Labo NEW Branch at Somerset / Orchard Central

July 22, 2014


ハートワーイ♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/ワーイ♪  新しいブランチおめでとうございます!ハート

Congrats for opening your 7th branch in Singapore, Datsumo Labo! Made an appointment at their main branch which is the new outlet at Orchard Central, it’s very spacious as compared to other outlets. They even have 7 personal rooms for this branch! Nearer to my place also, hee~ Means more treatment and faster result. Can’t wait!


Datsumo Labo uses the world’s premier hair removal high-grade beans gel. This exclusive cooling gel which contain fillinieve that will helps to whitens our precious skin and weakens the hair. In result of using this amazing cooling gel?

キラキラ You’ll have smooth, clear and fair skin like baby! キラキラ


キラキラ Lovely staff placed a towel on my head, just in case the light is too strong for me! キラキラ

Love my korean eyebrow embroidery and kpop eyelash extension done by Yvonne. Save so much of my time while preparing, and going out without makeup is fine because you’ll still look awake and refresh without any. If you’re interested to get your lashes or brows done by Yvonne, call/msg/whatsapp her at 90910168. Her place is located at Jurong West, ask her for the full address as she works strictly by appointment only!


Datsumo Labo is well known for their painless whitening hair removal. They have countless of positive review on their treatments online, even celebrities in Japan trust them because of their reassuring and reliable technology.


Totally painless! That’s why I am able to smile till so sweet for this picture! lol (*^-゚)vィェィ♪


Cold towel will be placed on treated area to soothe your skin after treatment! cat* ↑


音譜 A picture with their cutie mascot Bihadakuma! 音譜


Aww… Why you so cute bihadakuma?!?!?!?! Chu~ 投げKISS


Nothing much, just 2 cutie chilling at Datsumo Labo with a cuppa tea! カワユスwハート☆


Took a picture with blogger queen Xiaxue, her picture make the whole shop look even cuter! ラブラブ



姫りぼん D A T S U M O  L A B O  L O C A T I O N 姫りぼん

3 minutes walk from Exit B of Somerset MRT (North South Line), turn right at Orchard Road and we are on Orchard Central is on the right side on the road. It is a black building with colourful neon lights.

Address: 181 Orchard Rd, #04-16 Orchard Central Singapore 238896
Tel: 6884-6482 | Opening Hours: 11:00 – 22:00


Don’t forget to quote “Miyake” for 10% discount! It only takes 40 seconds to book an consultation with Datsumo Labo, click HERE to book now!!! The plan that I chose is 22 areas perfect complete plan!



Filming for a upcoming project!

July 17, 2014

Woke up at 9am for filming yesterday but before that I went to Cleo Hair Make to shampoo and style my hair. So lucky to have Ryo-san as my hairstylist, love how he handled my damaged hair gently with care.

Anyway, I don’t think that I am supposed to reveal the brand yet but you can try guessing!


 The 2nd hairstyle is dolly curl, and I absolutely love the curls that Ryo did for me! 


 Slept for 2 hours and I swear trying to remember the script was a disaster. After filming I told the team that they are really testing my goldfish memory, and I am quite sure that when I reach home something like this might happen ↓

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 4.16.24 AM

Mom: Miyake what do you want to eat?


 Evadne is the first makeup artist I met that can draw the perfect korean eyebrows I like for me, instead of the traditional Singapore archy type of brows. Oh!!! AND ALSO! Before we start filming, I told her that my lips have consistently been either really dry, chapped, or peeling. Cause the lazy me, have not been very hardworking enough to apply lip balm. (By the way, the current lip balm I am using is Burt’s Bees)

Guess what? She gave me this awesome lip balm that instantly moisturize my lips. No dry lips on the spot! That’s how amazing the lip balm is! According to her this lip balm called “Carmex” can only be purchase in HongKong, it has a very soothing Jasmine Green Tea scent. Google it for more information if you’re interested?


Call Cleo Hair Make to book an appointment with my awesome hairstylist Ryo!

6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central Mall #04-89a/92Singapore 059817
Phone: 6338 5250 | Email:



Datsumo Labo – Bugis Cube Branch

June 14, 2014


No need to re-introduce Datsumo Labo to everyone right? I bet everyone know how affordable and effective their hair removal service is, not to forget it’s painless!!! How to find such an awesome deal in Singapore?

Lowest price in the market, top notch quality machines and gel plus amazing result in just 1 session! 

Been sharing about them for so many times and I still can’t helped it but to rave about how the treatment gel will make our skin look fairer after the hair removal service. Hairless plus fair smooth skin, who don’t want right???


♡ Mecha Kawaii Bihakuma and Me! 


Bugis Cube is just opposite Bugis Junction and Intercontinental Hotel, 3 minutes walk away from Bugis MRT station.


 Datsumo Labo is having a cash back promotion currently!

Introduce your friend to get $100 cashback and your friend will get $100 off her total payment! You can get a maximum of $10,000 cash back, wth that’s a lot you know!!! Just to inform you that this promotion is only available till end of June.

More information at:


Click HERE to book an appointment with Datsumo Labo now!


  I N F O R M A T I O N  

Location: Bugis Cube, 470 North Bridge Road #03-23
Contact: 6338-7253
Opening Hours: 10:30 – 21:30

Don’t forget to quote my name “Miyake” you get an additional 10% off!!!