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Plastic Surgery

Banobagi: Recovery for Rhinoplasty and Fat Grafting

September 30, 2014

As mentioned on the previous post that my surgery couldn’t proceed due to my allergy swelling so it was postpone to Aug 4, 2014. Despited the delayed, I wasn’t worried or nervous about it. Positive thinking much? I just feel safe being in one of the top clinic in Korea and my surgeon is also none other than Dr.Lee who is specialized in rhinoplasty and fat grafting, he’s also the director of Banobagi who transformed countless of women!


 Here’s Claire finding a empty locker for me in the dressing room!


Changed into their robe and wait for the surgery time to reach!


This whole place is super relaxing one, don’t have to worry or think too much about it.

The more you tend to think about it, the more afraid you are. I have hi-bye friends who tend to keep asking me about plastic surgery stuffs over and over again but a few years later, they still didn’t go for it. This is one of the reason why I don’t like to answer any questions related to aesthetic or cosmetics procedure.


In Banobagi’s waiting room, watching some show which I don’t understand. lol! You can change the channel and watch some kpop dance and sing, it will help to make you relax for a little bit. No wifi in this room… :(


1 last picture of my uneven face line and old nose, good bye forever! lol Don’t worry I wouldn’t miss you! Cause you make me look so tired and shagged every time. I had enough of photoshopping every single pictures, so waste time!

Seeing this picture of my left ptosis eye reminded me that Dr.Lee suggested me to repair my eyes, cause my previous surgery wasn’t done properly. I will re-consider or get it done when my ptosis eyes get worse next time. Maybe?


Day 1 post surgery


I can see the difference already!!!! Look at my face line! Its so smooth and even now!

My nose kept bleeding but it’s very normal, no pain at all. Quite excited and can’t wait to see my nose! Even with the nose cast and bandage on, I can tell that my nose bridge will be nice. So sure that it will turn out exactly what I wanted!!!


Dr.Lee used ear cartilage for my nose, that’s explained the white sponge on my ear. It’s only 1 side and don’t worry as it wouldn’t change your ear shape. All those white tape is placed on fat grafting areas. Injection is done on those area with surgical tapes, rest assured that there wouldn’t be any scars for the inject as it’s too tiny. お注射


キラキラ Super fat and chubby!!!! I love my baby fats cheek now! キラキラ

I’m staying at Noblesse Gangnam Hotel which DocFinderKorea booked for me, they will provide you with a few hotel to choose from that is located near the clinic that you choose. I am so lucky that my hotel is just less than 5 minutes walk away from Banobagi! The convenience store is super near and there’s a whole stretch of food store there also!


Called for fried chicken delivery! Dr.Lee told me that I can eat any food I want after surgery and there’s no such thing as eating dark soya sauce will make the scar darker… (Asian food myths, most chinese believed that! OK!)


Nomming fried chicken while watching SBS MTV – HyunA Free Month! I love her so much!


The bandage on my nose is soak with blood very uncomfortable and annoying… lol I kept having the urged of removing it myself. But I just leave it on as it is, cause Banobagi’s nurse will be removing it for me on Day 2. YAY!!!


Saw the patch on my thigh? That’s where they remove the fats and place it on my face. The white patch is where they insert the cannula connected to a syringe through small incision and carefully suck out the fats.

Your fats will be kept in the clinic for 6 months before they dispose it. During that 6 months, you can go back for touch up if you want. The procedure will be free, yes free! You never read it wrongly!!! FREE! NO COST AT ALL!


Day 2 post surgery


Forehead white tape removed! Those smaller white one have to wait till day 4!


My thigh bruises is starting to show a little! As you can see the white tape is removed!

Everything is going very smoothly for me, I’m recovering at godlike speed also! Thanks to Dr.Lee and the pumpkin juice that Claire gave me! To recover faster you need to drink a lot of pumpkin juice, almost forgot to intro you this gel capsule called “소염재 so yeom jae” my friend who is staying in Korea recommended this to me, and it works like magic.

The thing is, I forgot to snap a picture of it. The packaging is in white and green, capsule is green gel type. Don’t get those normal one, I tried it and it doesn’t seems promising at all.

Updates: Found the picture of the awesome capsule on google! This is the one!!! Super awesome!


Nikki’s Day 3 post surgery


Nikki will be removing her breast surgery bandage today!

Claire is so cute… she look even more excited than Nikki, lol! After removing the bandage, she was told by the nurse that shower is fine but body foam cannot touch the wound area. And she need to clean the wound with saline and apply medicine everyday. All this medicines she bought it at around $90sgd? There’s Painkiller, antibiotic, cream and the bottle drink called “Shescare” I wondered who in the world name it?!?!?! lololol


Even when it’s outside of medical need, I am so thankful that DocFinderKorea arranged everything for us from bringing us to hair salon to driving us to buy medicines. They will also guide their client to shopping and sightseeing tour for a day. I remembered him mentioning about helping client to bargain price during shopping. It’s really good to have someone who knows Korean language with you. Trust me on this! It will make your trip so much better! I’ve blogged about all sort of benefits you will get from going through DocFinderKorea previously, you can read the post here: PART 1


Anyhow, the pharmacy staff highly recommended this as all the ingredients is natural herbs and apparently it works better than pumpkin juice. Price is higher than pumpkin juice! I tried a little, taste is awful… like chinese medicine?


Here’s how her incision under her breast line look like, very small!

She can only start wearing bra, 2 months after the surgery. For the time being, only nipple tape is allowed. No massage is needed, the breast will become softer by itself! If you’e intending to do breast surgery, do take note that you can’t workout for at least 2-3 months. No water sports for 3 months and carrying heavy stuffs is not allowed for 1 month. Luckily DocfinderKorea was there to help me carried our luggage when we changed hotel and go to the airport, we sorta regretted for buying so much stuffs cause our luggage is super overweight so we ended up paying around $100+, lol.

Seeing how Nikki spent her day after the surgery, I really have to suggest you girls to bring someone along if you’re intending to undergo breast surgery. Because simple things like sitting/getting up from bed can be very difficult and painful. The pain lasted for 3 days and it took 8 days for Nikki to be able to sit up from the bed herself.

But still… it depends on your pain tolerance level…


During the recovery period, Banobagi’s recommended us to go for Bio Photon therapy!

I was told that, this treatment is very popular among the tai-tai in Korea because all you need to do is to rest inside this machine that feels like sauna and you can enjoy all the benefits such as speed up metabolism, toxins and aging exhaust helps to improve thrombosis and blood circulation, help blood regeneration, improve the activity of white blood cells lymphocytes and improve immunity warm therapy.


Nikki did this therapy too!!! As not only it can shorten recovery time, you can also improve physical health. So why not?


After the therapy, Claire treated us lunch at a jjimdak franchise outlet which is located beside our hotel. It’s sooooooo delish! Chicken + Potato + Spicy= AWESOME! Probably one of the best meal I had for this trip!


Day 4 post surgery


All white tapes removed!!! Super happy!!! My face is still swelling and it will take quite awhile for it to deswell completely. But still… I’m very pleased with the current result, hopefully my face line will stay like this.


Don’t know why I so act chio here, with nose cast still want to act chio for what? lol


Brought Nikki to BAU house, cause I know that she’ll go mad at the cafe!


A super big dog cafe, how I wished that Singapore will have such a big doggy cafe.




Hours: 1:30pm – 11:00pm weekdays; 12:30pm – 11:00pm weekends.
Address (English): 394-44 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. (Je-il Building, rear entrance, 1st floor)
Address (Korean): 서울특별시 마포구 서교동 394-44 제일빌딩 후면 1층
Phone: 02-334-5152


More pictures of myself after bathing, let me have my glorious moment can?

I hardly share so many pictures of myself with photoshop pictures and still love it so much. Some more no eyelashes, I feel so freaking naked… Oh ya, during this period I used Etude House Shockcara and Lancome Grandiose mascara. Lancome one is super awesome I tell you! 1 application is enough and your lashes will look super pretty!


The black thing you see in and outside of my nose is the stitches, if my condition is good. I’ll get to remove it earlier, else I may have to get it removed in Singapore… Which I really don’t want it to happenむかっ


I see high nose bridge, hmmm… Getting quite impatient to removed the cast…


Thigh bruises is getting darker than before! Banobagi nurse told me not to rub it.


Day 5 post surgery


Drinking pumpkin juice while I’m on my way to Myeong Dong for shopping and Cat Cafe, you can drink as many packets as you want! I drank 2 big boxes in 9 days and it taste so good when it’s cold! I’m serious, don’t believe you try!


“Human, are you feeding me or not? Are you? Are you not?”


“Life is good when all I do is wake up, eat then go back to sleep!”


Kat Von D’s cat is the same breed as this! Sphynx cat! They are so nice to touch… omg lol


“Ain’t nobody got time to play with you, get lost human!” lol… This cat look so grumpy!


The mother of all coffee, just kidding. But their coffee is really nice!

キラキラCAT Cafe 고양이다락방 located at 서울시 중구 명동2가 51-14 6층 Tel.02-318-3123キラキラ


Nikki’s Day 6 post surgery


I realized some pictures her breast look really firm, while some look very natural. Take this picture above as an example, don’t you find it very natural? Guess it’s because of the lighting. Nevertheless, I still find the shape very nice in real life!!!


Side view even more natural right?


Day 7 post surgery


Who is this little girl in white dress, lol. I’m aging backwards! By the way, Nikki is wearing a tube dress and her breast shape look very natural here. She’s recovering really fast too! Told you, it’s the surgeon skill for sure!


Day 8 post surgery


My face is recovering and getting better right? Love my nose bridge so much!!!

Removed stitches today! Only the outside one on the columella is removed and I didn’t feel any pain during the removal. The inside one will be remove on day 9, before I go back to Singapore the next day.


Minimal bruising at the end of my eyes from rhinoplasty!


After stitches removal, we went to Banobagi’s Therapy/Nail Parlor outlet!


The before and after review is in chinese, there’s korean and english version too!


You can see my thigh bruises, the color changed to brown and yellowish tone which is about to heal completely. I’m not very troubled by the bruises… If you are, then you probably need to rock in long dress or jeans in Sunny Singapore!


Nikki’s getting her nails done first before we head out to a chapel nearby for pic-taking!


Banobagi’s Manicurist, thanks for the pretty and healthy looking nails!


Day 9 post surgery


Removed the inside stitches today and Dr. Lee came over to check on my condition!

I was so surprised to hear that the doctor here will check on their patient even after surgery, because the previous clinic I went to didn’t even bother to check on me after the surgery. The only time I get to see the doctor is during consultation and before surgery. That’s all! If you’ve done enough research you’ll see people complaining about doctor and nurse doesn’t seems to care or spend time to look out for their patients.

Which I find it absurd because foreigners travel all the way to Korea for surgery, and the doctor can’t even check to see if their patient is doing great? If there’s something wrong at least the patient can extend their trip and see what the doctor can do. Better than finding out something is wrong when they already went back to their country right? THEN they have to reschedule everything and fly back to Korea again.

It is good knowing that Banobagi places the safety and condition of their patients first!

I’m not the only only who get such treatment, Nikki’s doctor did check on her too and Docfinder also mentioned that Banobagi has the top notch service from surgery, safety, customer service and all. So they treat their patients as special as the treated us! Asked Dr.Lee to take a picture and he’s like so shy. LOL Super friendly and cute la!


Q&A Sessions:

All the questions here is asked by readers, read the other post yet? PART 1 & PART 2!

Can I know how long did u stay in korea for your surgery and how long did u recover from swelling and bruises to resume normal daily activities?

I stayed in Korea for 13 days. Swelling and bruises is vary based on the person, it took me 3 weeks for the fat graft swell to completely subside. Rhinoplasty swelling is about 2 weeks and thigh bruises took about 2 weeks. I resumed my normal daily activities the next day after my surgery, as it’s not a major surgery that require extra care except for cleaning wound with peroxide and applying oilment on the seam 10 times a day.

Light activity such as walking is fine but don’t overdo it, you need to rest in order to recover faster. Guidelines will be passed to you after the surgery, so don’t worry.

How much is the surgery?

My surgery cost 4.5 million krw for rhinoplasty and fat grafting is 3 million + 10%= 8.25 million and Nikki’s breast surgery is 11 million + 10%= 12 million

After rhinoplasty really cannot do pig nose? How about flu or digging nose? Rubbing of nose will spoil the surgery?

Lololol. Really cannot do pig nose, after rhinoplasty most people wouldn’t try to apply any force on nose even when it healed because the feeling is kinda weird? Cannot blow your nose too hard when it’s recovering and only people who did alar reduction can’t dig their nose because the nostril became smaller.

Does it hurt? How’s the pain level after the anesthesia effect is gone?

Nope, doesn’t hurt a single bit.

Do implants need to be checked or maintained after 3 years?

You need to get it check after 10 years to make sure the implant is in good condition.


Nikki’s day 10 post surgery


Nikki is traumatized by stitches removal as she’s afraid that it will be very painful. But Banobagi’s nurse is super fast and professional till Nikki doesn’t even realized that the removal is finished because she didn’t feel anything!


Professional nurse explaining to Claire on how to apply medicine and aftercare procedure. Love how helpful the nurse is, she’s very patience with answering and explaining each and every questions. Really appreciate it!

For more enquiries please email

If you’re planning to do something else you can check with DocFinderKorea how much will the surgery cost, how long do you need to stay in korea, recovery duration and so on. They will be able to answer your question better than me, because they have lots of experience working with all the good clinic. If he said that the clinic have bad reputation such as accidents like patient die during surgery or fail rate very high then you better don’t go for it okay! I’m super worried for people who rather risk it and go for the cheaper option please… I don’t want anything happen to you guys, the surgery may be painless but life is too precious, don’t play with it k! Choose a good clinic! Understand?

Wishing you all the best if you are intending to make a change in your life, may you become prettier and prettier!!!