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Things to do to take charge of your body, life and heart

Remind yourself that you’re a awesome
If you have a problem with confidence, there’s a chance that you’re just not giving yourself enough credit. Maybe you’re being a bit too hard on yourself, relax and try seeing all the great qualities that you possess. I sure you have it!

Enhance your look with aesthetic procedure
Don’t like how your features look like and want to enhance it to look better so that you can boost your confidence? Filler or botox will be great as it’s not permanent!

Exercise to stay healthy
Keep your heart healthy and your weight down with regular exercise. As it makes you smarter, happier, improves sleep, and makes you feel better about your body.

Don’t forget to express gratitude
This is really important in life, it will make you happier and make you a better person. Life will be better for everyone around you too!

Beauty sleep
Never ever slack on your sleeping time, beauty sleep is real and it’s also free! Your skin, and your whole body, goes into repair mode when you sleep. Sounds good? Also, being tired actually makes it harder to be happy. Lack of sleep is more likely to get sick. It can make you more likely to behave unethically!

Fashion Week

[New York Fashion Week F/W 2014] Trends for Women's Eyeglasses from Fashion Week 2014

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Bloggers Who Got Married

Above is an article by Holly Jean on Love and Sex column on married Singapore bloggers and their journey in love. Click on the link to read the full article, Holly Jean article is always very entertaining, good read!

I think MFP’s editor is putting me on a hard spot, asking me about my wedding plan. My wedding plan will never come true, all along I knew it. I want my wedding to be very simple, no traditional stuff please, spare me the traditional ceremony with the regular formalities. No wedding dinner banquet!!! A private ceremony on the beach with just him and me, is what I want. But I doubt that any in-law will be right in the mind to allow that… So yep… Lol!

Love all these pictures that I got from tumblr, lovely aint it?


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