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HD Makeup goes wrong!

HD Makeup is no longer the secret weapon of TV stars alone. High-definition isn’t just for TVs anymore. For a flawless finish, many are now turning to HD makeup, including foundations, powders, and eye and lip cosmetics.

HD makeup is almost as popular as mineral makeup as they contain light reflectors and other ingredients that make your skin look flawless. Which is perfect for taking pictures! But if you got it the wrong way?


Make-up artist fail: The powder used on Angelina’s face is for HD film not flash photography

Somebody please fire their makeup artist, how can they make such a mistake? lol

How to Apply it Right?

You should always brush or sponge on your foundation in a downward motion to avoid highlighting the fine hairs on your face. It’s also essential to blend down to the neck so you don’t end up with a telltale stripe along your jaw.

You might want to search them up on youtube! :D

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Beach Holiday




Location: Bali

This trip got to be one of the most memorable trip ever, as it was my first time trying out so many sea sports and one of my favourite is surfing which I’ve mentioned before in the past. There’s no greater feeling than surfing and being part of the ocean, you have to try it and know what I mean. I would go back there again if I could!

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