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June 2, 2016

Hello people! I’m back in Singapore from Taiwan for quite awhile and the weather there was so gloomy, it just kept raining but it still didn’t stop me from raiding all the night markets for foods. I ate so much that I got sore throat on the 3 days and I literally couldn’t taste anything, everything is just bland – what a horrifying experience. I cannot imagine how my life would be without my tastebud. Lols!

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January 22, 2016

Hello everyone! I am trying to get all the pictures that was taken by Yutakis during our 2015 Taiwan trip up on my blog, if you haven read it – here’s the post. We have worked together quite a number of times and if you realised majority of the fashion style happen to be sweet and girly, which somehow clients likes to associate me with. I don’t dislike it but I do hope that we will be able to venture on the other styles as I would like to experiment and constantly change my style if possible.  Continue Reading