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April 23, 2016

Has an eye opening experience in Hong Kong all thanks FANCL and Touch PR team for the invitation! I was so thrilled and excited when I found out that FANCL is finally coming back to Singapore as I used to be their paying customer till they got out of market which makes it harder for me to purchase them. And, the only time I can stock them up is when I visit Japan! Thus, I stopped using them after that. I come to like them because of their no-preservative concept and also it’s gentle to sensitive skin like mine.

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December 19, 2015

Think I’m getting a hang of applying american makeup these days, it does takes more time to prepare but I certainly do enjoy putting on makeup. I still do Korean/ Japanese makeup! But I wouldnt be giving up on either one of it, cause switching looks is way more fun! Praying that I will be getting better at doing what I love most in 2016.

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Beauty Videos

April Everyday Make Up

April 19, 2015


This request probably took the longest time ever, I hope that you’ll enjoy the video! The only thing that I change often is my lip color depending on my mood, but it’s usually the same thing which is using 2 colors to create my gradient lips.


Pastel hair extension done at ♥♥ Cleo, my hair stylist is Ryo +65 6338 5250

I was really disappointed with the overexposed lighting because of the sunlight, going to take Dahye recommendation on rely more on studio lighting into deep consideration instead of natural light. But I really love how beautiful the natural lighting is in my living room, sighed if only I know how to adjust the complicated setting on my DSLR… Sighed…


Anyway, I really love my lash extendsion that Lucieo Tokyo did for me, I requested for purple lashes at the end but this time round she added pastel purple for me and the combination look really pretty! You can see it from the video! ♥♥

If you love it and want to get the same lashes as me, just quote my name cause they have a record of my lashes information. Did I mentioned that there’s a 20% discount when you quote my name?

Call/msg/whatsapp 97808294 to book an appointment now!


Not sure if you can tell but when I was editing the video I realized that one side of my ptosis eyes is quite bad now, thinking of going back to Korea and fix it. Should have find a better clinic to cut it in the first place…

My nails is really pretty in the video too right? All thanks to Peony Tokyo!

Feel free to challenge Hirasawa-san and you’ll be impressed by how skillful she is, you can always count on the Japanese when it comes to hair, nails or lashes. I really got to say that I’ve never been so in love with my sponsor before. ♥♥ This is her number 8223 8706, check out their Facebook cause they are having a promotion now!

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 4.16.24 AM

Till next time, byebye!


Make-Up Item For This Look.

January 20, 2015

Hello, I recently just received a pair of new colour con sponsored by so I decided to try it on and take some pictures with it. By this way, this is not a advertorial and neither I’m paid to review their products. 


As I mentioned in the past before that I have dry eyes, so I asked Jester from Pinky Paradise to recommend me a few brand that is suitable for people that has dry eyes like me. And, I picked Vassen Rainbow Eyes Grayish Blue.

Diameter: 14.5mm | Life Span: 1 Year Disposal


All the contact lenses that I have are usually in 14.5mm as I prefer it to be natural looking, so this is the perfect size for me. As for the colour wise, it’s very beautiful and I love the greyish blue tone, sorta similar to my previous default lenses.


Most importantly is the comfort level, it’s still a little bit dry for me but dripping eyedrops will do the trick. I personally think that I’m the only facing this problem as all the reviews on their website is talking about how comfy this lens is.


If you’re interested to purchase the same lenses as me, visit →


Make-Up Item For This Look

Face: Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion N02 | YSL Loose Powder
Eyes: 6D Eyebrows & Eyelashes done by Yvonne | EH Drawing Show Brush Liner BR401 | 3CE Waterful Concealer #001 | YSL Couture Palette 2 Fauves | Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes No.3 | Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Eyeliner White

Cheek: Etude House Cushion Blusher Coral
Lips: Etude House Dear My Wish Lips-Talk OR201 & RD301

Nails done by Yvonne too, she’s the best. You can call/msg/whatsapp her at 90910168!


FruitVege Mask Machine

December 5, 2014



This machine here is selling like hotcakes and I am very sure that some of you find this machine because the video is being share on Facebook very often lately. It’s amazing how a machine is able to create facial mask! 100% natural and organic, you can see how it’s made with your own eyes. Ingredient will be chosen by yourself too!

I’d smother skincare product on my face, without thinking for a split second about what was actually IN them. As long as the packaging is nice or smells nice, why not right? But have you ever wonder how and what ingredients do they use to make the product? Unlike some companies that test their products on animals, FruitVege Mask Machine is absolutely cruelty free! NO ANIMAL TESTING and NO CHEMICAL!



Each unit comes with 2 bottles of collagen which worth S$50. (Each bottle contains 30 capsules and it cost S$25) 2 collagen is require to create one all natural facial mask. Do the math, 60 capsules = 30 all natural mask. I would say that it’s a good investment on a long run, you wouldn’t want any harmful chemical on your precious skin.

Collagen gives our skin strength and resilliency. It’s a protein that helps to retain moisture and elasticity in the skin, reduction in wrinkles, improved skin texture and firmness. Can you imagine adding fruits or vegetables with the collagen? Your skin will be absorbing all the goodness from a thick piece of all natural facial mask made by yourself!!!



The machine will come with a How-To Guide that teach you how to operate the mask machine, I would recommend you to watch the video guide that it provided to understand the machine more. Machine is really straightforward that comes with 5 function buttons, one touch to your beauty treat! Very easy and simple to operate!



There will be 2 facial mask tray, the one shown above is the masking tray and another one is used for cleaning/disinfect the fruit mask machine. Quite convenient, don’t have to wash and use again!


How-To Beauty Guide?

Hope that this tutorial will help you get to know how a FruitVege Mask Machine works, I remembered how I was so amazed by everything when I first used this machine! I literially woah at every single step.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 4.20.53 AM

“WAAA REALLY BECOME MASK!!!” What sorcery is that?!?!




When you first on the machine, you will see the cleaning button blinking. Which means the water is not enough, once you pour enough water. The button will stop blinking! Press it and the machine will start to clean/disinfect. For hygenie purpose, you’ll have to go through this step before and after you finish making a facial mask.




I get so excited at this step everytime still!!! Pour 80ml of water, press the fruit/vegetables button if you’re going to use fruits/vegetables and the machine will automatically stop blending the fruits once the amount is enough.

Note: If you’re not sure what fruits or vegetables you should use, take a look at their guidebook as there is a list of fruits and vegetables with their benefits in it. It will show you how many ml of water to pour in it. Apart from fruits and vegetables, ingredient such as milk, wine, honey or yogurt can be used too! All these basic ingredient can be found around the house to make your own all natural facial mask!


Just in cased you’re wondering what ingredient do I usually use, my favourite is milk cause it brighten skin up and make it look fairer. The brand that I’m using for the milk is Meiji! Another 2 more commonly used fruits is apple and orange cause my house have tons of it and nobody eats it cause it for praying purposes. Rather than letting it ripe and spoil, I can make a full use of it! Once I cleared all the fruits I have in the fridge, I’ll try out the other fruits and vegetables!!!


How Does The Mask Feels Like?


Feels like gel mask and it smells very nice!!! But you’re not supposed to eat it ok!!!!

You can also place it in the fridge if you prefer cold mask however this is not recommended for apple as it oxidize very fast, so use it as soon as possible. After pampering mask time session my skins feels very refreshing and moisturising!




Christmas is reaching and I think that it would be perfect to find this under the Christmas tree!!!! No slacking and start showing your skin some love by using natural skincare. Guys please use them too cause girls need to look at you too!

Email for orders and enquiries! FruitVege Mask Machine cost S$290 and for every unit it will come with 2 bottles of collagen that worth S$50, 1 year warranty and free door to door delivery within Singapore.

Instagram: @beautydiarysg | Facebook Page: