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February 17, 2016


Today, I’ll be reviewing 2 specially selected scalp treatments that are highly recommended by Svenson’s in-house trichologist, Joni. First treatment will be the “Micro-Nutrients Circulatory Therapy” which stimulates both the scalp and hair roots, promoting microcirculation which accelerates the removal of residual follicular debris. Additionally, it increases the essential nutrients and AMINO acids to the hair matrix to ensure healthier hair growth. To be honest I got no idea on the terms, neither do you right?

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January 15, 2016

As spoken with Svenson’s in-house trichologist Joni, during the consultation and diagnosis, she recommended ‘Vital Energy HairGro‘ an innovative hair treatment for anti-aging and to maximize healthy hair growth with its patented 448 kHz frequency that delivers the optimal proionic effect. This is scientifically proven to correct ion mobilization and achieve cell oxygenation. 

This treatment boosts cell energy, helps to improve circulation through detoxification and optimize cell repair. Result is healthier hair growth and a fuller hair.

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December 13, 2015

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I can barely remember when was the last time I went for a treatment to cleanse my scalp thoroughly, but I recalled I did a hair scalp diagnosis and it was a horrendous experience seeing my hair follicles up-close.

You know (most people may not know) shampooing your hair everyday does not mean that you have healthy and clean scalp. You can buy the most luxurious shampoo that promises you a gorgeous mane, but the dirt and dead skin on your scalp will still clog your hair follicles. You’ll definitely need professional help to get rid of them

This entry makes me feel guilty as I’ve neglected my hair ever since I bleached it. I hardly even shampoo it because I’ve still got no idea how to maintain my silver hair. I used to shampoo a lot when I first dyed it sliver and my hair turn brown really quickly. Therefore, I’m relying on dry shampoo and shampooing on alternate days now. Unless I had Korean BBQ on that day, I’ll have no choice but to shampoo it…

So where was I again? Ya, when MyFatPocket (MFP) told me that Svenson wants to invite me to try out their hair treatments, I rejected them initially. Firstly I am worried that a scalp center doesn’t know how to handle bleached hair. People with bleached hair should understand how particularly vulnerable our hair is to breakage! But after I was told that they have professional Trichologists who have experience in handling all types of hair, I felt more reassured.

Therefore, to all my unicorn/mermaid coloured-hair sisters and brothers, it’s time to show some love and care to our scalp!

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Forever Young Skincare

November 29, 2015


Hello guys, today I’ll be featuring this 2 products called White Active Radiance and Brightening Sleeping Mask from Forever Young which I’ve tried out during my 8 days stay in Taiwan. Forever Young Skincare is based in Thailand, you can add them on line to place your order or drop them an email. White Active Radiance smells really nice and my skin feels very smooth after application, apparently this will helps in anti-aging, whitening and minimize pores. I like how this skincare product is fast absorption and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy nor sticky.

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