Botox for Mummy at The Face Aesthetic

May 30, 2015

This is not a advertorial or sponsored post, I paid for my mom botox.
It’s almost her birthday and she have asked me a lot about botox, so I booked an appointment with my doctor and brought her there. I was quite worried that she will find it pain because unlike me, my mom has very very low tolerance.

Few years back she went on an impromptu trip to bkk with her friends and she spontaneously agreed to try fillers and botox that her friend suggested. LOLOLOL! After she came back from the trip, she was cursing about how painful it is. See lah, butt itchy anyhow go some random clinic, luckily it’s just painful experience and nothing severe happened.


Me looking relieved cause mom said it feels like ant bite, not painful at all!

During the consultation Dr.Zhang asked my mom about the troubles area that she wants rids off. Apparently my mom character is very similar to mine, lol. We trust our doctor and we usually let them decide it for us. Because you see huh, they have more experiences than us. So they sure know which area we need to get it done to make us look better what! Furthermore, I’ve been here a few times and I love how straightforward Dr.Zhang is, sometimes when I asked him “Eh, you think I need to do this and that or not.” If he think that it’s not necessary, he will say so. You know some doctor will suggest you to do this and that and the list just gets longer and you’ll end up with a hefty bill, IF you are the type of person who doesn’t know how to say no. Don’t laugh ok! I got stupid-stupid friends that will go ahead and pay even if they don’t want it, cause they don’t know how to reject it. So I’m glad that Dr.Zhang is not like this! *thumbs up*


My mom did forehead creases, frown lines, crow’s-feet and chin wrinkles!

I’ve always thought botox will take two to three months to see the result, but Dr.Zhang told me that it only takes 3 days to see the result. Unless you’re getting botox done on muscle areas like reduce your jaw muscle to make your face smaller, those type then you’ll need months to see the result. Not bad huh, I learn something new today!

If you wanna bring your mummy there or yourself want to get some fillers or botox done, check out their website for more information:


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