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June 11, 2014


Almost forgot to share about what I did at Astique on my recent trip, but I did Instagram it! If you followed me, you would have know that I did laser treatment too and my skin look much radiant than before. Love my rosy cheek too!


Nose fillers produce instant results. They can be moulded to suit each individual’s desired preference, but to get the natural looking result you need an awesome doctor like Dr. Matthew, he understand what I want and he will never fail to give me what I want.

This is the reason why I refused to change or take up other aesthetic clinic sponsorship, as I’m satisfied with the result that he produced for me this few years! ラブラブ

I truly love Astique and very grateful from the bottom of my heart. If this is not sponsored by MFP I’d gladly forked out money for their services.

Fillers is an art, if you look for some cheap ass clinic… Don’t blame the doctor for producing a crappy temporary nose job that look fake. Well harsh? Nah, it’s the FACT! うう


Filler injection for smile lines is really important to me. Do you know that smile lines can make a person look older, tired or unhappy…??? Getting rid of it will make you look younger instantly!


I’ve got no idea that you can actually jab fillers here till Dr. Matthew told me that my eye line is a little sunken, so what he can do is jab a little here to make me look more awake and  younger of course. That’s whole point of fillers right? lololol


 While waiting for Dr.Matthew, I’m always so happy and excited!!! 😀

音譜 I N F O R M A T I O N 音譜


Contact: +65 6732 3801

Quote ‘Miyake’ when you’re booking an appointment with Astique!

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