January 17, 2011

Wore this top sponsored by Mamatiam.com for XBOX 360 Kinect review few weeks ago?

Can’t wait for my post to be “live” on the website that I’ll be working with, oh i am so eggcited!
Unfortunately, I’ve sold all my consoles away except for Wii else i might purchase Kinect although it’s kinda stupid.

But oh well who cares right? I haven even tried out PS Move and i sold away my PS3 too.

The controller look awesome with the light, how many of you got yourself a PS Move. The controller looks cool right?

Anyway, back to topic i love checkered i know this had been the 92374263478243 times that i mention about this.
I couldn’t resist from getting checkered shirts what’s more this top look so sweet with the marine anchor button on it.

There’s black fluffy dangling string at the end of shirt don’t know what’s that but whatever it is, it’s so cute! lol

You can purchase this top from Mamatiam.com!

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