Love CLEO Hair and Make!

Visited Cleo for Mucota Moisturing Treatment again, I honestly need to buck up and patronize them often so that my hair will look healthy and gorgeous again. Did you notice something different about my hair?


¬†Still can’t tell what’s the difference?


I went for hair extension at Milly’s not long ago! Finally can have long hair! It’s the new type of extension, it’s those “taped” kind that I’ve been searching¬†high and low for it. It’s finally here in Singapore! So happy!!!!


This is how it look like from the back, it was way longer but I got Ryo to cut it for me. I let him decide on the length, how much he want to chop it off. I’ll be fine with it! I got trust in my hairstylist, cause he’s awesome. Not sure why my hair look so frizzy and dry in this picture, probably because of the picture quality. It doesn’t look so horrible in real life!

You can go Milly’s and check out the quality!


Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road #03-131 & #03-141
Singapore 228213
Tel: 67376723
Operating Hours : 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)


Just realized this is my forth picture using peace sign. Whatever, lol!


Samantha gave me a few products because I was complaining about my oily scalp and unmanageable hair that keeps breaking when I blow dry my hair. Super heartbreaking to see my hair break everyday you know!!!

So here’s the current hair products that I’m in love with, I swear that my hair feels so smooth and soft now! It’s really more manageable and also I feel that it doesn’t tangle as much like before. Left to right: Armino Bamboo Scalp Refining Shampoo, Mucota Emollient CMC Shampoo 01, Mucota K/35 Conditioner and Mucota Veil For Straight 10.

All these products smells so heavenly!

First, I’ll use bamboo scalp shampoo to wash my scalp only, rinse off then use mucota shampoo but only on my hair and not scalp. After that conditioner will be used on the lower part of my hair only, love how it smells like rose! Towel dry hair then use 1 pump of mucota veil for straight 10 before I blow dry my hair. This product really does magic!


Call 6338 5250 to book an appointments with Ryo!


6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central Mall #04-89a/92
Singapore 059817
Phone 6338 5250

Review: Contact Lens

Today I’ll be featuring a website called based in Hong Kong, they are one of the most trusted contact lens webstore that¬†is raved by many bloggers and youtubers. Eyecandys offer¬†a dazzling array of enlarging circle lenses, prescription and non-prescription colored contact lenses, and the trendiest cosmetics from fashion-forward hotspots like Tokyo, Korea and Hong Kong. 100% authenticity guarantee and sensational customer service, you can be sure you‚Äôre buying from the most trusted shop on the Internet. Not to forget that, they offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!!!!

They have various of brands for you to choose from etc. Geo,¬†Royal Vision, EOS, Dueba, FAIRY, SEED Co, Naturali, Acuvue Define, Bausch & Lomb, L-Con and last but not least Neo Vision which is my favorite brand! It is rated the world’s most comfortable brand of circle lenses, NEO lenses are thin, breathable and moist.


My default color lens is always Brown but unexpectedly Neo Glamour Blue¬†really caught my eyes, it’s my first time trying out this design and I love it so much. It looks more like grey than blue in real life, love how it makes my eyes look so dolly! I wear this design very often lately.




Brand: NEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 45%
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable

NEO Glamour series! Imho, the most comfy brand as compared to the rest that I’ve chosen, I have very dry eyes. So most brands is not suitable for me, criteria for my lens have to be very comfy due to my dry eyes.¬†This pair of lens doesn’t require me to keep pumping eyedrops to prevent dry and red eyes! So I’m quite satisfied with it, furthermore the color is really gorgeous and unique.


Chose this design “Geo Mari Gold” out of curiosity, wonder how my eyes will look like with gold sparkles. The sparkle is not very obvious and neither it will look too much, a very unique design I would say.



Brand: GEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 42%
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6

Duration: 1 year disposable

These contact lens tend to be too dry for me but Geo Mari Gold Brown is one-of-a-kind design features little flecks of metallic color for the ultimate fashion statement. If you don’t have extreme dry eyes problem like me,¬†you can give this a try if you got no problem with GEO.


This series was recommended by Yutaki! He got very sense of taste! If you like color lens to be more obvious yet you prefer natural color like brown, I think that this pair will be suitable for you!!!


02 1

Brand: Royal Vision Origin: South Korea Water content: 38% Diameter: 14.5mm Base Curve: 8.6 Duration: 1 year disposable

The color is very vibrant and it does enlarge your eyes without making it looking too unnatural. Comfy level is surprisingly quite comfortable. This will be ranked second for comfy lens, 1st one is non other than Neo lenses.


Another pair from Royal Vision Series!!! It’s in pink, how cute is that?




Brand: Royal Vision
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38%
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable

The color is so cute and vibrant, love how it makes my eyes look so dolly!


I can’t wear Geo lenses but I really can’t resist this pair, did you see how gorgeous the color is? How to resist from wearing it? Love how it makes my eyes look so seductive.



Brand: GEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38% – 42%
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.4 – 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable

Still can’t get over how gorgeous the color is, this is definitely a MUST HAVE!


I’m very bias when it comes to Neo lenses, cause I honestly think that they create the best lenses. I’ve always prefer my contact lenses to have¬†dark limbal rings but special privilege ¬†for Neo lenses cause the color is absolutely gorgeous and unique! lol


04 5

Brand: NEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 45%
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable

Just like the name “Lucky Clover” the shape does resemble clover right? Probably the most gorgeous green lens I have ever wore in my life.¬†Love the color concept, I’ll probably try out the other color for this series!!!


Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 4.16.04 AM

Love any of the contact lenses that I featured in this post? Get it at →

PART 2 – Banobagi Consultation and Surgery!

I still can’t believe that I went to Banobagi for surgery procedure, as they are one of top level clinic in Korea. You know up till now, I’m still so happy, thankful and grateful for everything DocFinderKorea and Banobagi have done for me. Everyday when I look in the mirror, I kept telling myself how lucky I am! Thank you sooooooo much DR. Lee!

My surgery is a huge success, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It wasn’t a drastic change to most people, but this is EXACTLY what I have in mind and what I wanted. You might be skeptical about Banobagi as¬†their clinic is not well known to foreigners yet, but the reason that I chose them instead of others clinic like JW, BK, Vip or Item was because of Banobagi good reputation and their positive reviews from their patients.

(DocFinderKorea used to have a partnership with a few of them but they don’t recommend these clinic anymore as there are¬†some surgery incidents and lots of complaints from the patient recently)

If you’re planning to get something done, don’t worry about it too¬†much. The process is very fast, like what I always told my friends. It feels like going to sleep and the next moment when you woke up, everything is done and you’ll become chioer and chioer day by day!¬†Anyway,¬†I’m getting this question a lot “It looks painful, does it hurt?”

Answer: NO

I don’t feel any pain at all, in fact none of my friend who went thru nose surgery complain ¬†that it hurts, even when¬†there is¬†some bruises and swelling. Whether it’s during the surgery or recovering process it still doesn’t hurt a bit. So when people told me “worth the pain!” I’m like “what pain?” If you’re going to do it‚Ķ maybe the only thing pain, is pocket burn one hole that pain only, lololol.

Decided to post the before and after earlier for people who are deciding to go Korea ASAP, here my before and after picture. Hope it motivate you a little, lol! Fats grafting really SUPER AWESOME, who would have thought that adding fats here and there will make you look younger?


Added arrows, just in cased people still say “CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE!”

My face line became so smooth, chin is sharper, nose bridge is also more define and sunken area all gone. Anyway, you have to get 2nd fat graft within 6 months. As some of the fats will be absorb while some remains. Banobagi offers 2 times fat graft, they will secure your 1st time fats within 6 months and when you go back for the procedure. They wouldn’t charge you for it!

(After picture is taken 4 weeks after rhinoplasty and fats grafting!)

I insist to believe that the reason why I recovered so fast was because of DR. Hyeon-Taek Lee superb surgery skill, else why my bruises is so minimal? Day 7 post op only:

Day 7 post op without makeup and I look super underage can! See those cute baby fats cheek and my nose bridge!

I am someone who get bruises very easily, so other than this conclusion. I really don’t know what else to say‚Ķ. DR.Lee you’re the best! Daebak!!!!

Day 8 post op without makeup, everything is perfect to me…. Chin, nose and baby fats cheek!

Sneak preview of Nikki’s Water Drop Surgery

Post OP day 25, her boobs is softer but it still look very firm now. It will takes quite awhile for the breast to be softer and natural. All surgery takes a long time to heal, so don’t judge it now!


Post OP day 34,¬†she’s wearing nipple tape for all these pictures as Nikki can only wear bra ¬† 2 months after the surgery.



Day 1: 

Nikki and I¬†was told that DocfinderKorea staff’s Shin Park will be waiting for us at Incheon Airport!¬†Docfinderkorea offers all kinds of help for free, including medical advice, hospital & doctor information, hospital & hotel reservation, translation, pick-up & transfer, a free shopping tour, bargain with hospital and solving any problems that may happen throughout the medical trip. Docfinderkorea also accompany patients throughout the whole medical procedure from consultation, surgery to after care. Don’t need to worry about anything. As soon as we arrived, the first thing I did was to rent a wifi egg. So that I’ll be able to use my phone and internet wherever in Korea.¬†I paid a deposit of 200,000 won!


Shin Park drove us to Banobagi¬†to leave our luggage there first as the clinic apartment is occupied at the point of time. However, we are able to take a shower at apartment before we head out for lunch with Banobagi staff’s Claire and Shin Park. They brought us to this restaurant that served traditional korean food, which is new experience for¬†us!


We head back to Banobagi soon after the lunch, as we need to go for our consultation! I am so excited because I’ve been waiting since forever!! FINALLY!!! As for Nikki, she was quite nervous and excited at the same time, lol!

The moment we stepped in Banobagi, I was very shocked as the lobby is very crowded! There was so many people yet the staff can be so attentive and friendly to greet everyone there! I was really puzzled if the place is always this crowded, so I asked Claire and she that this is normal. Usually it will be much crowded! WHAT?



And I also realized that majority of the patient is korean, 90% of them is Korean! According to Claire, their customer is mostly local as they are the few clinic in Korean that does this fillers called “artecoll” which are able to last up to 10 years. For women who don’t wish to go under knife to look pretty, this is like the best solution for them.

If you notice, there’s isn’t any one with bandage walking around in the clinic. It’s because most of the plastic surgery doesn’t require patient to stay in the clinic, as you can move around freely after that. Except for major surgery like breast implants or popular surgery like Facial Contouring¬†which require 1 day of rest only. lol




 Waiting for my turn to consult with my doctor Hyeon-Taek Lee, so excited!


The place is clean and well-organized. The staff here is super friendly and helpful, love how they greet and serve all their patient with a smile, This is how a clinic should be! Very professional!



Doctor Lee pointing out all the areas that he will be adding fats to: Temples, chin, smile lines, cheek. Adding fats to sunken area will make you look younger!

If you have fillers in your nose, please inform the doctor beforehand as the fillers need to be remove before your surgeon proceed with the surgery. I will be removing my fillers with a simple injection after my consultation!


Probably the last no photoshop picture of myself, look at my zygoma!¬†¬†‚ÜĎ

Dr.Lee¬†asked me what shape would I like for my nose and I told him that “I want my nose bridge to be slightly higher and my nose tip is a little droopy so I want it to be a little higher.” After that he told me that he will try his best to give me what I wanted. Then he proceed to explain the procedure to me, he will be using my ear cartilage for a natural look. Nose tip and bridge will be higher by 3mm! Sounds good!

So excited for the surgery day on 2/08/2014! Which is on day 2. DocFinderKorea recommended us to do our surgery on day 2 instead of day 1, so that we wouldn’t be so tired and therefore¬†we will be able to recover faster and better.



After my consultation, it’s Nikki’s turn to consult on her breast surgery!



I mentioned on the previous post, DR. Jae-Sang Ban will be the surgeon who is going to do the procedure on her. He recommended Nikki to go for “Water Drop Shaped Breast Prostheses” as unlike the conventional round shaped prostheses, water drop shape is more natural!




As usual beautiful Claire is very focused on her job,¬†she’s there to translate everything to let Nikki know what the doctor suggested, and also in cased she want to ask anything.


Take a look at the water drop shaped prostheses and let me show you the comparison:

Doesn’t the water drop prostheses look more natural?






DR. Jae-Sang Ban is very friendly and patience, he took his time to listened on Nikki’s concerns and questions and answered each question. She consulted the doctor and told him that she wanted to go for D cup, as it’s the perfect size that she desired. And DR. Jae-Sang Ban proceed to¬†check and see if it’s advisable for her to go for the size.

Because if your skin is too thin, the protheses might be visible through the skin.

Procedure will takes about 3 hours, but DR. Jae-Sang Ban will give his best to make the duration shorter so that the risk of infection will be lower although the chance is only 0.1%. Incision will be done under breast line!



Here’s Nikki getting her blood type tested before her surgery tomorrow!


Apply numb cream need to be so generous or not? LOL Singapore one always super stingy, one thin layer only. Banobagi apply it as if it’s free, I want to believe that it’s a special privilege for me but NOPE! I see all the ahjumma there with super gao numb cream on their face please!


The nurse applied numb cream on my nose before DR.Lee jab my nose!

Unfortunately, I am allergy to the chemical that was used to subside the fillers in the nose. And my eyes swelled after that due to allergy reaction, guess I found another new allergy again. Due to the swelling, my surgery was postpone to 4/08/2014.


After the consultation, Claire brought us to Banobagi’s Nail Salon as we need to remove our manicure and pedicure for the surgery. If you don’t have time to remove them in Singapore, you can drop by their clinic’s salon to do it. You can also go for some pampering nail session after the surgery also, damn awesome one!!!!


Day 2:

I am so excited for Nikki because she will be getting her boobs done today and she looked so nervous¬†as¬†it’s considered as a major surgery which required her to stay in the clinic for a day. Told her not to worry so much, because I’ll take care of her after the surgery.¬†YES I AM NANNY MIYAKE OK!

IMG_9735 IMG_9734

As expected, today is super crowded too!


Let me share with you my favorite corner in Banobagi clinic! lol. This whole shelf is filled with before and after reviews from their patients, who doesn’t¬†love before and after pictures!



Breast surgery review! Sorry can’t translate for you guys because I can’t read korean!


*Ahem* Look at that! They look so natural and soft!!!!



I told you! Everyday is very crowded! Banobagi is really well loved by the koreans!


Before the surgery, Nikki have to take picture for hospital record. Next, we head over to another room for contract signing. Gonna fill in some personal info etc. Blood type and so on.


Nikki having the last consultation with DR. Jae-Sang Ban, this time is more to explaining the risk, precaution and procedures for the surgery. After surgery, your nipple will be very sensitive and you might not be able to feel any sensation for your breast. But all this is temporary only! Not a permanent thing. So don’t worry!


I’ll leave all the complicated terms to the doctor, you can consult them online HERE.

Let them know your concern¬†and leave them any questions you would like to know, they will try to answer your questions as soon as possible. Banobagi’s Doctor have a long years of experience so it would be best if you consult them and ask them for opinion rather than asking me, lol. As they will know what’s the best and suitable for your face!



Soon after the consultation, Nikki was guided to the surgery room!


The surgery is supposed to be 3 hours but it ended in roughly about 1 hour 30 mins, DR. Jae-Sang Ban¬†said that her condition was very good and the shape of her breast is really very nice. Claire told me that the volume and shape is perfect for her, but we couldn’t visit her till she’s able to stand up and walk to the recovery room herself.

So I cab to ROYCE Apgujeong Shop while waiting for their notice, cause this girl here never try before this chocolate! Told her that it taste like heaven, initially we wanted to buy from airport and eat during our flight, but we got no time to buy it. After we came back, Claire told us that it was okay to visit her and this is how she look like after the surgery, with painkiller drips. She can only leave the recovery room the next day morning. Nikki said that she felt very cold and pain when she woke up from the surgery.


There’s bandage but we can see the volume of her breast! Can’t wait to see how it looks like 3 days later, as she will be removing her stitches on 5th of August 2014!



Thanks for the gift Banobagi! 2 boxes of pumpkin juice specially for us!


Pumpkin juice will help you to recover and de-swell faster, it’s like a must to buy after your plastic surgery procedure. I drank 2 boxes myself, cause Nikki bought another type of de-swell supplements which I will introduce you guys in the next post.


My friends said, I really recover very fast! It’s all thanks to this! <3


 Banobagi Apartment

A mini tour of Banobagi’s apartment which is beside of the clinic, for patient who did major surgery at Banobagi. You’ll be allowed to stay at their apartment for 30usd/day, so that you don’t have to travel back and forth from hotel. How thoughtful right???


¬†The apartment is very clean and neat, they provide shampoo, conditioner, body cleanser and facial wash in the toilet. They even have a washing machine and dryer in the toilet! You can purchase instant pumpkin porridge from the nearby convenient mart and microwave it at the apartment, ya they even got microwave there! Damn awesome!¬†Anyway, pumpkin porridge¬†will help you to recover faster but it’s very very sweet thou. lol. I had it like twice and I gave up and focused on my pumpkin juice instead.


Got Wifi, TV and desktop in the apartment room!


Pink luggage,¬†pink bag and teddy bear belongs to Nikki, I took this picture while she’s in the surgery room. *defensive* just in case you thought, why I so girly and kiasu to bring 2 big luggage. LOL That’s about it I guess!

Read my part 1 post HERE!

Please contact DocfinderKorea for more enquiries at

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