I’ll be going to flea market on 31st of October!

Done packing for flea market, all these item will be selling from $5~$10. But most of it is 1 for $5 and 3 for $10! Quite a number of clothes is brand new, so come early okay! Looking forward to see you all.


1 big luggage also not enough to keep all this. Anyway, Choco not included. lol




↑ Accessories price from $2~5, nothing is more than $5!


↑ Clutch selling at $8

Location: Lucky Plaza Level 6 (opposite of Jollibee)
Date: 31st of October
Time: 1pm-7pm

If you want to sell your stuffs, get a booth here: http://forfleasake.com/flea-market-details/145/

Essential Deep Cleansing Care


I’m sure everyone is familiar with Essential – a popular hair care brand in Japan. You probably read a number of positive reviews written by bloggers. Even me personally is a paying supporter of their Sleeping Hair Mask! But what I’m about to share is their newly launched “Essential Deep Cleansing Care for oily scalp & dry ends”!!!


Essential haircare range has relaunched with new, improved formula and technology. Which means now, Essential is available in 4 variants to suit all hair needs and types:
- Nourishing Breakage Defense (orange) – for weak & damaged hair
- Moisturizing Frizz Free (pink) – for dull & rough hair
- Light Finish Volumizing (yellow) – for flat & limp hair
- Deep Cleansing Care (blue) – for oily scalp & dry ends (new)


Getting a shampoo that best suit my hair is not the easiest task, as I got oily scalp and extremely dry ends. Using a light clarifying shampoo for my oily scalp cause my ends to be even drier. Nevertheless, if I use a moisturizing shampoo my scalp will be oily after half day. #firstworldproblem

The conclusion is I can get 1 problem solved only! Which I stick to a light shampoo & conditioner and apply generous amount of leave on treatment after that, do I have a choice? No I don’t, but that’s in the past. Now???

Let’s shout for joy and rejoice!!! *pop confetti* Essential improved formula and technology is the solution to our combination hair problem!!! Oily roots and dry ends? Daijoubu!

Note: Out of these 4 variants, the yellow and blue variants have technology that caters to people with combination hair – oily scalp/roots yet dry ends.

IMG_0371 copy

I’m using Deep Cleansing Care, Nourishing Breakage Defense Hair Mask and Hair Treatment. To prove that that their new combination hair care is as good as what it claimed to be. I decided to try them for 10 days, before I reviewed it!



My hair gets greasy before the end of the day, but after using Deep Cleansing Care which contains Microfine All Smooth Essence it actually help to counter my combination hair, leaves a long lasting fresh and clean scalp. Best part is my hair feels surprisingly smooth during blow-dry and it doesn’t tangle! Lastly, it has a refreshing scent which I like and I think it will appeal to many people.


On some days, after shampooing I’d use Essential new improved hair treatment that works its magic on hair in 30 seconds! The result is deeply moisturized and manageable hair. Perfect for busy days. I used to be very lazy when it comes to hair treatment time at home because of the waiting time. Now? 30 seconds can gao dim (take care of it)!

IMG_0394 copy

On other days when I wish to give my hair a intensive treatment to treat those dry/damaged ends, I’d choose Nourishing Breakage Defense hair mask that is made with honey & shea butter for softer, smoother and more manageable hair.

Hair treatment and mask is differ accordingly to one’s hair type, therefore please refer to the following chart on How to Choose the Correct Treatment and Hair Mask for your Hair Type:

5. New Essential Variant Introduction

6. Essential ShampooConditioner How to Choose Matrix

People with very dry/damaged hair should use the richest formula Nourishing Breakage Defense (orange) variant for treatment and mask while the rest can use the Moisturizing Frizz Free (pink) variant which is comparatively lighter.


DO NOT apply treatment/mask on your scalp. Apply to hair ends only.


Get your free samples for Light Finish Voluminizing at http://on.fb.me/1pkXmPr
Also, like Essential on Facebook (www.fb.com/Essential.SG) and follow Essential on Instagram @essentialsingapore

LUSH Aesthetics – Laser Facial

Quite sometimes back, I Instagram about me visiting LUSH Aesthetics for their laser treatment. This treatment targets various skin conditions and imperfections such as acne: open pores, pigmentation, brown spots, dull skin, aged skin, fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also commonly used for pores, pimples and pigmentation. The core benefits of this treatment would be an immediate whitening and exuding radiance from the skin with absolutely no downtime. You can apply makeup right after the treatment and resume daily activities immediately, as your skin wouldn’t be red or swollen from the laser.

This laser facial is painless and safe for everyday use!

After filling up my personal details form, my therapist led me to their treatment room, the room was small, cosy and simple.


 A simple room with a bed and LUSH’s skincare products.


I have to be honest that you can’t see much improvement from my skin because my skin not that bad from the start. You can take a look at their website’s before and after picture for serious problem, the changes is very obvious with just 1 session. I was so impressed! For me, there’s only a few problem I faced which is acne popping out every month due to hormones change, dry skin and also lines under my eyes area.

*cough* I’m aiming for the immediate whitening and exuding radiance from the skin benefits from this treatment actually.


First step will be cleansing, to make sure there is no residue left behind!


Followed up by exfoliation to perfectly clear away all the dead skin.


Applying treatment gel all over face, to protect the outer layers of the skin.


The therapists doesn’t allowed me to take a picture of the machine, so there wouldn’t be any images of the machine used on my skin. The laser facial takes around 30-40minutes and I was so impressed to see a slight difference in just one session, my face is tighter, firmer and brighter. Unfortunately, the light is too dimmed so I couldn’t capture a picture. I also noticed that it reduce my acne redness!!!

So shocked to find out that this treatment is only $25 for a session! I even asked the person in charge to make sure that I didn’t see the price wrongly, lol. As seen on LUSH Aesthetics’s Facebook Promotion, this treatment is available at $25 for a session and 3 sessions is $60 only! This offer allows you to fully take advantage of the trial promotion! Simply register online and their staff will get back to you via email. Link → http://lushaesthetics.com.sg/facebook-laser-facial.html

Post-trial price is really affordable given that this laser facial has instant and amazing results in just one single session. The original price for this treatment is actually $388, means you’ll save $363!!! OH-MY-GOD!!!

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