LUCIEO TOKYO – Japan Eyelash Extension Salon

I’ve always wanted to try out eyelash extension in Japan because of their top notch skill and quality for their product. Glad that I had a chance to try it out in Singapore, you’re right! We do have a eyelash extension salon in our own country, I was so thrilled when they emailed me asking if I would like to try out their eyelashes extension.

IMG_9527 copy

キラキラ Picture taken after my top eyelash extension by Meiko-san, she’s the director and chief therapist! キラキラ


キラキラ I wanted to try something different from my usual style so I chose a “Sexy” design! キラキラ

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 4.20.53 AM

They even have a awesome menu of what design, volume, color, curl & thickness they have!
Everything can be customize accordingly to your preference. すごいね!


Introduction of Lucieo Tokyo:

Lucieo Tokyo, a well-known beauty salon from Omote-sando which is Tokyo’s foremost fashion street and now they are opened in Singapore! Their first store is opened on July at Robertson Walk.


The quality of Lucieo Tokyo eyelash extension feels like soft fluttery feather tips! You can comb the eyelash extension to make it neater too! OMG right? I think that it’s specially designed to be like that! If you go to any salon in Singapore, they will not recommend you to comb the lashes, because instead of making it look neater… Your lashes will fall off!

Who would have know that I’ll get to try out Japan eyelash extension in our very own country? I woke up early for my appointment as I don’t wish to miss it. YOU DON’T KNOW HOW EGGCITED I AM!!!!! LOL


Instantly fell in love with the clean and pastel yellow design, I’d love to have a shop like this. Maybe I’m just being bias, cause everything about Japan is awesome! They are so polite and nice, every single cents I spent in Japan make me feel “worth it”. You know what I mean right???? I sound like someone who is trying to brainwash my readers.


I love the idea of using curtains as partition, so that customer can have their own privacy area while doing their lashes.



Cosy waiting area which I sat there to fill up a form so that my therapist Meiko-san will get to know more about me.


キラキラ Don’t worry, the form is in english. Meiko-san knows a little bit of english too! キラキラ



I always get comments like “you look tired, please rest more” without eyelash extension. Furthermore, sticking lashes or applying mascara is a tiring daily ritual. That’s why I choose to go for extension! Who doesn’t want to look pretty, youthful, attractive and refreshed every morning? Going out without make? Np, confident level still very high! lol

Your eyes are the focal point of your face, don’t neglect it!


キラキラ Look at those lashes it’s so nice and pretty! Good bye my dull and tired looking eyes! You wouldn’t be missed! キラキラ


I tried out their lower eyelash extension too, been 4 days and no single strand drop yet. Usually lower lashes will only last up to 1 week for mine. So I’m pretty impressed! If you want to do the exact same design as mine, just ask Meiko-san!


Lucieo Tokyo Location

11 Unity Street #01-32, Robertson Walk, Singapore 237995


After you reach Robertson Walk, search for the taxi stand and you’ll see the shop!


Exclusive discount for my readers, quote my name while you’re booking an appointment with them and you’ll get 20% off. Thank you for reading my review! Call/msg/whatsapp 97808294 to book an appointment now!

キラキラ Website: キラキラ

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