Dinner at Miam Miam with Eunicey

Went on a little date with my babe Eunice to shop for CNY clothes, she was the one who asked me out but I turned out to be the one who bought the most… lol I don’t remember her buying any clothes at all, somebody is being super picky!

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Before the shopping session began, we obviously need to kickstart by eating first and it has been so long since we are at Bugis. So we didn’t know what’s there to eat here, while walking around we saw this cafe called “Miam Miam” with nice interior so… why not? Somemore this just married women is treating, lucky me! lololol.

To Eunice: Bring you go my favourite yakiniku restaurant next time! :D

Miam – A French Cafe with a Japanese Twist!

Review online was quite negative on their pasta but we still ordered and try it for ourself.

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We got 2 different dishes so that we can share, lol. First is their all time favourite Miam Miam Capellini. Sautéed with frankfurters, tomatoes, baby spinach and protein bacon. Tossed with french butter, their secret broth and shoyu. Which we think that it’s a little bit too salty for our liking but at least it is still better than their Homard Bisque. A savory and rich soup base, slow cooked to perfection, topped with parmesan cheese and a giant tiger prawn. Which has a very strong seafood taste to it, maybe the giant tiger prawn wasn’t fresh that day. So it certainly did not impressed us so we wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

Overall their pastas was really nothing special.

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Valrhona Chocolate Souffle. BEST! I believe nothing can go wrong with chocolate, love the decadent melted chocolate on top of the soufflé, every mouth just taste so heavenly! I would go back for their dessert again for sure!

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Miam Miam (Bugis Junction)
Address: #02-14, Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street

Mon – Fri: 11:30 – 22:00
Sat – Sun: 10:30 – 22:00

+65 68370301


Etude House My V’day Look


Since my boyfie prefer me with no make-up or minimal make-up, so I’m keeping my Valentine Day make-up as natural as possible! Love this quick and easy look that require very little products. Instead of my usual dewy glow look, I’m going for the flawless matte base. Lips colour I’ll pick one natural shade only, below is the product that I used:


  1. Stay Up Foundation Rosy
  2. Play 101 Pencil 50
  3. Drawing Show Brush Liner BR401
  4. Play 101 Pencil 50
  5. Lovely Cookie Blusher #06 Grapefruit Jelly
  6. Look at My Eyes Jewel BR406
  7. Brush120 Foundation
  8. Wish Lip Talk BE101 or PK001

Both of the lip shade is very gorgeous and it’s really hard to choose, but I still picked BR101 as it’s more natural. I love playing around with all the shades, using 2 shades to create gradient lips is one of my favourite way to do it.


Lip colour above is Wish Lip Talk BE101


I really love Wish Lip Talk ALOT and I collected 5 shades up till now, lol!

Just by changing a lip colour can make the look feels different, sweet, natural, sexy and mature. My 2nd look with Wish Lip Talk BE101 and PK001 look like this ↓


Very pink and sweet, fits the Valentine Day vibes right?

Happy Valentine Day everyone!

Japan and Coupon= Japapon

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Japapon is a coined word of Japan + Coupon, this website has many Japanese merchandise and service coupons such as Gourmet, Hair Salon, Beauty Salon, Travel, Leisure and many more. You can find 50% discount and premium coupon which is available at Japapon ONLY! Some coupon is crazily cheap like 75% discount, WTH?!?!



【50%OFF】Wagyu (Japanese) BBQ Buffet 2 Hours $49.90 (Usual price S$100) ↓

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Kagoshima Wagyu Beef & Spanish Pork Shabu Shabu Buffet $90⇒【50%OFF】$45 ↓

Buy coupon → https://japapon.sg/deal/all/501


【75%OFF】”IKEDA SPA White Ion Onsen Bath $20 (Usual PriceS$80) ↓

This got to be kidding me, I love Ikeda Spa’s White Ion Onsen Bath so much because every time I step out of the onsen. My whole body feels so smooth, I went there with my friends and it’s tested and proven that I’m not exaggerating okay!

$20 only. Don’t believe you go try it out yourself!

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【50%OFF】Lucieo Tokyo, The most fashionable eyelash salon from Japan is offering 50%OFF for 80 eyelashes! $40 <Robertson Walk> (Usual price S$80) ↓

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【28%OFF】S$699 JTB Special Departure (06-11Jul)! SQ Return Airtickets to Fukuoka, Kyushu + 5D JR Northern Kyushu Pass (Usual Price S$976) *ADULT RATE* ↓

Buy coupon → https://japapon.sg/deal/all/521

There is too many good deals to be missed, go check out their website yourself and enjoy finding a super awesome cheap deal at Japapon! I can foresee myself buying lots of coupon from the gourmet section.

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Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Japapon.sg
Website: https://japapon.sg

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