TOMO Izakaya (Clarke Quay)

Was craving for Hai Di Lao 海底捞火锅, unfortunately the waiting time was too long so we decided to walk around and find a decent restaurant for dinner. Passed-by this Japanese restaurant called TOMO Izakaya and we had a go because of their beautiful interior design and ambience. Reminded me of a restaurant that I dine in Japan last year, I wondered when can I go back to that beautiful country again. 日本に戻りたい!


I regretted for ordering Hiyashi Ramen, which is cold ramen. Because it tasted horrible! As for Eugene, he ordered U.S. Gyu Steak with garlic sauce and it taste really good! Got 2 side dishes: Salmon sashimi and Agedashi tofu.

Don’t have any food picture because the glutton can’t wait to chomp up everything.


By the way, I changed a new camera “Olympus E-PL 7″ and so far I LOVE it! No brightness edit or filter for this two pictures, some of you might not like it because it seems kinda orangey and yellow. But during day time, the colour is really nice! I’m not paid to say all these, just sharing it in cased you’re looking for a new camera.

TOMO Izakaya | Address: #01-04, Clarke Quay, 3A River Valley Road

Give your loved ones the gift of a healthy smile this Christmas!

I love Christmas and it’s about that time of the year again!

Which means I need to stress about what gift to buy for my love ones, talking about finding the right gift. Despite the best efforts of my family, bf and friends, some gifts just aren’t a good fit. I often find myself ended up with Christmas gifts that I can’t use or don’t like, which I believed many of us encountered this at least once in our life.


Don’t you wish to get something useful so that their effort would not be in vain? Let’s say… How about a toothbrush?!?!?! Not an ordinary toothbrush but a Oral-B power brush!!! Who don’t use toothbrush everyday? I hope that nobody would actually comment “I don’t use it!” If you really leave me this comment, the more reason YOU SHOULD get this as an gift for yourself. Lol! I don’t think that my readers is so disgusting right?



Oral B Power Toothbrush: Professional Care 3000

  • 3D cleaning (pulsates,oscillates and rotates) removing 100%  more plaque than ordinary manual toothbrush.
  • Rechargeable with 3 cleaning modes: Daily Clean, Sensitive, Whitening
  • Visible pressure sensor lights up if you pressed too hard, timer indicates dentist-recommended brushing time of 2 minutes


Oral B Professional Care 3000 comes with 3 brushes in the packaging!


Left to Right: Oral B 3D White Brush Head: Special polishing cup whitens teeth by removing surface stains, Sensitive Brush Head: Extra Soft Bristles which is perfect for my veneer as it’s gentle enough! Precision Clean Brush Head: For a deep and through clean.

This 3 brush head itself is sufficient to target all your problem!


This case is included too, can keep your brush head inside instead of letting them scatter all over the place. Everything is waterproof, so rest assured that it’s safe to place it in the bathroom!


How convenient is that? Love it when the bathroom is neat and tidy!


Oral B is giving away S$10 coupon* because it’s Christmas!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 2.05.46 am

Limited redemption! You can get the coupon from →​

Christmas Day Special Discount

Instead of the usual price S$199 they are selling it at an exclusive price of 50% off this December only with free shipping now on Qoo10!


1 button 3 brushing modes, got 2 year warranty somemore! :O



Just like the title says, give your loved ones the gift of a healthy smile this Christmas!

Link to buy a awesome gift for your love one →​ ←

McDonald’s One Piece Event


The best thing about working for something you love so much, is that… You wouldn’t feel like you are working! As a big fan of One Piece, I am really very honour to be part of Mcdonald and One Piece collaboration, thanks for such an awesome memories on my birthday month. Lucky girl on earth is here! *waves*

Just got an update that the figurines are sold out in most outlet as well as thousand sunny, I really hope that you guys managed to collect everything!!!! By the way, I took an advice from a reader that I should get back to reading manga because Sabo got Mera Mera no mi! Seeing “fire fist” make me missed Ace, is there any chance that he is still alive? Anyhow, I spent the whole day catching up One Piece manga and damn the fighting scene is really as good as what my reader mention. Now I can’t wait to watch them! *sparkling eyes*


Played One Piece game during the event and it reminded me of how I used to game like whole day without sleeping at living room. I am not gaming anymore because I no longer have the time to… Everyday it’s just work and spend time with my love ones. (Not a hardcore gamer, I just play games that I love that’s all!) Well, I’ll probably start playing games again when I quit blogging someday? Got to start thinking for my future… Argh, I really hate growing up sometimes :(


Cutest character got to be non other than Chopper! Right? Right?


Boyfriend called me a nerd for doing sticker tattoo, lol. Who cares about that?


Alright got to go and finish some of my work, till next time k?

p/s: I am intending to sell away my nami outfit, wigs and boots. Wore once for Mcdonald event, I got 2 nami short hair wig (1 brand new not trim yet, 1 wore once and I trimmed it), boots wore once also.

If you’re interested email me at

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