World Largest Etude House Flagship Store!



Like what the title stated, world largest ETUDE HOUSE Flagship Store is in our very own Singapore! I bet most of you knew about it as I have shared it on Instagram previously on their limited edition Disney Princess conveyed collection and many girls was totally sold! Everything is perfect for this enchanting magical collection.

Back to topic, I was invited to their media launch and the moment I step into ETUDE HOUSE, I was dazzled by how detailed the interior designs were, how much time and effort does it take to create such an exquisite and lovely castle for all the ETUDE HOUSE Princesses? If you haven’t got the chance to visit their very own fantasy castle, you’re really missing out!

They have different make-up experiencing zones, such as the base makeup corner, cushion table, lip fountain, play brow, skincare corner, makeup studio, photo booth, capsule machine and our iconic life-size pumpkin carriage!


Pony was invited as a special guest to do a live make-up demo!

She is so pretty and petite in real life, very very adorable. Didn’t take a picture with her because I was too shy to do so! No edit on her picture and that’s how perfect she looked!


↑ Notes that you can find around the store that comes with different beauty tips!




So many pretty pastel nail polishes for you to choose from, you’ll get lost in making choices!


Colour Lips Fit spotted, one of most gorgeous and pigmented lip tint!

I personally love shades #PK003 Fantasy Fit Pink, #PK002 Sihoutte Fit Pink. If you love your lips to look juicy and pouty I’ll highly recommend you apply #WH901 Petit & Top Coat after any lips product you use.



Remembered seeing this on Etude YouTube channel and it’s also featured in Get It Beauty Self by Sulli. A very interesting product, apparently what it does is to protect your skin against dust and other environmental elements. It’s designed to prevent and reduce exposure to foreign particles in the air as well as to soothe your skin. How cool is that?

Glad to see this product launched in Singapore, it’s exclusive only at Wisma!


↑ I was kinda attracted to this line because of their packaging!


↑ Wanted to try out the bubble pack so badly but it’s not suitable for sensitive skin.







Bet this is your time seeing ETUDE HOUSE makeup brushes right? Me too! Love that pastel pink shade design, I’m currently using 2 of their brushes which is #140 for Powder and #311 for Eye Shadow-Blending. Love how their powder brush bristle is so soft and smooth, it’s like brushing feather on my skin. All their brushes price is pocket friendly too!


 Their current best invention has got to be their play 101 pencil which I did a review about it previously. For my daily make up routine, I’m always using their #4 for ageyo sal, the colour is very shimmery and it does really makes your eye pop and stand out, #50 to outline my eyes to make me look fresher and of course eyes will look brighter and bigger. For cheeks, I’m swapping between #15 and their Cushion Blusher Coral Cushion which I bought during this media launch. Did you notice that I am always using coral and orangey shade of blusher and lip colour? Loving these colors!


Alrighty, if you have yet to visit the grand Etude Castle, you definitely have to! And, do it soon as they are carrying limited edition Disney Princess collection and many other products exclusively available at the Flagship store only! While stocks last~

Etude House Flagship Store Location:

Wisma Atria #B1-20/21/22, nearby Orchard MRT Station.

Stay pretty my princesses, good luck!

Hello Kitty 40th Birthday!

Very honour to be invited to Hello Kitty’s 40th Birthday Party at Malaysia, JB’s Sanrio Hello Kitty town! It was an eye opening experience for us as we got to watch her live dance (which I’ve posted on Instagram) and we event got to visit her house, which look so luxurious. This popular kitty really do have a good life!

As soon as we arrived, we went to their gift shop and purchase headband. I was so confidence that they will be selling Hello Kitty headband here, cause who doesn’t want to look cute in this adorable town? We even bought giveaway purpose. If you followed me on Instagram, you should know that there’s a Hello Kitty Giveaway on Instagram now!


Our cute headband can be purchase in their gift shop!



Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary items, I love their tea set so much!


Red Bow Cafe is connected to the gift shop, you can take a break at the cafe after shopping. Spot the Hello Kitty cake below!!! Cuteness overloaded!


Everywhere you go is Hello Kitty, fans get ready to jump for joy when you’re there!



One of the popular highlights at Hello Kitty Town is none other than “Black Wonder”, which is an interactive activity for both children and adults to save Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel, who has been kidnapped by Kuromi! This attraction uses technology such as sensors and computers to enhance the experience as well as devices to interact with during the mission. Before entering, you will be given a lamp to at the clues and piece the clues together to get the answer.

I’ll keep the answer as a secret, nope not going to tell you what’s the answer!


This Hello Kitty statue is so pretty, I really wished that I can grab it home!




After “Black Wonder” we stopped at Cinnamoroll Cafe for a break! For tired out adults, you can rest at the cafe after the fun highlight as the cafe is just right beside.



What an enjoyable tour!!! Everything is so cute there, YOU NEED TO COME HERE!



hk40 (31)

Picture credit to Yutakis ↑

The both of us tok part in the Hello Kitty Friends Gathering event to break the malaysian record of most people taking selfies together! It feels so awesome to see so many people taking selfie at the same time, and I can hear so many *snapping sound* lololol!!!


Just in cased you missed out my Instagram post!

H E L L O  K I T T Y 4 0 T H
A N N I V E R S A R Y  G I V E A W A Y  !


@Yutakis x @NgMiyake

4 Sets of Hello Kitty merchandize specially handpicked by
Twinnie & me! One of the set is a limited edition Hello Kitty
40th Anniversary Wrapped present merchandise!!

Set 01:
1 X Hello Kitty Plushie.
1 X Hello Kitty Sanrio HK Town Lanyard.
1 X Yutakis & Miyake PolaPhoto.
+ Extra: 1 X HK Malaysia Sanrio Town hair clip.

Set 02:
1 X Hello Kitty Water Bottle.
1 X Hello Kitty Cat Ears Hairband.
1 X Yutakis & Miyake PolaPhoto.
+ Extra: 1 X HK Malaysia Sanrio Town hair clip.

Set 03:
1 X Hello Kitty Plushie Keycharm.
1 X Hello Kitty Sanrio HK Town Lanyard.
1 X Yutakis & Miyake PolaPhoto.
+ Extra: 1 X HK Malaysia Sanrio Town hair clip.

*Special* Set 04:
(Limited Edition Hello Kitty 40th anniversary set)
1 X Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Scrunchie.
1 X Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary File.
1 X Yutakis & Miyake PolaPhoto.
+ Extra: 1 X HK Malaysia Sanrio Town hair clip.

… … … … … … … …

To win them, you have to follow 2 simple steps below!

Follow both @yutakis and @ngmiyake Instagram accounts.

Comment on my instagram with the answer of the following questions
regarding Hello Kitty!

Set 01 Question:
What is the date of birth of Hello Kitty?

Set 02 Question:
What is height of Hello Kitty?

Set 03 Question:
Where is the Sanrio Hello Kitty located?

*Special* Set 04 Question:
Where is Hello Kitty from?

Note: For every Instagram account,
you can only answer one set of question.


… … … … … … … …
✎Term & Condition ✐
… … … … … … … …

1 – This giveaway is open within Singapore only.

2 – Participants are only allowed to answer to one question,
for each set different winner will be picked.

3 – Duplicated posts from the same account are considered
as one entry.

4 – Giveaway accounts are instant disqualified to win, only legit
accounts are welcome to participate.

5 – Closing date of the giveaway is at
15th November 2014 11:59pm!

6 – Winners will be notified by @mention on the winner’s Instagram page!

Trick Eye Museum VS Alive Museum

Visited both Trick Eye Museum and Alive Museum with my friends and decided that I should do a comparison review between the both of them, so that you can decide which museum is worth visiting. Both of the 3D museum ticket cost $25 for adults, Trick Eye Museum is located at Waterfront, Resorts World Sentosa 26 Sentosa Gateway and Alive Musuem is located at Suntec City Mall #03-372 (between Towers 3 & 4).

All the pictures is not edited, so that you can tell the difference between both!

Picture taken at Trick Eye Museum

The lightning is very bright which is a plus point, I mean… It’s a 3D museum and everyone is suppose to take pictures there, so good lighting equals to clear and pretty pictures! You can see the pictures that I’ve taken there, all turn out very real and nice. I also like how they have photo point “guide” on how to get best photo and photo explanation, all these guide can be found beside all the picture station. Which is very helpful! If you really need help for some of the pictures, they have special assistances staff there to help out! They offer to help us, when JH and me wanted to take pictures together.


↑ Left Trick Eye Museum, Right Alive Museum

Picture says it all, did you see how vibrant the left side picture is?

What else can I say about the picture taken at Alive Museum. Undead mermaid? Horrible lighting! Everything is too blue and dark. This station is playing little mermaid songs, shouldn’t it suppose to be fun and vibrant? Why do the pictures look like this? I’m disappointed when I saw this picture. Right after I reached home, I showed Athalie the pictures that I took at TEM with JH and she’s was comparing between the 2 places. Good lighting plays a huge part in pictures, everyone that love to take pictures would know that.


↑ Left Trick Eye Museum, Right Alive Museum

Not sure if you’ve notice this, did you realised the picture seems to be reflecting light? Not sure if it was because of the material or quality of the paint they used? The reflection of the light is hideous and annoying.


Doing handstand #likeaboss

I bet that you can tell the quality between them. This one is just too dull and dark… And you can see that the lighting is focus on me only, as for the rest of places… DARK…

 Left Trick Eye Museum ↓


Pardon my expression, I’m not sure why I’m so happy when I’m about to die. But my friend JH did a very good job right? He is super ethu, lol.


Mini JH is cute, giant Miyake is not bad either right?

Like how vibrant all the pictures we’ve taken at TEM, it was so fun!!!

Picture taken at Alive Museum

The moment I enter the museum, my first impression was the whole place is too dark and I was skeptical about how the pictures is going to turn out. I WAS RIGHT! For the whole time we are complaining about the pictures turning out too dark or the spotlight is too harsh on our face. Photo point wise, it doesn’t have much explanation and we even have to look for the guide. I remembered my friends kept asking “where is the guide? where should we take the picture from?” and we gave up and decided to figure it out ourself or move on to another station.


Ballerina Athalie, machium only this girl. lol


No idea what I was doing, lol. Probably thinking why is it so dark in here.

I think it’s pretty obvious which museum I would prefer or which museum you guys would choose to go, the pictures shows a lot. If you want to have gorgeous and fun outing with your friends or love one without having to worry about dark and shitty lighting, visit Trick Eye Museum instead. I’m very straightforward when it comes to review, if it’s not good I wouldn’t plug it and say that it’s good. Both of the museum has the same price, you can go see it for yourself!

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