PSLOVE: MenstruHeat is My Monthly Life Saver


This is not a paid advertorial, I’m sharing this cause I know how much it su*ks when it’s period month, the cramps is just way too horrible for me to bear. I usually spend my first day of period by curling into a ball, my back and left arms/leg hurts everything. It’s just so annoying and I don’t get it why do I have to go through this every single month.

Worst thing? I can’t take painkiller cause I’m allergy to it. How awesome! *Sighed*

I was so thrilled when PSLOVE emailed me about MenstruHeat, apparently what this pack does is, it will help to soothes and eases your period cramps by heating up gradually after you opened it as the air will activate the heat pack.


What I love about MentruHeat?

Love how it’s designed to be a self adhesive pack that doesn’t fall off when I’m moving around or sleeping, furthermore the heat can last up to 12+ hours. Indeed an awesome product from PSLOVE. If this is not the best invention for girls…

I don’t know what else is…. :/

This definitely worked for me and it almost seems like magic, tear open the packaging, peel and paste, BAM the pain will be gone after that! Nevertheless, it takes around 5-10 minutes for it to be super hot to relief my cramps.

It’s advised to paste onto your clothes instead of your skin if it’s too hot for you!



MenstruHeat uses 100% natural ingredients, it has no medicinal ingredients and is safe to use when needed. Relief menstrual cramps and backache by using the natural heat to induces blood circulation so that cramps can be reduced. MenstruHeat heats up within minutes, no microwave or shaking is needed, it’s made so that your cramps can be instantly soothed wherever you are. How convenient right?

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 6.35.51 pm

I prefer to stick it directly on my skin as my cramps is very severe!



3 simple steps to win 4 packs of comfort!

  • #1 Follow @ngmiyake and @pslove_co
  • #2 Comment on IG post “We need this!!!”
  • #3 Tag 2 female friends who needs MenstruHeat or experiences PMS

There will be 3 winners and PSLOVE will be contacting you through email if you win it.

Giveaway ends on 4 May, 10:00PM

Thank you PSLOVE for accepting my request on this giveaway for my readers!

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 7.45.45 pm

Beside selling MentruHeat, PSLOVE is website that customise your monthly needs package and send them to you, so that you will never forget or worry about stocking up again. Subscribe fee is from as low as S$6/month!!!


Lucieo Tokyo: Japan Lash Extension in Singapore

Went back to Lucieo Tokyo for a new set of lash extensions and this time round I picked vivid purple colour for the end of my lashes, in pictures it sorta of look like my eyeliner is purple right?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Other than purple, they also have pink, green, brown, yellow, blue and more!

I personally think that picking vivid color such as pink, purple and blue would make your eyes standout. You can also request for a mix between a few color you like, I’ve seen some Japanese girls done it and it look very stylish!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

See it does looks like eyeliner right! Love it and I’m gonna do it again for my next visit! ↑

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Purple everything, it sort of like my trademark colour already wwww

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Check out my other post on Lucieo Tokyo, I’ve tried the others design too!

POST 1 and 2 they do provide bottom lash extension and it look gorgeous!!!

Don’t forget to quote my name for discount when you book an appointment with them!

Lucieo Tokyo Location:
11 Unity Street #01-32, Robertson Walk, Singapore 237995

NEW Nails at Peony Tokyo

I was looking for a Japanese nail salon in Singapore previously and one of my Japanese client introduced Hirasawa-san the Director of Peony Tokyo to me. They are one of the popular nail salon in Singapore, so I was really excited to get my nails done by her. Furthermore this is the first time I’m getting my nails done by a Japanese nailist!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATaken after my gel mani and pedi session, both Hirasawa-san and her part time is very detail with the nail art. Hirasawa-san gave me the exact design that I want and her part time improvised the design and made my toe nails look so shiny and glittery! LOVE them both!


As you can see the place look really cosy and all the chairs there are sofa type, that’s why even when I sat there for a few hours it still doesn’t feels uncomfortable. Thumbs up for them!


They have value package, facebook promotion sometimes and monthly promotion set!

So keep yourself update on their Facebook page: 

* * * * *

 This is my new nail, you probably seen in on my April Everyday Makeup Tutorial. It looks super pretty and I absolutely the colour combination, pink and purple always look so nice together!Untitled-2


Peony Tokyo: April Promotion Spring Pastel Nail ↓

japanese gel nail

I can’t decide which I love more because I’m quite fond of clear base nail design, cause you can’t really tell even if your nail grow out. It also look simple and sweet, my next design would probably be a clear base design. If you asked me I would say the checkered one is prettier, cause I is love checkered design!

Just in cased you’re interested, the checkered design is $108 and the flower one is $112!



103 Penang Road #01-05 Visioncrest Commercial

* 1 minute from Dhoby Ghaut Station Exit B or C
ドビーゴート駅 出口BまたはCより徒歩1分

TEL/SMS 8223-8706(日本語・English・Chinese)

営業時間 10am – 7pm(最終受付 ジェル 5:30、クラシックペディキュア 6:00、 ドライフットケア6:30)

Open 10am – 7pm (last appointment gel 5:30, Classic Pedicure 6pm, Dry feet Care 6.30pm)

Close on every Tuesday!

Did I mention that you’ll get a 30% when you quote my name? :D

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