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Love this set of photo that was taken by CY during my trip to Seoul so much! I love his work a lot and I am really glad that we managed to meet up for 2 days for the collaboration shoot. If you’re wondering, these pictures is taken at Olympic Park’s Rose Plaza during the rose season, but when I was there most of the roses is withering. Remembered I was talking about this on my Airbnb post? Go read if you haven done so ok? → http://bit.ly/airbnbxmiyake

Honestly I am very surprised at myself for collaborating with other photographer, cause now… when it comes to pictures I prefer to be the one controlling it as in photoshoping it, lol. And furthermore, majority of the photographers doesn’t seems to know my perfect angle well as compared to Yutakis. Moreover, I prefer my pictures to be taken in dreamy style, cause the western type just doesn’t goes well with me. Which is why even when people want to pay for the photoshoot, I’ll still reject them. If I don’t like the work, I wouldn’t share it so I find it very pointless to do it.

Not sure if anyone can relate to this but I just don’t feel safe having my photos taken by other people, especially after I get to know Yutaki! This one must blame him cause all his work is so perfectly taken. His blog www.yutakis.com/blog is an art piece please! Everything is taken by himself, he didn’t go the easy way and hire photographer to produce those pictures. This is something that I really look up to him, cause he thinks that a blog is something very personal to him which allows him to connect with his readers, so he wants to be the one writing the post and taking the pictures himself. You know most people hire a photographer nowadays… So I really salute Yutaki for being so hardworking.

Can’t believed that I’m actually writing a blog entry at six in morning while talking to Yutakis and Sophie on whatsapp about our upcoming trip to Taiwan in August which I’m extremely looking forward to it, cause I’ve never been there before in my whole life. Lol! Don’t judge! It just never crossed my mind that I want to travel to Taiwan cause the place itself doesn’t look interesting to me except for their street foods. During that period of time we will be taking up #ootd advertorials, Yutaki will be the photographer of cos, Sop and me will be the model. Lol!

So, if any blogshop is interested to work with us, please drop me an email at ngmiyake@gmail.com

My Dream Airbnb Apartment in Seoul


Use my referral link to get $34 off your first stay http://airbnb.com/miyake

I’ve use Airbnb in the past before and both of my experience was a good one, the feeling of staying oversea yet still feels like home is terrific. I could get use to this! I’m on midst on planning for my next oversea trip and no doubt that I’ll be using Airbnb again. Hopefully soon, to Hokkaido maybe? Never been there before and I really want to try skiing!


How did I decided on my Airbnb’s apartment in Seoul?

To be honest, there are countless of beautiful apartment in Seoul and I was browsing apartment and my thoughts is I want to stay in a place that is Instagram worthy. Which I talked to Airbnb Team and ask them to help me out on this – I was given two choices and I personally find this apartment is more of my style, the cute korean vintage decor with woods interior. What more can I ask for? This is PERFECT! I am not going to lie that initially I was worried if the place will be too small for us, as the first Airbnb apartment that I stayed before look smaller than the photo, well you know photo can be deceiving sometimes. But this apartment look exactly like the pictures the host posted on Airbnb!





How to choose the right Airbnb apartment?

The tips is read the review, it’s important to read the review to see what other people think of the listing and rating on things such as the communication with the host, cleanliness of the house, how convenient is the location, value and also check in process. All this reviews and rating will let you know more about the listing that you wish to book.


The host Alice was very nice to offer to pick us up from the airport but I told her that there will be someone picking us up. Just how sweet and nice can she be? Arrived the place and we saw Alice waiting at the small groceries shop for us. Alice walked us to her apartment and the moment she opened the door I go nuts.

The place is gorgeous and it look exactly like the picture!


Before my booking request is accepted. Alice asked me if I love cats?

As they live with a sweet little cat called “&” she is calm, charming and friendly. Of course, every guest that stayed in their house loves her. Which I replied her saying that I love cats and “&” being around is not a problem.

For any reason, if you don’t want to stay with their cat. Just tell them beforehand by sending them a message on Airbnb. I use the message function to communicate with Alice when I was in Singapore, if you have any question. Just let them know, Alice response really fast and that’s one thing that I like about.


H O W  T H E  H O U S E  L O O K  L I K E






 For more pictures of the apartment: https://airbnb.com.sg/rooms/1195487




Does the apartment place have wifi, do I have to pay?

The wifi speed in Korea is super fast and don’t bother to rent any portable wifi as Alice & Paul provide FREE portable wifi for you, which I this that is a big deal! Travelling without internet connection is a suffer to me!

Before I came a particular portable wifi rental which sponsored a relatively amount of bloggers told me that their customers complaints about the problem of slow and limited data usage with free wifis from Airbnb in Korea. Which make me so worried about the internet speed but I managed to stay connected whole day without any problem.

 And you’ve seen me snapchatting everyday non-stop like crazy so the net is fine!



Is the place that you’re staying at convenient?

It took us 2 days to be familiar with the place, our apartment is up in the hill therefore it could be difficult for taxi driver to find the place. Just remember that Sook Myung Women’s University is nearby, as most of the driver know where is the university and you can just guide the driver from there. Other than this issue, this location is pretty convenient as there are bars, cafe, restaurant and drugstore around the place! The subway is 8 mins walk away from our place. But I will highly recommend you to take a taxi instead, because the taxi price in Korea is cheap as compared to Singapore’s.


I wished that I’ll be able to share more pictures with you however I can’t, cause I accidentally overwrite all my pictures when I’m at Banobagi guesthouse, I tried to retrieve all the pictures and video but 90% of the pictures is out of focus cause Sunny doesn’t know how to use my 45mm lens. No choice cause she only use video function for work. Lololol!!! Talking about lens, I am thinking of investing on a new lens. Perhaps a 17mm?

Anyway, this incident shall be a lesson that I should not do my work when I’m drowsy. Lol! *facepalm*

But luckily I did an collaboration with a Malaysian photographer who is staying in Korea, which you probably have seen some of the pictures I posted on Instagram. I will be posting all the pictures on a separate post. Although the rose season is over and most of the roses at rose plaza is withering but the view is still breathtaking!!!

No pictures la… so you use your imagination ok? LOL


Super happy to be able to visit MEME BOX HQ! As I’ve been trying to get my hand on their products but apparently they are providing international shipping anymore. Let’s hope that they will be providing it again soon!


Website: www.memebox.com



Hees* Got to signed on their signboard in the HQ!

Loving my hair here, I styled it with my straightener and did a simple hairstyle. Thanks Ryo for helping me to touched up my hair and did a new set of hair extensions for me before I fly off to Korea, you are the best! 6338 5250 to book an appt.



During this trip we got our hair styled by Soon Soo, he’s the one who does Girls Generation’s Tiffany hair and I saw someone commented that he did Yoona hair too! He styled a lot of Korean celebrities, so if you to get the same hairstyle as your oppa or unnie. You know where to go! The address is Gangnam-gu chungdam-dong 22-19.

Anyway, Soon Soo is Sunny’s auntie friend so we got to do our hair there! After salon, we hang out awhile with Sunny’s auntie before we meeting up with Claire from Banobagi and Shin from DocFinderKorea for dinner and catch up abit! Been so long since I see the both of them, so happy to see them again.


I’ve been to Korea a few times but this is my first time going to Lotte World, Sunny was telling me that we have to go there. But it’s raining season in Korea, so we can only stay at the indoor theme park. We may be a little disappointed cause all the fun rides is outdoor, nevertheless we enjoy the indoor theme like a kid that day.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 6.58.41 PM

Except… The moment when Sunny decided to go to haunted house….

 I kept telling her that I cannot la, really! You can me to get on ANY roller coaster ride, I’ll be more than willing to but if it’s haunted house…. I really got no balls for it, I hate the fact that the people inside always disguise as ghost and scare the shit out of me…. I’m just super humji when it comes to horror stuffs.

As I grow up my courage level shrink, lol. I used to be very fearless when I was young, always transpass to haunted house with my friends. Now I just can’t… But Sunny was really looking forward to it and she was standing at the queue with a super excited look on her face, *facepalm* I can’t reject this. So got no choice but to go along with it.

 So how I managed to overcome the walk in the haunted house? Wanna know?

Eyes on floor and just walk as fast as I can, lolololol. #failed






I will be blogging about Banobagi very soon, stay tuned for it alright!

Don’t forget to use my referral link to get $34 off your first stay http://airbnb.com/miyake and a big thank you to Airbnb for the accommodation! I really love my Seoul apartment alot and also grats to my host because they recently just received the SUPER HOST award.

I guess that’s all about it, I’ll try to blog as much as I can. Love you guys!


Choco Diary: Pooch’s Image

bannerIMG_1352 copy

Brought Choco for his monthly grooming today at Pooch’s Image – a vintage theme salon at Upper East Coast.

I wasn’t paid to blog about this and neither Pooch Image asked me to write an entry about this but I think that this post might be able to help some of the furkid parents out there, who are trying to find ways to cure their dogs skin problems.


IMG_1356 copy

  This might get a little wordy, or those who doesn’t have a dog. You might want to skip this wordy entry and just view the pictures instead. Anyhow, It’s only Choco forth visit to Pooch’s today, however Eugene and I can see the huge improvement on Choco fur condition after changing to their pet salon…

As compared to last time, Choco fur is extremely fluffy, soft and thick now! Which I still can’t get use to it, as it’s so fluffy to the extend that all our neighbours thinks that he’s very chubby and the most commonly asked question we get is “How do you keep your poodle so chubby?” HAHAHA! You see… his fur is actually that thick to this extend. But when they actually touch Choco, the secret will be out that his fur is just too fluffy and thick.


IMG_1351 copy


  You probably do not know that we have changed many groomers for him in the past but none of them managed to improve his skin condition. What they told us is always the same thing, use medicated shampoo for him or bath him every week. Which my boyfriend said that it’s not making any sense as after a nice grooming he starts to bite himself until the extend where he starts accidentally bite off his own fur as it is too itchy.

We have bought spray, ointment, supplements, countless of medicated shampoo and even brought him to the vet for god knows how many times but obviously none work.

BUT, POOCH IMAGE solved this problem. Now his skin problem is under control and I no longer need to bathe him so often because his scalp is cleanse thoroughly with this spa treatment!

All problems solved, no bald spot, flaky, itchy, red skin.

Furthermore Choco still smell fresh and clean even after more than a week, which mean Eugene and I no longer need to soak him with medicated shampoo and sit in the toilet to wait for the time to be up. *facepalm* Anyway, Pooch’s Image have all kinds of spa treatment to counter different type of skin problem. But, Micro Bubble Spa is one of the popular spa treatment in their menu. So if you not sure what spa to choose for your furkid, you might want to give it a try.


IMG_1355 copy

I have been singing praise for this treatment for very long and some of you might think that I’m saying this because I’m sponsored but I got to tell you that, I was quite skeptical at first but after Choco did micro spa bubble for the first time, I can actually tell the difference as his fur don’t get smelly that fast. So I really hope that you will try this spa for a few times before judging it. I remembered that Choco fur starts to get a little fluffier after the second session! Which is insanely fast!!! This spa treatment have absolutely NO CHEMICAL in it and yet the result can be so phenomenal! I have to say that Choco fur condition have NEVER EVER been extraordinary good since he was a pup till now! In fact his fur condition is getting from bad to worst as he’s growing older. Which I got no freaking idea what went wrong!!!


IMG_1353 copy

Choco is sooooo fluffy! I’m gonna die~

Top and Bottom from http://www.lzzie.com

Choco Accessories from Pooch’s Image


banner3   IMG_1354 copy

Loving Pooch’s Image VIP transportation services. No more fretting over the wait of taxis, as you know how anal most taxis driver is when it comes to dogs. Opt for VIP transportation for hassle free grooming session! You and your dog will be picked up from your own home and sent back immediately right after grooming. Super convenient!


IMG_1357 copy

Pooch’s Image | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: 63444044

Address: 119 Upper East Coast Road #01-01, Singapore

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