Etude House: Dreaming Swan Launch Event


I was invited to  ETUDE HOUSE Dreaming Swan launch in Singapore last week at their new outlet located at VivoCity! Congratulation to one of my favourite Korean brands ETUDE HOUSE! May you open MORE AND MORE princessy outlets in Singapore!


The main focus in their VivoCity outlet are the nail products, as such they actually have a Nail Parlor to provide nail services to customers! Ain’t that fabulous? OMG. Check out their seats too. It’s in baby pink and with that cute little fur cushion which is supposed to be their Lovely Cookie Blusher puff!!!! Please sell the cushion… please…. lol


You can only find this Photo Play Zone in Singapore!

If you’re visiting VivoCity outlet, go try it out with your friends. It’s very cute! lol

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Introduction ETUDE HOUSE’s Dreaming Swan Collection


 A specially curated series of make-up and accessories to bring forth the inner ballerina in all of us!

The collection is a symbolic ode to Tchaikovsky’s epic ballet, Swan Lake that tells the tale of a princess who turned into a Swan. Graceful like the dance, the Dreaming Swan Collection comes in soft, pastels hues that dance harmoniously on the contours of your face, eyes and lips, creating looks worthy of the center stage.

For this one of a kind collection, ETUDE HOUSE collaborated with international fashion illustrator, Kerrie Hess to design and curate the product packaging to give the Dreaming Swan Collection its playful look and demure ballet girl identity!


A full collection in cute pastel shades, I was told that most of their products in Korea are out of stock. This is crazy. The collection was out not too long ago only! During the event I managed to purchase the last Dreaming Swan Veiling Pact Brush off the shelf. Lucky me!

The store is not even open to public yet and it’s the last one available… No doubt it’s the most adorable brush I’ve seen for my whole entire life. The brush is in baby pink and so does the bristle, it also comes with a brush bristle protector that looks like a ballerina tutu skirt which is so sweet and girly!!! How to stop myself from the impulse buy… You tell me!




Let’s take a look at a few Dreaming Swan items that I got!

Coral is one of my favourite shades so I was overjoyed when I peek into my goodies bag, by the way as stated the veiling pact brush was purchase by me at $17.90.


Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek $22.90
The eye shadow and blusher combination for kissable cheeks and girly eyes that sparkle! The formula contains moisturising agents for excellent application. Comes in 5 shades: Comes in five shades: #1 – Jeté Pink, #2 – Point Coral, #3 – Arabesque Rose, #4 – Relevé Purple, #5 – En Haut Pink. The shade I got is Point Coral!

Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk $18.90
The light and sheer chiffon lipstick contains palm seed oil and carnauba wax for non-sticky texture that glides smoothly like cream chiffon! The range brings five vibrant colours for a natural and feminine look that is smooth and semi-matte! Comes in five shades: #01- PK022, #02 – OR225, #03 -PK023, #04 – PP502, #05 – PK024. The shade I got is OR225!


Dreaming Swan Mini Pouch $16.00
A mini pouch perfect for Eye and Cheek powder and the Dear My Blooming Lip-Talk range. Contains a mini tray for small items. You can fit in one cushion and 1 lip product and 2 shadows!


Dreaming Swan Cushion Case $18.00
Comes in three exclusive designs, suitable for all Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion and Precious Mineral Any Cushion range. They have it in pink, coral and lilac colour!



Team MyFatPocket! Cyndi and Maybelline is there for the launch too! They are super sweet and friendly, this is my second time seeing them at Etude House event!

Head on down to ETUDE HOUSE at Vivocity #B1-03 to check out the latest Dreaming Swan collection and try out the pampering Manicure & Pedicure services – because every girl deserves to be treated like a Princess!

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Botox for Mummy at The Face Aesthetic

This is not a advertorial or sponsored post, I paid for my mom botox.
It’s almost her birthday and she have asked me a lot about botox, so I booked an appointment with my doctor and brought her there. I was quite worried that she will find it pain because unlike me, my mom has very very low tolerance.

Few years back she went on an impromptu trip to bkk with her friends and she spontaneously agreed to try fillers and botox that her friend suggested. LOLOLOL! After she came back from the trip, she was cursing about how painful it is. See lah, butt itchy anyhow go some random clinic, luckily it’s just painful experience and nothing severe happened.


Me looking relieved cause mom said it feels like ant bite, not painful at all!

During the consultation Dr.Zhang asked my mom about the troubles area that she wants rids off. Apparently my mom character is very similar to mine, lol. We trust our doctor and we usually let them decide it for us. Because you see huh, they have more experiences than us. So they sure know which area we need to get it done to make us look better what! Furthermore, I’ve been here a few times and I love how straightforward Dr.Zhang is, sometimes when I asked him “Eh, you think I need to do this and that or not.” If he think that it’s not necessary, he will say so. You know some doctor will suggest you to do this and that and the list just gets longer and you’ll end up with a hefty bill, IF you are the type of person who doesn’t know how to say no. Don’t laugh ok! I got stupid-stupid friends that will go ahead and pay even if they don’t want it, cause they don’t know how to reject it. So I’m glad that Dr.Zhang is not like this! *thumbs up*


My mom did forehead creases, frown lines, crow’s-feet and chin wrinkles!

I’ve always thought botox will take two to three months to see the result, but Dr.Zhang told me that it only takes 3 days to see the result. Unless you’re getting botox done on muscle areas like reduce your jaw muscle to make your face smaller, those type then you’ll need months to see the result. Not bad huh, I learn something new today!

If you wanna bring your mummy there or yourself want to get some fillers or botox done, check out their website for more information:


Ikeda Spa: Oxyjet Facial


How do your skin feel after the treatment?
Before the treatment, I’ve talked to my therapist about my skin concern such as the blackheads on my nose, whiteheads on my chin, dry skin and also uneven skin tone. I felt very refreshing during the oxyjet facial because of the cold oxygen that the machine released, I was told that this facial would be perfect for me as it will helps to even my skin tone, cleanse, re-texturise, moisturize and also make my pore smaller. What I noticed after the facial treament was that my skin felt very moisturized and it’s visible that blackhead/whitehead was reduced too.


How different is this facial from the rest you have tried?
The classic extraction is not as pain as I thought it would be and there’s no redness after that for me, even when I have sensitive skin. It also leaves my skin looking moist for a few days.

IKEDA3Picture taken after the facial (no filter or edit) ↑

Who would you recommend this facial to?
For people who has dry, acne, large pores, uneven skin tone.


This is my first experience at their Bukit Timah outlet, the reason I chose this outlet instead was because its near my new place, super convenient! Nevertheless both of their outlet is splendid with a traditional Japanese inns touch to it, I know I’ve said this a lot in my posts and social media but this is the only place in Singapore that makes me feel likes I’m in Japan.

Corridor_BTAddress: 787 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269762
Phone:+65 6388 8080

Click here to see Ikeda Spa Promotion!

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