Yakiniku @ Magosaburou

Guess many are not familiar with this restaurant as shop was opened on 01 dec 2011 at Ion Orchard.  Other than the signboard that reads Yakiniku,  you can only see a very long corridor that leads to the end of the walkway.




a long corridor leading to the restaurant.... makes you feel curious what to expect at the end.


the impressive looking chandeliers within the restaurant


the interior deco eludes a cosy and nice ambience


i have a nice night view of the orchard belt from where i was seated


simple table setting


a big variety of beef choices


menu explaining the different parts of the beef



look at this! the beef marbling... looks so yummy


our starter, a seared beef salad. the food presentation was so pretty


marinated pork belly..... tasted very very good


very very good meat..


kurobuta pork jowl (black pork collar)..... mouth-watering


we ordered some seafood as well... very fresh but serving was so small


check out the meat .... sizzling on the hot grill


black pork has a very sweet taste to it... no porky smell at all


grilled pork served with butterheads... yummy!


enjoying the meal


the grilled prawns...


thinly cut beef....


we ended the meaty meal with a salmon salad


Geraldine n I enjoyed the dinner thoroughly


Magosaburou restaurants in Japan are mainly found in Kyushu, Kumamoto area (also famous for their ramen).  Their concept : contemporary upscale dining, offering high quality yakiniku beef at reasonable price.  Marinades and dipping sauces are all home made to enhance the taste of their beef.


Beef farmers in Japan work with very few restaurants so as to ensure that they provide the best quality beef.  Magosaburou was able to serve good beef and reasonable price as the company is able to buy a whole cow.  By purchasing a whole cow, they are able to determine price based on the average price for all cuts of beef,  which lowers the prices of even the high quality cut.  According to the restaurant manager, shipment to Singapore  is twice a month.  The restaurant serves a special grade of beef called ” kuruhana wagyu”.  According to Restaurant Manager, beef served here is equivalent to Japanese beef  grade A5 (best grade).


This is the first time for the company to start restaurant out of japan.  They have newly opened 3 overseas market :  singapore, hong kong and shanghai.


Price ranges from $100 – $150 per pax.

address : Ion orchard #04-11A & #05-01.  Tel  66341411

lunch hour : 11.30-3.00pm

dinner  5.30-11.oopm


my comments :  No doubt the prices are higher than the usual Yakiniku Stores,  I will still come back.  The meat (both the pork and beef) are of  very high quality.  To me,  it was definitely worth every dollar paid as it was more a food experience.  Good Food, Good Service!


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