talika feet therapy socks – pamper your feet at home

Have you ever encountered times when you feel like you need a foot spa to get rid of the dead skin but just you simply cannot find time or feel to lazy to travel all the way to the pedicure place ?  If your answer is yes.. then this is something you can consider trying out.






TALIKA Feet Therapy Socks is like your foot spa at home.  20 mins a day is supposed to soften, heal and condition dry, calloused feet simply by slipping them on. The lightweight bamboo-fibre booties are lined with a patented gel matrix polymer, which slowly releases encapsulated ingredients and allows gradual absorbtion into the skin. Its exclusive formula contains nutrients including Vitamin E, ceramides, and botanical oils such as jojoba, grapeseed, avocado, olive, almond, and brazil nut.
As indicated in the reading materials,  independent clinical tests conducted over a 4 week period resulted in an overall reduction in dryness by 66% after 2 weeks and 86% after 4 weeks. Consumer tests reveal that within 14 days of wearing gel technology products, skin feels conditioned and moisturized, softened and smoothed.
This pair of socks is a simple, non-messy solution to soothe and soften feet with its simple usage directions (up to maximum 8 hours continuously).   It can reuse up to 30 times before replacing with a new pair.  For an extra intense treatment apply a favorite lotion before slipping on Talika Feet Therapy Socks. Anti-skid soles and elastic properties of the gel allow the freedom to walk around during treatment . The gel polymer is apparently dermatologically safe and does not support bacterial growth.


Mikko’s comments:  Socks is only available in one-size.  the booties has a very comfy feel when worn.  No sticky or greasy feel with the patented gel matrix polymer.   Can feel instant results even after the first use. Feet feels moisturised.  Definitely worth a try!!  Only $3.60 per treatment, very economical as compared to the price paid for a pedicure or paraffin session.


Retail at S$110.  Nuance-watsons website is only selling at $91.50.  

**i bought mine on board SQ, which is also selling below $100.




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  1. This would be good for me specially after long hour of work.

    1. mikko says: Reply

      hi shiella,
      yeah, this is great. easy to use as well 🙂

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