Taipei Food Trip – Day 2

I started my day 2 in taipei with a simple and ‘typical’  breakfast near my friend, Patty’s house. 

the list of breakfast menu on the wall


my orders are : an omelette, soya milk and carrot cake


posing with my breakfast


Patty suggested that i take a photo during all my meals so i can remember what I have eaten through out my stay.  I followed her to her working place to wait for another friend, Chloe to take me out today.
look at what she has gotten for me..... this bubble tea is too die for!!!


The pearls are boiled with brown sugar.  It gives the pearl a very interesting gula melaka kind of taste.  The tea tasted really milky (** something that i really like). The texture of the pearls are so “Q”..  I couldnt stop after taking the first sip.  If you think KOI is nice, wait till you try this :p
chloe and i with our milk tea... this is for me to remind her to buy me the same drink again when i next visit.. ha ha
this is what i had for lunch... tasted like roti prata but the taiwanese call it '葱抓饼‘
there were some japanese customers at the store just beside us
this is how it looks like.... doesnt it look like our egg prata?
to me, this tasted better than prata cos it not oily at all.


night market at Hua Xi Street


Hua Xi night market was the first we have decided to conquer on Day 2.  Just as you have seen on TV for those Taiwan food programmes,  there are rows and rows of foods stalls along the street.  They are like our pasa malam.  Only operating from evening till pass midnight.  The habit for Taiwanese when they visit night market, is to walk, stop , eat… followed by walk, stop, eat… at different stores till the end of the street.  This can add up to many dishes by the time you walk from one end to the other.

our 1st stop... deep fried pork rib soup


posing with our food... again


next, cold beancurd with green bean


look at the generous topping of green bean


3rd stop... famour deep fried chicken 盐酥鸡


we only ordered 1 portion as there are more to eat along the way


this store serves something like a fish cake with a hard boil egg wrapped inside


next stop, the drink store... the home-made winter melon tea was very thirst quenching 


our last dish for the night.... oyster omelette


look.. the oyster omelette is the same size as the serving plate 


Comments:  The night market is a very interesting place for me.  Each and every night market has their store mix.  I always think that this is an interesting place to explore the typical local food culture.  Prices are quite cheap and you can really try many types of dishes.  My suggestion is to always share the portion with your friends no matter how tasty the food .. this is so that there is no cause for over-eating and you can try as many dishes as possible..

More food places coming up for Day 3….

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