Sync Korean Tapas Bar

Looking for yummy food in the neighbourhood? This is the place you must try!!

Well-loved korean dishes with spanish-style tapas…. and wah la.. a new unique culinary experience!  A holiday menu has been created for this festive season and its only available til 02 Jan 2015.


Christmas citrus salad

A colorful salad made with pomegranate, orange and mesclun, topped with citrus dressing.  Taste : very refreshing due to the citrusy dressing, easy on the palatte

sweet potato croquette

Traditional korean sweet potatoes fried with cheese n chorizo, topped with apple salsa for a festive taste: Taste : crunchy on the outside, soft and melty cheese oozling out with the first bite!

clay duck ssam


turkey risotto

Succulent turkey roulade with korean barley risotto topped with mushroom and cranberries.  Taste: a definite alternative for the usual boring turkey dish.  The turkey was true to the description.., juicy!! This was a pleasant surprise as i am not a big turkey fan and the korean barley rice gave it an unsual bite to the dish.


Kalbi Jim

Braised short ribs (cooked for 48 hours – as told by chef) with korean sauce, served with mash potatoes, pickled daikon n marinated with Kalbi jim (korean flavouring).  Taste:  This dish is my to-die-for for the night!  my star of the whole meal!  The rib was well marinated and cooked to Perfection!!! meat was juicy and tender… Can i have second helping PLSSS!!

kimchi cheese fries

Not on the festive menu but a usual favourite cum hot seller…. French fries fans out there, pls remember to order this dish ya! Taste: an interesting twist to the usual cheese fries by adding in kimchi.  yummy ! yummy ! yummy!


Sync korean tapas bar offers quite an interesting menu other than their festive one.  You can still order your usual korean favourite dishes on their menu.



private room for parties


Comments : Menu ranges from  $6.90 onwards which makes it a price friendly place with good food.  A place worth checking out if you are in the area.

SYNC Korean Tapas Bar : 12 Maju Avenue, Serangoon Garden Estate

Tel : 62820612