St Clare’s MP3

I always like to try out new pore care products.  St Clare’s MP3 is something that my taiwanese girlfriend, Chloe who recommended me during my last visit to Taipei.  Apparently, this is a popular brand as it has been voted as a top products by a fashion guide website in Taiwan.


St Clare's MP3 comes in a 3-step pack


Step 1 : Deep Sebum Softener – to help soften the dirt and blackheads and T-zone for easy removal

Step 2 : Sebum Purifying Mask – for removal dirt and blackheads

Step 3: Pore treatment Essence – for closing up pores after pore cleansing


for those who are familiar with Taiwanese Artiste, Lai Ya Yan is the spokes person.




me having the mask on my nose and chin....


Comments : Just like the usual pore cleansing mask,  this mask drys up to form a tight paper-like layer on the surface of the skin.  Rips off quite a fair bit of the dirt and blackheads.  Like it that the product comes with a pre and post pore care treatment.  Very convenient.  The post treatment essence also helps to soothe the skin as the T-zone may feel a little dry after the mask.  A good try for gals who would like an alternative to the usual Japanese brands available here.

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