Shinji by Kanesaka

A lunch date with hubby at the much talked about Japanese Restaurant at Raffles Hotel.  I have decided to do a bit of research online to find out what makes this place so ‘special’.

Shinji is located where the old Doc Cheng used to be.  Apparently, this is first and only branch of the 2-star michelin starred chef Shinji Kanesaka’s  restaurant out of Japan where he started out in Ginza, Tokyo, 10years ago.  All seafood served in the Resturant has been flown in 5 times a week where everything is being handpicked by the famous chef himself from Tsukiji market in Japan (including food for the store in Spore).

The main sushi counter,  is a big piece of wood carved out of a 200 years old cypress tree trunk.   It is indeed quite an experience sitting around the counter watching the sushi chefs with the food preparation.

All the chefs are handpicked by Chef Kanesaka himself, to ensure that food is prepared to perfection.

we were being led to the room named "Kiku"


greetings from the 2 chefs (Fukusawa san on the left N Kikuchi on the right) who will be attending to us


chef Kikuchi posing for a pic whilst he prepares our food


the sweet and creamy taste of the uni served was out of this world.


maguro with radish sauce


posing for a photo while the chefs are busy at work


perfectly grilled cod fish


my favourite...toro (tuna belly).. simply melts in your mouth


ebi sushi... the prawn was firm and sweet


Chef Kikuchi showing us his knives collection.. he calls them his wife


usually not my preferred option but this ikura (fish roe) dish changed my mind


tuna belly maki (roll)... made to perfection


clam soup with miso was being served to end our meal


the tamago yaki tasted like custard


an assortment of seasonal fruits was being served as desserts


posing for a last pic before leaving


Shinji By Kanesaka was indeed a perfect place for a food experience.  The whole ambience is nice and cosy but the food and service standard is completely out of this world.   I am really impressed that the owners has taken such pride in giving customers such a wonderful dining experience.  Lunch menus starts from $75 per pax (for 9pc sushi).  Prices are not cheap but definitely worth going when you have the budget to spurge on your love ones during those special occassions or when you feel like indulging yourself.

Other than the meal extremely enjoyable,  Chef Kikuchi even shared some “insights”…  these are his golden words :

” a top sushi chef is also a great entertainer.  He entertains by preparing good food and also to make the customers feel at home”

“a good sushi chef pays special attention to the customers as they are all different individuals…  to make superior sushi, a chef must observe how each customer eats to decided on the pressure and texture of the sushi/rice served.  for eg:   rice must be more compressed if its being picked up using chopstick.  Sushi are best eaten using hands.”

“the 3 second rule :  all freshly made sushi must be eaten within 3 seconds the moment the chef serves it.  This is to prevent the high temperature of the rice from ‘cooking’ the raw fish”.

Thank you Chef Kikuchi and Fukusawa.  I will come back again!

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    專業的廚師以及配具和新鮮的漁獲所做出來的美味料理~It looks very delicious~≧∇≦~wow~超誘人的!!還有排排站的uni耶~~~真的有用功喔~拍照的技巧越來愈棒了呢~^^b

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