Shinji by Kanesaka – Lunch at OUE

A lunch treat for myself to curb my sushi crave…

starter was served in a beautifully presented tray with 3 small dishes – lobster with jelly
another starter – tuna with egg yolk
starter 3 – fish liver
here comes the rest of the course lunch – torched big eye red snapper. the texture of the fish was amazing
silky beancurd skin wrapped over hokkaido crab topped with gold flakes
short spike sea urchin with prawns
for cooked food – grilled sea bream
next up – all the nigiri (rice rolled)… this is white fish from Chiba
one of my fav – chutoro (tuna belly)
the most ex part of the tuna – tuna belly (ootoro)
chawanmushi… colors are so pretty right! so is the taste.
okinawa prawns
this is my highlight of the whole meal – chef called it the cholesterol bowl (negiro toro, ikura, uni and egg).
horse mackerel
anago.. grilled to perfection
the meal was completed with fruits from the season… mango, honey dew and green tea ice-cream

Conclusion after the meal? I am in heaven… of course!! This is the second restaurant to the Shinji Chain. Food standard, food quality and service are still superb. ‘Tip-top’ quality will be a more appropriate way to describe how i feel. To me, every meal in Shinji is simply a dining experience, not just enjoying good food.

you can visit this site for more information on their menu.

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