Shape Run 2016 – We did it !


Sunday mornings can be fun when a group of friends get up early the the purpose of fitness.  On 24 July 2016, we participated in the first all-women’s run at Bay Front Event Space.  We did a 5km walk together.  Some are pros, while others having their first trial at a 5km walk.

A pre-run wefie, before we move on to the starting point.  A first time for me,  as this is my first ever morning run.  The weather was so cool and nice.

We even found time for photo session towards the end of the walk.

Mission accomplished in about an hour as we walked, talked and laughed throughout.

The happy faces of all the finishers.

To the ladies out there,  do not be afraid to take a first step to start your fitness routine.  There are proven cases that it is possible for ladies who have never done a 5km to be able to walk to complete the race.  All you need is a reason to get you started.

Happy exercising !