Sasatinnie 360 Electrifying Extreme mascara (sponsored)

Hey Gals…. there is hope for girls with super short lashes !!

Whether you are rushing for work in the morning or prepping for a night out, the latest creation from Sasatinnie – 360˚ Electrifying Extreme Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara – gives you luscious looking eye-lashes in double quick time.


my first ever battery operated mascara





not only is the packaging cute n pretty, this cool gadget is packed with "power"





this cool mascara gadget is made in italy!




battery compartment at top of cap


The single start/stop button makes it easy to use, plus the rotating brush head allows you to do away with manually curling the lashes, leaving naturally curled lashes.


The all-new 360˚ double rotating brush head design, cleverly works on the lashes with the different rotating system. Whether working clockwise or anti-clockwise – it manages to coat every eye lashes to lengthen and volumize


The rotating movement allows the mascara to evenly coat the lashes, separating them evenly – creating longer looking eye lashes


check out my lashes nearer to the camera... even my short short lashes can be seen. The rotating speed is able to coat each lashes, including those hard to reach lashes and short lashes – perfectly created to suit Asian lashes.


check out the left side... my lashes look actually be seen! Each application coats each lashes evenly – curling the lashes and making it look voluminous


can you see the lengthening effect on my left side? its a miracle for my very very short lashes.


Its waterproof and smudge-proof formula allows mascara to stay on the whole day


Sasatinnie is available exclusively at Sa Sa Cosmetic.  Retailing at $35.90.

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