Samantha Thavasa – Girls’ night out

Thanks to chrystal, I got an invitation to the Girls’ night out at Samantha Thavasa last night at their Ion boutique.


For those who are not familiar with the brand,  Samantha Thavasa (ST)  handbags, was founded in 1994 by Mr Kazu Terada (CEO & President), based in Tokyo Japan.  It has since taken Japan by storm with all their pretty handbags designs, endorsed by many international celebrities like Victoria Beckham,  Paris Hilton and Maria Sharapova, just to name a few.  As of April 2008, there are 236 free standing stores in Japan.


Samantha Thavasa carrys quite a few lines under their collection.  Different lines are create to suit the wants and needs of the modern, fashionable girls and women of today.  ST in Singapore carries the following collections:


a) Deluxe (simple and luxurious):  For the ladies who enjoys the finer things in life.  This collection consists of bags made of leather.  Designs are also suitable for use from the office.


b) Samantha Aimee Collection (key collection for their handbags) :  For girls/ladies who prefers casual styles or those who likes statement pieces.  This collection always come with ribbons and charms.  Collabrations with different characters (eg hello kitty, disney)  make the collection very fashionable and fun.


c) Linea J (collection made in Japan) :  Handbags are produced in Japan.  For gals who like things japanese made, this is the collection to look out for.


d) ST Petite Choice : for the collection wallets and small leather goods.


e) ST Kingz : men’s line, suitable for unisex as well.


reception at the entrance



finger food was served.. for savoury



and sweets



door gift for the night is a box of ST chocolate



new arrivals.... the new mini size aimee.... arent they cute?



another new edition.... love the pooh, piglet and honey charm!



the new poster gals are Japanese Models from popular magazines (Vivi)



with a wide variety of colors to choose from



cute n pretty bag charms



xmas promotion within the store



aimee collection in cute checks and stripes



one of my favourite from aimee collection.... the denim



charms with "pooh" print



ST tweed bag....... what do u think?



quite a good turn up at the event.. many ladies were busy checking out the new collection



something 'bling bling' for the year end season



This is the collectible series from the Hello Kitty collabration. The floral prints are so..... cute!



Collection from the ST kingz series... for men or unisex



part collection of the Linea J (made in japan)



for those who likes casual style



look at the accessories!!!



ST wallets.... many varieties available


no.1 selling wallet for this season



wallets in one of the 'must-have' prints... leopard


renowned stylist, Lionel Lee was invited to give a simple but useful tips for different ways on how to mix & match your clothes and bags



for feminine and flirty style



for the fierce and fabulous



for the festive fun



pic with the models



with lionel....he shared with me quite a few fashion tips



Got to know ST during  my 1st visit to Japan in 1999.  Fell in love with their bags since then.  Its amazing that ST continues to create such nice bags in the last 10-12 yrs.  This brand offers a good mid-price pricing.  Remember to check out the store the next time you are in Orchard.











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