Recycled bears

Most of my friends are probably not aware that I have a little bear collection way back since some 10 years back.  These are some little lovely babies i have bought many years ago.  Mentioned in my previous blog article before that I am not a “fur” person,  but these few little ones gave me a special reason to make the purchase.   Let me show you what i mean…


each bear is hand made


each one has a "look" of their own


each bear has a name


there is only 1 pc each


look at the details...


And the best reason to make them so irristible…. these cute and furry bearies were all made from recycled Mink coats.  Rather than throwing away old ming coats,  the maker had made used of old ming to give these fur a second chance.  Isnt that wonderful ?  Too bad I have forgotten where i bought them and doubt i will ever be able to collect these recyled bears anymore.  Guess I am lucky to have collected a few 🙂

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  1. Soooo cute..They are really really love and cute.

    1. mikko says: Reply

      hi shiella,

      great to hear from you… if u need to loan them for photography someday… let me know :p

  2. Yui says: Reply

    Hi mikko san, I can’t send an e mail to you can you call me pls.

  3. Chris says: Reply

    Hi Mikko-san, how do i get in touch with you ?

    1. mikko says: Reply

      hi chris,
      you can leave me an email at :
      i will be in touch after receiving your email.
      thank u.

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