Ramen @なんつッ亭

My love for things japanese started way back… i was inspired to learn japanese when i was working part-time as a customer service at a Japanese Video rental shop.  Used to stay back for “overtime” just to catch up with watching the lastest drama and variety shows.   It was then that I started picking up words or japanese vocabs from my colleague.  We were told by the japanese general manager then, we had to greet to our customers in japanese, regardless of whether we speak the language or not.

Exposing myself to the language, culture and food became part of me.  Over the years,  hunting  for good Japanese food has become part of my eating habits.  Ramen is one of my favourite.  Check out the ramen place I have been to recently:

At Nantsuttei (Parco level 3).  This is a small shop but big on taste. I like food that has a heavier taste so tonkotsu soup-based ramen (pork bone) is my favourite.  

some write-up of their stores in Japan.

Their nin-ki mono (人気物 = most popular item), their tonkotsu soup **salivating**.

Choice of spicyness level for your soup (similar to beppu ramen).  Guess whats mine?

more food… side dishes 🙂

My comments after eating: Noodle texture is good. Stock is superb.  Wanton is nothing to rave about but the cha  shyu  taste good.  Overall, worth making another trip back.


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