Puma Night Run 2016


A friend once asked me .. how i stay motivated to do my run every week.  The answer is simple.  You sign up for races.  My last run was at sundown in may 2016, i have completed the 10km race.  Puma Night run was next for 12km.

We are thankful that the haze has cleared and the puma night race can be carried on as per expected.

A wifie upon arrival while we all still look pretty and fresh.  The puma run this year was held at Seletar Aerospace.

My running kakis n i got there early.  Our usual habit so that we can go take pictures and also located bathrooms.

I even had a chance to go for a little warm up massage.

A last selfie at the starting line which waiting for the run to start.

Mission accomplished !! Look at all our shack faces after 12km.

It was tiring but we had a lot of fun !

To those who doesn’t know me, i am a relatively new runner.  I only did my first race in Dec 2015 with a simple 5km fun walk.  Todate, this is my longest run i have clocked since.  Fitness is something you can build into a habit.  When i first started on my journey last year,  i didn’t expect myself to be able to complete a 5km.  I set little milestones for myself.  Small and realistic little steps so that i can improve.  If you have just started your fitness journey,  dun give up just yet.  You can do it … with a little perseverance 🙂





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