Prada Special Preview AW 2012

Prada fashion event is something that is rare and few.  Was really a pleasant surprise when I got invited last week for an exclusive fur and fall/winter 2012 presentation.


The special show was strictly by invitation only.  Event was held on 3rd n 4th of may at The Fullerton Hotel, Presidential Suite.


the presidential suite was converted into a warm and cosy boutique space



guests invited for the show were seated on luxurious sofa waiting for the show to start


models in their AW outfits


models in their fur coats


invited guest get to try out all the fur and ming coats. they are even given the priviledge to place an order.



Mikko’s comments:  An eye-opener for me.  It was a trunk show made exclusive to their invited customers to have a sneak preview of the Autumn winter collection, taken from one country to another,  Singapore being their first-stop.  There was swatches of all the exotic leather being displayed so that customers were given a chance to choose their bags to the skin and color of their choices.  Or even try out the different fur and ming coats.   I had to chance to check out the whole 21 colors available in crocs,  touched and feel the different types of fur that ranges from fox to chinchilla. (*** I am not into fur n mings***).  It was a good private event, whilst it was really up close and personal,   I felt it lacked the buzz in bigger fashion shows.


Check out the video i have attached.  The fall winter collection has some very nice bags and shoes.  Doctor’s bags are a big big thing.   Brogue shoes, mary janes with pretty floral designs are to die for.  Apparels for the coming collection are very 70s-inspired…. *think geomatric designs**.  Expect the fall winter collection to hit the stores here by Jun.




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