Obagi – Nu Derm System

I have always had quite good skin.  But in recently years,  there are a few ‘problems’ that I feel is bothering me more than ever..  Uneven skin tone, more obvious pores, pigmentations and also lines!!

I was so pleased when Dr Yap of Astique approached me to start on a line of skincare targetted to my current concerns.


How can this programme do?

The Obagi Nu-Derm System is an anti-aging therapy that penetrates below the skin’s surface to transform skin cell functions at the cellular level and correct the damage within… revealing healthy, younger-looking skin.


What can  i expect with this treatment?

*reduction in pore size
*silky smooth skin
*even skin color
*glowing, bright skin


I was given a set of 6 products from Obagi to start the 6-weeks regime.


my new set of obagi skincare regime



Step 1 : Foaming Gel (for use in am/pm)

Step 2 : Toner (for use in am/pm)


Step 3: Clear (for use in am/pm)

Step 4: Exfoderm (for use in am)


Step 5: Blender (for use in pm)


Step 6: Skin Protection SPF35 (for use in am)


You can read more on the products


I started the whole Obagi regime on 16 Dec 2012.  My skin appear to be very normal for the first 4 days.


5 days after starting the Nu-derm programme, red patches is starting to appear on my face


day 6 - my skin suddenly flare up with a very bad reaction. the whole face was red and blotchy


day 9 - skin feels very red, itchy and very dry. especially around eye and cheek area


day 11 - redness and blotchyness has improved. only slight peeling near jaw


day 14 - skin has adapted to the skincare. pores at T-zone seemed significantly less obvious


3 weeks with Nu-derm


3 weeks later - skin tone looks more even. i still get the peeling but it comes and goes



Mikko’s comments:

Obagi skincare has been around since many years ago but this is the first time i am using their products.  As i have sensitive skin,  I was a little concerned when i noticed that Obagi Nu-Derm products has hydroquinone in some of their items   (have heard and read some not so good reviews on hydroquinone)  but I am convinced after speaking to Dr Yap.  Under proper supervision,  hydroquinone is completely safe.  As usual,  he always make me feel very comfortable and reassured after listening to his explanation.

I was a little worried when my skin flared up about a week after I started the skincare but Dr Yap assured me again that the bad reaction was just part of the skin renewal process.  He suggested that I continue.  True enough!  my skin did clear up after day 10.


p.s. all pictures are taken without makeup or photoshop :p


I will be coming back with more updates.  Please come back soon yah!


For readers who are not familiar with Obagi Medical Products…..  They are #1 Market Share in USA. 2 to 3 times bigger than next competitor.












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