My Beauty Diary Aloe Amino Acid Cleanser

Most of you girls are probably familiar with their brand of facial mask.  Take a look at the brand.. yes, i am talking about my beauty diary.  Guess not many of you have seen this yet as it is currently not available in Singapore.   This cleanser was from their Tea Collection and available for a limited period only.  A friend got it for me online thru


this aloe cleanser contains amino acid



packing looks like a little tube of ice-cream... it has a nice fruity scent



a little spatula is included for easy scooping and hygiene.


product comes in a thick paste-like texture


A little information on amino acid:

– Collagen, known to keep the skin supple, consist of various amino acid

– amino acid has moisture holding capacity

– amino acid-based products are on mild on skin and body as it exert their cleansing power under pH conditions as close to the natural pH of the skin, therefore suitable for people with sensitive skin.



Other available variant: Strawberry Yogurt Amino Acid Cleanser


Comments: Great for gals who does not want a rich lather.   Skin feels refreshed after a wash without any dryness or tight feeling.  A good basic cleanser.




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