Mie – Resting n relaxing

my little mie…. cute as hell. LOL









Mie will be 8yrs old (human years) this month.  Sometimes just wish time can slow down a little so i will forever have her with me.  She may not be the perfect dog, nor will she be the prettiest, but  to me, she is the best that i can ever ask for.  All her pictures will always be our precious memories of our time together.  Mummy loves you forever, my little gal 🙂

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  1. Mie:) Nice and unique pet!
    Is she 1.1 yr old? (1dog yr ~ 7 human yrs )

    Mikko Keep up your posts!
    A day in Sg alanchow76.blogspot.com

    1. mikko says: Reply

      hi hi,
      Mie is a tibetian spaniel. She is 8 human years, meaning she will be 46 dog years soon. (1st year = 17dog years, subsequent will be 4yrs each human years).

      n thank you so much for your encouragements.


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