mie moment

I always have my iphone by my side even when i am at home.  I am not obsessed with my phone but just want to be sure that I didnt miss any precious or cute moments with my little Mie-chan.  These are some pictures of her i have captured this morning.


Mie sitting on the latch of my bath tub.


her favourite morning location..... while waiting for me to wash up



she looked so serious but so cute right ?



guess there are no fair mummies when they are commenting on their own furkids.. lol



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  1. chrystal says: Reply

    same like my son! sit on the toilet cover while waiting for me to wash up. and yes, all mummies think their furkid is the cutest.. so i think my babybear is cuter than mie-chan (but she is still very cute) >.<

    1. mikko says: Reply

      hihi… i can imagine your baby bear doing that… take pic next time. i want to see !

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