MBFC 8km


there are a few reasons why i really enjoy running…. de-stress, endorphins are probably a  few reasons that you can guess, in fact the main reason is also to make me less guilty when i indulge in food !  I am always envious of those who can eat without gaining an ounce.  Once you hit 40, hmmmm….. indulging without gaining weight is almost impossible for me.

A girlfriend of mine recommended this route at MBFC when we started training for our 10km run for sundown.  i have fallen in love with this route since than.  Thank you christine, for the great recommendation.

my kind of OOTD for the day! i love to dress up before my run, somehow i feel that i feel more motivated to exercise when i put in effort to look good for sports. Purple n blue theme for today… Mizuno tank top and lululemon speed shorts.  The hairband is my new find from mandukayoga! This is really awesome.  Super absorbent and keeps hair in place without the tightness.  No more stinging eyes from the sweat!

This is my reward when i do this route through marine barrage ….. our beautiful skyline .  I may have taken this route many times in recent months but the color in the evening never appears to be the same.

Mission accomplished….feeling shack but also shiok at the same time.  This is my first 8km since my last 10km race at sundown.  I have been slacking.  Time to start building up again as i have runs coming up in end july and end august.  Jiayou !