Lunch – Penang Fare at York Hotel

Had lunch with my family at the Penang Fare at York Hotel today.  I make it a point to go for this buffet at least once a year as i really like the food.


started with my fav dish....penang fried kway teow


prawn mee soup.... love this with lots of chillis in the soup


lor bak... enjoyed the yam the most


penang laksa.... for some this dish is heaven. but to me, its a pass.. ha ha


penang rojak... this dish was really nice today. not a norm... guess the prawn paste used was good


kangkong with cuttlefish


fishball kway teow (dry version).. personally prefer the soup version


oyster omelette.... tasty but i prefer our local version as i like my oyster omelette more crispy


even ordered a teh tarik.... hmmm... have to say it was so-so


peanut pancake (ban chang kueh)... it was really good when eaten while it was hot. crispy!!


had ice kachang as my dessert


and chendol too.... ha haha


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mikko’s comments:  Love the spread that the penang fare has to offer.  Good tasted authentic as hawkers were all brought in from Penang.  Food serving per portion is small so you have enough space in your tummy to try everything.  Service standard was ok too as the staff were all pretty helpful.  Lunch on weekday was at $25.80 +++ per head.  Promotion period from 09-25 mar 2012.  I guess the charges were not very cheap for hawker food but felt the meal was cheaper than flying to penang.



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  1. Wabbit says: Reply

    ahahaha flying to Penang is not cheap but at least you gonna love the place. Thanks for the sharing, makes me wanna fly to Penang for these food 😀

    1. mikko says: Reply

      hi hi, thanks for the comments. i hope to visit penang too. am sure it will be a food trip for me. ha ha ha.

  2. your post makes me feels like going to Penang again lar >_<

    1. mikko says: Reply

      thanks 🙂

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