Lunch at Shinji by Kanesaka

Another sumptuous lunch at my favourite Japanese Sushi Restaurant.  Dining at this place is not only a treat to the tummy but the service standard and food quality, makes every visit here a true dining experience.



restaurant interior.... simple n elegant deco



meaning of omakase


starter.... tuna with wasabe jelly. interesting but light taste


torched fish and shell fish. to be eaten with salt only. light n sweet


a little cold sake to compliment my meal


boiled squid filled with roe cos its in season


sashimi - fish


uni from hokkaido. sweet n creamy


seasoned fish


mushi yaki dish ... meaning steam n grilled. This dish was quite a stunner. the clam brought out the taste in the steam fish. very very tasty.


baby tuna with 'secret' dressing


chawamushi with plum... a very delicate dish to cleanse the palatte


nigiri sushi to be followed next..


chu toro was really good..


nigiri sushi - fish


nigiri sushi - with a generous serving of uni



akagai - ark shell. chef said that the akagai is served 'alive'.


ebi nigiri sushi - chef was so thoughtful to cut the piece into bit size for the ladies


eel done in 2 flavours.... one with salt and the other is with sauce


the tamago yaki tasted like custard here...


meal was completed with yubari melon


Mikko’s comments : Voted as 3-star michelin restaurant by food critic, Shinji never failed to impress me with their food quality and service for each visit.  The Omakase i had consisted of a good 20-dish course.  Food served ranged from raw, to steam, seasoned, vinegard, and other various ways of cooking.  While prices are not cheap but it was definitely worth the experience.  A very good treat for myself.


a happy mikko after a good meal


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