Lunch at Saboten

I have never really been a great fan of tonkatsu in Singapore.  I always think you can only taste the oil the moment you sink your teeth into the meat.  Most of the time,  I will probably only enjoy Tonkatsu once a year cos a meal is enough to last that long before i crave for it again.


The trips to japan made me change my mind over the years as i have tried some very good tonkatsu places over the years but i still feel its a challenge to find good and affordable price tonkatsu here.


Saboten Shinjuku Tonkatsu has made me changed my mind.  I feel this is one of the best tonkatsu i have tried in Singapore so far.  The deep-fried breaded pork cutlet tasted yummy without tasting the guilt, grease that is, on your lips.


my order of an assorted fried items. includes 2 oysters, 1 prawn and 2 halves of pork


Saboten offers free top-ups of cabbage and rice


goma (sesame) is served freshly so you can grind it on the spot.. the aroma is amazing!


their specialty sauce... made from scratch from vegetable and fruits


Yuzu (citrus and soya sauce) and goma (sesame) dressing available for your salad


this is sharon's first visit to Saboten


Sharon's order of Tonkatsu with Kaki (Oyster)


Restaurant in a nice traditional and yet modern setting


I did a little bit of research on the net and this is what i have found : The popular chain restaurant from Japan, started in 1963 in Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighbourhood, specialises in tonkatsu, or Japanese deep- fried breaded pork cutlet.   The tonkatsu is crispy but not oily because it is fried in palm oil, using high frying temperature that cooks food quickly and reduces the amount of oil absorbed.  High-quality bread crumbs coating the cutlet also minimise oil absorption.


Its tenderloin katsu set costs $20-25. Other deep-fried breaded treats include prawn and crab croquette.


Dishes such as katsu don, or deep-fried pork cutlet and egg over rice, and katsu sandwiches are also available.


My comments :  The food was really good cos the batter was still crispy even when the food turned cold.  No greasy after taste in your mouth.  I love their seasonal offers.  Oysters are offered only on a limited period only.  Those that they served were fat and fleshy, crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside.  My set was at a good value $23 (before gst).  Love the combination as I get to try seafood and meat at the same time.  The cabbage salad tasted really fresh and the rice was very tasty too.  This is definitely one of the Tonkatsu resturant i dun mind re-visiting soon.


address : 9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk, Parco #03-01
tel: 6333-3432


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